Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Remote Control Replacement

  1. Step-by-step instruction on how to wiring a ceiling fan with a remote control. Adding a ceiling fan to a room is a simple DIY wiri.
  2. Consider Allen Roth Lighting for Your Interior Needs! When Allen Roth originally was breaking through to the mainstream of interior design, their original products. Here is a diagram to show how this circuit will be connected. I will show only the first ceiling fan and control. Duplicate the spicing for the second ceiling fan.

If you have multiple fans, it’s possible they can develop a conflict with the remote. You may need to reprogram each fan, until the conflict is removed. Universal Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remotes. If you cannot find the part number for the remote that matches up to your fan, then you may need to start looking at using a universal remote.

Last Updated: February 12th 2020: As I’m sure many of you know, ceiling fans are great pieces for many rooms in your households. Ceiling fans have been around for quite a few years, but they are simply fixtures that sit in the center of the ceiling that spin their blades and provide a gently breeze in your room. I love this because it gives you a sense of fresh air, in a room that can get very stuffy. That’s the reason that I purchased my Allen Roth ceiling fan, it looks great in my living room, and it provides everyone with a comfortable environment!

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  • 4 Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Remote!
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What to Look For In An Allen Roth Fan?

When you are looking for an Allen Roth ceiling fan, there are a few things you need to look out for. There are so many different types of fans on the market, you need to have a plan of action when looking or you can get lost.

Allen & roth ceiling fan remote control replacement

Fan Style:

Before you enter the store you are shopping at, whether it be Lowes or even if you are shopping online, you need to have a style in mind. When I was looking, I needed a pretty modern style because it had to match the rest of my house and my living room. Obviously you want to match your current style of your house, so this will definitely help you narrow down your choices. Generally speaking, there are fans that will go with nearly any style.

Number of Blades:

Similar to style, every fan can have a different number of fan blades. I have seen with as little as two blades, and some with as many as five blades. Functionality wise, and the output of the fan has little to do with the number of fan blades as far as I am aware. So, I wouldn’t put the choice of number of blades more on the appearance than the functionality.

Type of Fan:

As I have done quite a bit of research on my Allen and Roth ceiling fan, I know that there are quite a large number of different types of ceiling fans out there. Because of this, I thought i should write a page about each type so that I can give you a more accurate look at each one. I will write these as accurate and as unbiased as possible!

Types of Allen Roth Ceiling Fans# of BladesMaterialSize
Castine Indoor/Outdoor5Rubbed Bronze Downrod52 In
Victoria Harbor5Polished Chrome Downrod52 In
Allen & Roth Eastview3Aged Bronze Downrod32 In
No. 882 AR Ceiling Fan4Dark-Oil Bronze Downrod32 In

Set of Two 52 Inch Allen Roth Victoria Harbor Ceiling Fans!

If you are looking for a more transitional style for your room, then look no further. With the new Allen Roth Victoria Harbor ceiling fan, you are given the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles while giving you a fan that’ll do its job. The fan is fitted with five blades that are 52 inches in diameter which means it would be perfect for a room that is somewhere between 200 square feet and 500 square feet. The fan is fitted with the following specifications:

  • Five 52 Inch Fan Blades
  • Indoor Only With Fabric Drum Shade
  • Fan Blades Are Reversible (One Side Java, One Side Cocoa)
  • Features Three 40W Incandescent Bulbs
  • Remote Control With 3 Different Speeds, Light Dimming Feature

Overall this is an amazing ceiling fan for nearly any style. It really looks great, and most importantly it does its job, and keeps the room cool. Along with the fan, it features three 40W bulbs that help to light up the room. The combination of the fan and the light help to save space and looks great! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new fan!

32 Inch Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

This is the ceiling fan that I personally have in my house. I originally saw it when I was at an interior design conference in Charlotte. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it in my house! This particular package is a set of two ceiling fans. I really enjoy the bronze color that these blades have, and I like the shape of the glass dome.

This Ceiling Fan Has The Following Specifications:

  • Set of Two Ceiling Fans
  • 32 Inch – Indoor Transitional Design
  • Can Be Mounted Downrod or Close Mount
  • Reversible Blades (One Side Cinnamon, One Side Russet)
  • Four Blades

Overall, this is an extremely gorgeous par of ceiling fans that I definitely recommend to all my friends! It provides a great modern style, and it doesn’t sacrifice functionality with it. If you are in the market for a 32 inch ceiling fan, then this is the one for you!

Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Remote

Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Remote!

If people are looking for ceiling fans for the rooms in their homes, they can consider fans that come with remote. Such types of fans can provide comforting atmosphere and do a wonderful job in terms of cooling the rooms. When people want to buy fans with remote, there is a few things that they will need to look into. People should determine the number of options they need in terms of fans. There are a lot of ceiling fans which come with multiple setting. So, people can either have the fans running slow for getting relaxing breeze or they can let the fans run at great speeds to get maximum amount of air in the rooms. Such fans will definitely be more expensive than the fans which provide them with only one-two speed settings. Allen roth ceiling fan remote can have settings where people can control speed as per their wish.

Why Allen and Roth Ceiling Fan Remotes Are Popular

These days, allen roth ceiling fan remote can be more than just paddles and lights. Leading fan manufacturers offer a broad range of remote controls with a lot of features. These controllers can make our daily life easier than ever. Generally, fans come with basic remote controls for operating simple functions like blades, reverse/forward with 3 speed settings and lights off/on. If the remote and the fan are completely equipped, people will be able to control the lighting spectrum to a great extent. As said earlier basic remotes are limited to an extent, allowing 3 speeds. However, advanced remote controls goes up to 6 speeds both forward and reverse. Other than this, people can also find sensors which will automatically sense the temperature in the rooms for adjusting the fan direction and speed on their own.

Control your fan’s speed without reaching for the pull cords

Most people think that allen roth ceiling fan remote is a hand held item, but they may be mounted on the walls. Such a device can be operated from several meters away from the ceiling fans. Remote controls are available both in wired and wireless models, where most people prefer handheld remotes, as the rooms in houses are not over 30 meters. However, there are several benefits involved in using handheld allen roth ceiling fan remote. The remote controls for ceiling fans are perfect for many people. For instance, people who find it difficult to move around can use these devices for altering the ceiling fans’ operation. If people are in the middle of something important and that they are unable to go to the switch board for controlling the fan speed or light, then allen roth ceiling fan remote is the best choice for them. Also, if people have kids who love jumping to reach the pull cords of ceiling fans, then they have to consider getting allen roth ceiling fan remote, as it is the right way to stop the kids form doing it. If you have a fan that did not come with a remote and is compatible with one, then you can go online and start looking for allen roth ceiling fan remote which can control your fan speed and the brightness of the light.

My Experiences With Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Remote Control!

I have owned one of these remotes for the past few years, and this was my first ceiling fan remote that I have ever owned. Originally I didn’t really know what the big appeal for these remotes were because I was used to just using the pull cords and the switch to control the fan. But let me tell you, once you get used to these remotes, there is no going back. For the first fan I had, it didn’t come with a remote, so I went out to the store and I bought a universal remote and I immediately set it up. I played around with the settings and it was amazing! I set up three different fan blade speeds for my remote, and I also had a power shut off button. It was amazing to have the ability to turn off my fan, or even to adjust the fan speed while I was laying in my bed instead of having to get up and adjust it manually.

Overall these fan remotes are something that Allen and Roth truly strive on, they are great products and they are amazing! If you are the owner of and Allen and Roth ceiling fan I definitely suggest you to take a look at a fan remote control.

Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Parts!

If you are someone who is a fixer upper, and likes to save money, then maybe repairing your own ceiling fan instead of buying a new one is the way to go! The main thing I loved about my ceiling fan is that I could go and directly buy Allen Roth ceiling fan parts. They didn’t make me go through a huge hassle about finding the specific pieces and they definitely didn’t make me buy a whole new fan. I was simply able to purchase the pieces I needed so that I myself could fix my fan.

Parts of an Allen Roth Fan:

The Motor and Its Housing

It is the most durable part of the ceiling fan and sadly the single most expensive part. Its main function is to rotate the blades and increase air movement in the room where it is installed. It rotates blades at an average blade pitch of 14-16 degrees. It is efficient and with its durability, users are assured of not having to worry about going to take it for repairs anytime soon after buying it. Generally when looking for Allen and Roth ceiling fan parts you won’t have to worry too much about the motor. But if it does break, then you’ll be covered!

Allen Roth Ceiling Fan Manual

The Blades

The average number of ceiling fan blades is usually four but some vary and from time to time there are those with three or five. This number is highly dependent on the size of the ceiling fan. The blades can vary in different ways but mostly in terms of: material used to make them, length and diameter. Each of this has a different effect on how the ceiling fan works.

The length determines the volume of air the ceiling fan impacts. The lengthier the blade the more volume it impacts. Fans usually have a sweep diameter of about thirty six, forty two or fifty two inches

Allen roth fan remote manual

These blades can be made from plywood, metal or even solid wood. Finishes such as cherry wood, oak, black or white are usually available with these blades. They also come in a range of colors too. Recently bedcovers have been used in custom blades. These usually help to trap germs and dust in the air. It helps keep the place clean and safer. A user can periodically remove the cloths and wash them.

Mounting Device

This is the part which is attached to the actual ceiling. It has a wide range of designs and types. They are mostly referred to as Mounting Brackets. Together with the motor, this device is also durable and can serve a user for a long time. Should the unlikely incident occur however, this device is common and can be found easily.

Chain Switches

This is the most often used part of the ceiling part. It is a sort of “yanking switch”. With the development of the switch this device is almost being phased out since it usually breaks and most users prefer the switch to it. The chain switches are often the most searched Allen Roth ceiling fan parts, and thankfully they are cheap and easy to replace!

If you are anything like me, you should appreciate this in a company! They are willing to sell you these pieces which might not make them as much money, but it definitely helps the customer out! So I suggest you take a look at Allen Roth ceiling fan parts if you need a fix for your fan!

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Brett E. is the Owner of Brett comes from a long line of craftsman and foreman, and has been involved with the construction and renovation world ever since he was a boy while working for his families construction and remodeling company. After graduating with a a degree in Interior Design, Brett is the go to guy for any interior design or remodeling questions!

A Harbor Breeze remote is one of the most sought after replacement parts. We’re not just talking about Harbor Breeze remotes either, but remotes in general. They’re easy to lose, and they also just stop working sometimes. However, if you are having a remote problem, you should go through all of the troubleshooting first.

The troubleshooting includes the following:

  • Checking the batteries – most common problem and first thing to check
  • Checking to make sure the dip switches on the remote are also lined up with the same dipswitch pattern as the fan. Dipswitches are how the fan and remote are set to communicate on the same frequency.
  • Did you check the instructions that came with your fan to determine if there is any other special programming required?

Best apps for mac not on app store without. A remote generally has three speed settings, and two directions: reverse and forward. These are basic commonalities that apply to most fans and remotes. This also applies to wall remotes as well; the same basic functions govern all of these remotes.

Allen Roth Remote Control Replacement

To operate the dimmer on the remote, just hold down the light button. The light kit will dim up or down. Depending on which remote you have, there may be a reset button within the remote. If you are having problems, or it’s a new fan, turn the power on and press the reset button. Hold it down until the light comes on and the fan goes to medium speed.

If you have multiple fans, it’s possible they can develop a conflict with the remote. You may need to reprogram each fan, until the conflict is removed.

Allen & Roth Ceiling Fan Remote Control Replacement

Universal Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remotes

If you cannot find the part number for the remote that matches up to your fan, then you may need to start looking at using a universal remote instead. This can happen for older fans, and for fans of all kinds of different brands – not just Harbor Breeze fans. If you’re not sure what part number goes with your fan in terms of the first party remote, you can refer to the manual that came with your fan, try searching online or refer back to the first party retailer where the fan was purchased.

Allen Roth Ceiling Fan

If none of that works out, and you’ve exhausted your options then it’s time to start looking at a universal remote. You’ll need to program the remote to work with your fan, as well as ensure the dip switch settings on the remote are lined up to the same settings as the fan. Typically, a universal remote from the same manufacturer of your fan will work, so it’s not necessary to spend a lot of time trying to figure out if the two will work together.

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