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The Android App Bundle is Android's new, official publishing format that offers a more efficient way to build and release your app. The Android App Bundle lets you more easily deliver a great experience in a smaller app size, which can improve install success and reduce uninstalls. It's easy to switch. You don't need to refactor your code to start benefiting from a smaller app. And once you've switched, you'll benefit from modular app development and customizable feature delivery.

Available in Android Studio 3.2 or later, Unity 2018.3 & 2017.4.17, and Cocos Creator 2.0.9 or later.

Manage releases more efficiently

Build one artifact that includes all of your app's compiled code, resources, and native libraries for your app. You no longer need to build, sign, upload, and manage version codes for multiple APKs.

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Android app store not google play

Benefit from a smaller app

Google Play uses your Android App Bundle to build and serve APKs that are optimized for each device configuration. This means your users enjoy a smaller app download without the unused code and resources needed for other devices. Track the size of your app in the new app size report in the Google Play Console.

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Customize feature delivery

Customize and control your user experience by delivering features to the devices and users you choose, as and when they're needed, instead of at install time. This means that adding features no longer has to result in adding to your app's size at install time. Use conditional delivery to deliver features to countries, device types, or devices running a minimum SDK version. Use on-demand delivery to deliver features on demand, which can be installed and uninstalled as needed.

Speed up engineering velocity

Android App Store For Amazon Fire Tablet

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The Android App Bundle enables modular app development so you can design, build, debug and test your app's features as independent modules that can be added to your main app when ready. You'll see fewer merge conflicts and disruptions because you no longer have to have an entire engineering team working on the same monolithic app with complex and bloated code.

Faster build times

Build systems, such as the Android Studio build system using Gradle, are optimized for modular apps so they are significantly faster to build than large, monolithic apps. You'll spend less time sitting around waiting and more time designing, coding, and testing your app.

Offer Google Play Instant experiences

Android App Store Emulator

Instant-enable your Android App Bundle or instant-enable specific feature modules to give users a frictionless way to experience your app. Users can launch your experience from the Try Now button on Google Play and web links without installation.

Android App Store Download

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