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Jan 10, 2019. Best Apps for Kids Age 5–8 The best mobile apps for kindergartners and early elementary schoolers cover a spectrum of entertainment and educational offerings. At this age, socialization and creativity are key - and believe it or not, there are several quality apps for that! Feb 26, 2020.

iPhone and the iPad have made note-taking more flexible and powerful. Although it’s not exactly as easy and clutter-free as jotting down stuff with a pencil and paper, it’s much more powerful. There are tons of note-taking apps out there in the App Store. In fact, it’s super-saturated. But there are free apps for taking notes that are really amazing with clear interfaces, great features and a smart way of functioning. This is a list of such apps that make note-taking on the iPhone/iPad quick and easy.

Free Note Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad [2020 Edition]

#1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a powerful note-taking app for iOS. What I have personally liked the most in this app is the simple interface. The makes it pretty easy to capture ideas, sort notes and keep them fully organized.

Often forget to carry out some essential tasks? You can also create to-dos and keep an eye on them with ease to never let anything go out of your radar.

The app syncs your notes with OneDrive and SharePoint to keep them secure and also more accessible. Better still, you can use OneNote in several languages including English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch and more.

#2. Evernote

Evernote is a class apart both regarding functionality and features. It’s the ideal app you would want to prepare notes with utmost ease and manage them with absolute perfection.

It lets you take note in many formats such as text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings, etc. Plus, you can also create memos, agenda and prepare your best presentation.

Make to-do lists so that you will be able to carry out everything in time. And with the timely reminders, it keeps you alerted about what you have to do.

#3. Notebook

“Notebook” is immensely effective when it comes to creating notes, checklists, and sketches. You can organize your notes in the best possible manner and sync them across your devices.

You also have the option to customize your notes. For instance, you can select a nice note cover or create an impressive one. As the app also works with Siri, you will be able to carry out several things faster.

What’s more, it allows you to scribble notes and record audio notes right from your Apple Watch.

Best Free Apps For Children On Ipad

#4. Notes: Supernote Recorder

“Notes” is ideal for interviews, conferences, and meetings thanks to the ability to make the note-taking process fast and easy. You have several color-coded note templates to choose from.

With the availability of topic related note templates, you will be able to make any type of notes. All of your notes are auto-organized and sorted by date or category. Furthermore, you can set reminders on your note to not forget to carry out important tasks.

#5. Bear

Having given a long spin to “Bear,” I know how efficient this note-taking app can be for you. The app keeps everything straightforward so that you can get your work done without any complications.

Take advantage of easy-to-use tools to write with complete peace of mind. There is a custom shortcut bar that makes formatting super convenient.

You can add tasks to notes to keep yourself at pace with your workflow. With a good many themes at the disposal, you will be able to customize your stuff in a way. Moreover, Bear provides multiple export options including TML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG and EPUB.

#6. Simplenote

The simplest of all, Simplenote is as simple as a note-taking app can get without crossing the limit of minimalism. You can tag and pin notes for easier categorization/classification.

Enjoy working with your friends on a project? Refox xii full serial movie. Simplenote lets you collaborate with your friends to help you complete your tasks perfectly.

Based on your workflow, you will be able to sort your notes and keep them fully in sync with your needs. Further, it’s compatible with many languages like Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and more.

#7. Drafts 5

When you are in a meeting, tapping around the iPhone screen to take notes is a tedious task. Drafts solves this problem. It opens keyboard and you can start typing instantly. Also, you can ask Siri to open Drafts and start taking notes. The notes you make on this app can be shared easily using multiple sharing options.

In addition, you can also dictate your notes in Drafts and it will convert it to text. This comes in handy when you have to lot of things to note quickly. Lastly, there are lots of text editing options to use and make the most out of your note taking experience.

#8. Google Keep

Simply put, it would have been a blunder to not include Google Keep in this covetous list of top note-taking apps. Whether it’s handy features or top-notch functionality, this app can go toe-to-toe with the best in the business.

Some of the most appealing features that I have found in “Keep” are the ability to instantly record a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed. The other coolest feature that I like in it is the option to neatly organize notes with the use of different labels and colors.

#9. MetaMoJi Note Lite

Whether you want to take note, annotate PDF or record ideas, MetaMoJi Note is what you should use to simplify your task. With a variety of pens and paper layouts available, you will be able to create impressive notes.

You can sync all the folders or selected folders to the MetaMoji cloud (up to 2GB free) to easily access and manage your files. The premium version of the app includes important features like voice recording, handwriting recognition, text conversion, automatic synchronization of documents, etc.

#10. Notoriety

Designed with the modern yet simple interface, Notoriety is one of the highly user-friendly note-taking apps. You can intensify your productivity, create quick notes and customize them as per your needs.

It lets you organize notes based on tags to find out them quickly. There are different themes offered to suit your style and taste. With the use of the handy extension, the app allows you to quickly access notes from other apps as well.

So, these are our top note-taking apps for iOS!

Your pick?

So, use these top note-taking apps to your advantage to take notes, create checklists or to-do lists more conveniently and fast. Through in-app purchases, you can unlock premium features and have a better user experience. I’m sure these apps can live up to your expectation.

Check out the below app roundups as well:

Which is your favorite note-taking app for iOS and why? Shoot your feedback in the comment section.

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There is no shortage of free apps for iPad Pro, but I’m not gonna talk about the obvious options like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram here. Rather, I have a list of free apps from every category that an iPad Pro must have. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil 2 bring the iPad Pro experience one step closer to a MacBook itself. It has become my daily driver and I use it for everything from Email to photo editing. Let’s go through the list and find out how to make the best use of your iPad Pro.

Best Free Apps for iPad Pro in 2019

1. File manager: Documents by Readdle

Since the iPad Pro has a large number of uses, you’ll have a lot of files on board. Managing files with the native ‘Files’ app is a bit challenging and the app limits to document management mostly. Documents by Readdle, on the contrary, is a complete management app that lets you manage both, your media and documents.

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  • File transfer and management
  • Wi-Fi file transfer support
  • Multiple cloud account support
  • In-built browser to save web pages
  • Face ID support

Download Documents by Readdle (free)

2. Note making: Microsoft OneNote

Apple devices come with the native ‘Notes’ app which is good enough to even compete with some paid apps. But the fact that the options are limited and scattered around different menus, makes way for other apps. OneNote is one such app which fulfills all basic requirements of the note taking app.


  • Create a notebook, section, and pages.
  • Supports both typing and hand-written notes
  • Offers multi-color pens, highlighter, lasso tool, and auto-shape
  • Supports multiple page formats
  • Auto cloud sync to view notes on any device
  • Supports Face ID

Download Microsoft OneNote (free)

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3. PDF editor: Foxit PDF

I tried tons of PDF editors for iPad both paid and free and yet I end up using Foxit PDF quite often. The app does have a paid version with more editing tools. But many paid apps fail to offer what Foxit PDF offers in the free version and of course the intuitive interface that allows quick editing.


  • Annotations, stamps, and signatures
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Multiple page-view options
  • Add or delete pages in a PDF
  • Supports dark mode and color options for pages

Best Free Art Apps On Ipad

Download Foxit PDF (free, subscription model)

4. Photo Editor: Photoshop Express

No, Lightroom is not on my list. Adobe Lightroom is a go-to app for many photographers because of its quick presets and intuitive interface. But, Adobe Photoshop Express offers more than just presets and lighting settings and is absolutely free. To my surprise, Photoshop Express had features like layers and object masking.


  • Basic editing tools like themes, HSL, and lighting
  • Preset crop options for social media uploads
  • Collage and frame options
  • Compose and export PSD projects
  • Layers and masking support
  • Integration with other photoshop apps

Download Photoshop Express (free)

5. Browser: DuckDuckGo

Safari is a decent browser. But whenever I think of safe browsing I switch to DuckDuckGo. The app is optimized for iPad and offers great security features, both online and offline.


  • Supports Face ID to lock the app
  • Dark mode support
  • One-touch kill switch to wipe browser
  • No data sharing with advertising networks
  • Encrypted and private searches
  • Website security ranking on browser tabs

Download DuckDuckGo (free)

6. Sketching: Paper

I would have recommended Adobe Sketch but I feel its more for a pro user and since I’m not one, my choice for this title is Paper by Wetransfer. Yeah, at first even I couldn’t associate WeTransfer with sketching and drawing, but to my surprise, it turned out to be pretty easy and upfront.


  • Tools like brushes, pens, pencil, and fading brush
  • Paint tempalates
  • On-screen color pellet
  • Add images from local memory or camera
  • Add a blank canvas to paint on

Download Paper by WeTransfer (free, $8 for pro version)

7. Video Editor: iMovie

I know it’s not new to you and you might be already using it. I was thinking of a third-party app but when I consulted one of the video editors on my team, he suggested iMovie. What can I say, he’s a pro. So I checked out the app and it does have some remarkable options.


  • Supports guided editing and manual editing
  • Movie and trailer support
  • Guided presets
  • Manual edits with crop, crossfade, audio input, etc.

Download: It’s already there (free)

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8. Email: Edison Mail

Do you really need a third-party email app on your iPad? Of course, you do, when the app offers you password protection and that too for free. Edison mail can replace all email apps you have ever used on your iOS devices. The app holds multiple email accounts under one roof and is extremely simple and quick to set up.


Plus, if you’re all about the speed, Bloom seems to work much faster and produce better results than Facebook itself.If you run social media accounts or use media a lot for social media marketing, or just generally, Bloom could be worth a look. The Facebook media uploader is prone to stalling or failing; Bloom isn’t. Facebook chat app for mac. If you find yourself frustrated at the slow speed of the Facebook uploader, you could try this. There is a free and a premium version. Free is restricted to 720px images while the pro works up to 2048px and allows you to support Facebook Pages.

  • Supports Face ID
  • Classify email into subscription, travel, bill, etc.
  • Manage signatures
  • Customizable swipe options

Download Edison Mail (free)

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9. Games: Rainbrow

Oh stop expecting PUBG mobile everywhere, I have something more fun here on my list. Rainbrow is a game specific to iPad Pro and iPhone X series with true depth front camera. Yes, you guessed it right, you don’t need a hand to play this game. The app captures your facial expressions to move the emoticon on the screen.


  • Face control

Download Rainbrow (free)

10. Weather: AccuWeather

The weather has been taking a toll on us for a long time now and you don’t want your plans spoiled by being unaware of the conditions outside. The reason I’m recommending a weather app on iPad Pro is that this device might be the only thing you carry at certain places because that’s all you need and that’s how powerful it is. Hence.


  • Both actual and RealFeel temperatures
  • Special tab for precipitation forecast
  • Hourly and daily forecast
  • Weather condition alert on all devices

Download AccuWeather (free, $4 for the premium version)

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Best Free App On Ipad For Note Taking


Best Apps For Ipads

Closing Words: Best Free Apps for iPad Pro

Must Have Apps For Ipad

I hope I have covered all necessary titles and suggested the best available options therein. Of course, there are alternate options to many of the apps on my list and I have even hinted a few of them. If you think I missed a title or I could have included a better app somewhere, please do let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to bring in your suggestion.

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