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Bino is a video player with the following main features:

Bino supports 3D stereoscopic videos with a large amount of input and output videos. Also allows you to play multi-screen videos (both dual as well as multiple) for presentations or virtual reality installations. Allows you to rotate images. Includes a feature to adjust the color. Here at BINO (pronounced bee-no) we are committed to providing stylish, quality products at smart affordable prices that make it easy for our consumers to enjoy every room in their Home or Office to the fullest. We have an ever-growing range of product lines spanning categories such as Bath, Home st.

  • Support for stereoscopic 3D video, with a wide variety of input and output formats.
  • Support for multi-display video, e.g. for powerwalls, Virtual Reality installationsand other multi-projector setups.
Other advanced features include scriptability, automatic support for highprecision color input and output, and support for using two camera devicessimultaneously.

Bino 3d Player For Mac

Bino 3d for macbook

How to install missions in war thunder. Bino currently works on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Windows. It is based on the following libraries:

  • OpenGL (with GLEW) for video output.
  • OpenAL for audio output.
  • FFmpeg to decode video and audio files.
  • Qt for the user interface.
  • LibASS to render subtitles.
  • Optionally Equalizer for advanced multi-display support.

Bino is free software, licensed underthe terms of the GNU GPL version 3 or later.

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