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  • Dec 01, 2011  I have a Case 1737 uniloader. I bought it used about 10 years ago. I have no manual or literature of any type on it. I think it is a 1973. Well it won't start and I found there is no spark.
  • Hi, I just bought a 1737 and I believe that your problem isn't overheating, it's the nature of the beast. They don't have an overflow on the radiator and if you fill it up all the way some will spew out. This skid steer was designed before overflows were standard on machines. The way I fixed it is to add an overflow.

The service manual was digitally reproduced from the original dealer manual into a clear, searchable PDF format and is ideal for mechanics repairing or overhauling the Case 1737 or 1740 skid steer. In addition to all machine systems, gas and diesel engine/fuel repair information is included.

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Case 1737 Skid Steer Manual For Sale

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Case Skid Steer Manuals Free

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Case 1737 Uniloader

Marvin JohnsonHi everyone, I am new to this site.

Bought a toy, a Case Skid Steer (Uniloader 1737).

She misses and does not want to start very easily.
Looks like a Wisconsin engine, but never saw one with valve adjust covers on top as this one has.

Looks like engine removal would be the easiest way to change the spark plugs and install new points.

Would mean disconecting the falk drive coupling and belt drive to hydraulic pump then lifting out the engine to work on it.

Before I jump into something that may be a lot of work, am I missing something.

I may be able to reach the plugs on one side of the engine, but the other side looks impossible, and trying to set the points and check the timing would be very hard with the engine in the tight hole is is shoed into.

Any comments would be appreciated from anyone who has serviced these cute little animals before.

Is there anything else I need to pay close attention to when servicing this machine, like things that normally go bad or fail if not serviced at proper intervals or adjusted properly.

Thanks a bunch to anyone who has time to comment.

P.S. I am a retired Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor. Worked in industrial maintenance for Alcoa Aluminum company in Southern Indiana.


Sam Hi Marvin, Case 1737 means Case 37 HP 1700 Lb Lift. it's a Case engine.( Mines a Gas engine ) I have one, Make sure your Dist. Cap doesn't have moisture in it. Also water and rust in carb from the steel tank. Points are easily to change. Take the whole dist out of the block. 7/16 bolt I believe. Keep the gear box full. In 30 years, we changed the belt twice, and O/H ed the engine twice. No complaints here. I just finally this week ordered a new Case 60XT . After 30 years the old 1737 can't keep up. Good Luck
Marvin W. JohnsonSam,

Thanks for your reply. Since I posted my original message, I have done some research and believe my unit has been modified by installation of a sixty horsepower Wisconsin V461-D engine.

Since I could not get to the engine to change points, plugs, and tune it up I had to pull it. I put in a new starter, alternator (updated one), fuel pump, along with new points, rotor, dist.cap, plug wires and spark plugs. Just got thru bench testing it today and it sounded sweet. This engine was only running on two cylinders before I pulled it and I think it will now have all sixty horses working for me. Thanks for the advice about the gearbox. I have not checked it for level as yet. Good point, does your unit loose gearbox oil?

How about adjustment of the large spring for the torque converter belt, is it very sensitive.

I have the manual now for the motor, but still have no manual for the tractor itself.

Noticed a lot of newer skid steer loaders have tracks added over the tires. Will these tracks fit over the older units like the 1737??

Congrats on purchasing a newer unit--did you trade the old one in?? If you don't mind telling me, how much did it bring on trade??

Again, thanks for the reply.


PONIT GAP IS .017'-.022'
PLUG GAP .025'

sergioI do have a case 1737 that the engine is ready to go,lots smoke and looks like the valve stuck, still runs,

I would like to find a new engine or any ideas how to rebuilt the one i have.

I do know is a gas case 4cy

You can e mail me with sugestions any time
ty so much

[email protected]

Sean FlanaganI realize that your discussion on the uniloader is a bit out of date now, but I have a question for you. I recently bought a Case 1740 (the diesel version of the 1737) and have been having some difficulty with the variable speed control. Does the 1737 have a variable speed control on it? If so, would you be willing to part with it (assuming you are not using the 1737 since you bought a newer model), providing it is in good working order?

Thanks very much.


petewhat other tractor takes a 148g engine,I need a card and fuel pump for mine
CollinsonI recently bought a Case 1737 that had been completely rebuilt. I bought it to finish the landscaping of our new house. I runs great and looks very good too. I have been thinking about selling it when the work is finished rather than keeping it but I just can't help but think that I'll kick myself for a long time if that proves to be a mistake. I HAVE been known to make bad choices in the past.
Sean FlanaganCongrats on the uniloader. I actually got my 1740 working quite well (with the help of a local mechanic guru). They are tough machines.
My 1740 is the diesel model, and I will likely be selling it when I am finishing my own landscaping, but, like you, I will probably kick myself for doing so afterwards. It is so handy.
Do you mind if I ask what you paid for your machine?

JasonHI, I need a starter for my 1737 if you have one please email me Thanks Jason
Dwayne GoodrichI just bought a case 1737 does any one know a good website for info on it thanks
S JamesI too bought one of these loaders last year and am in need of the hydraulic fitting that operates the variable pulley drive.And also need new air cleaner housing and filter,Thanks
tomCan anyone tell me how to put a new belt on my 1737 , the bottom pulley is not a problem but the top pulley I can not get,
George MeltonI just bought a 1737 with a new engine in it and it looks liek all it needs is a new paint job. Is there any other color i can use for case equipment other than that awful orange? Why did they use such an awful color on their equipment?
ClaudeDoes anyone know of a ROPS or cage for a 1737?
BarryWow! I thought i had got the last one on the planet! I put mine through a lot of punishment. So just to help with fixing these old scrap iron jalopies heres alittle advice to all owners. When you start replacing the needle bearings in all the drive gears DON'T panic, go to the closest machine shop and have them make bushings to replace those worthless needle bearings! These machines were made in the USA so don't be cheep buy all new USA made chains. China chains seem not to take much punishment. Nothing worse than being on a hill working when that china chain takes a break and sends you rolling along! Good luck to all!
Richard FaberI need some gears/sprockets for my 1737.
One side quit on me.. I opened up the side panel
and found a chain hanging loose and the sprocket suppposed to put tension.. broken.. neighbor welded the cast iron. but don't trust it. Need parts.. I don't have a manual, so its hard to identify the part numbers. Not sure where to look.
Also, a wheel is cracking.. Any ideas?

Richard FaberI need some gears/sprockets for my 1737.
One side quit on me.. I opened up the side panel
and found a chain hanging loose and the sprocket suppposed to put tension.. broken.. neighbor welded the cast iron. but don't trust it. Need parts.. I don't have a manual, so its hard to identify the part numbers. Not sure where to look.
Also, a wheel is cracking.. Any ideas?

gabrielHi , I bought a case 1737 .Can anyone tell me what aproximate year , hp , weight etc .THANKS ALOT !
Russ Imlerroad speed on my 1737 seems very slow. Is there any way of increasing the speed.
Any ideal of the weight of a 1737 on gas? I have replaced the 148 engine with a combine engine.

benI recently purchased what i think to be a 1737 case skid steer but i am not sure exactly. It has a nissan motor in it now that doesnt run, I am just wondering what can I swap in there or what vehicle can i get the motor from. Any help would be appreciated.

cameron ingramI have a case 1737 uniloader for sale. ran great and everything works but unfortuatly it through a rod if anyyone has a block id be happy to by it or if not id sell it
all of the hydralic vales r in good shape i have a rebuilt statrter and the pump tests very good min wear
email me at if enterested
i will consider delivery


sonny lineberryHow much?
where at?
i have chevy v-6 in mine

Tim Dwyercan you help. looking at a 1975 skid steer 1740 model diesel. looks rough on outside ,engine sounds good levers seem OK all original The seller wants 3,000 got him down to 1,500 is that a fair price .what should i look for before i purchase are parts readily available Thank
TeriRecently purchased a Case 1737 uniloader -runs great - only problem is we need the clutches - can't find them anywhere - does anyone have any idea where they can be bought. Only the clutch discs we don't need the whole assembly ..can't wait to run this will pull to the right but, not the left. Any other ideas besides clutches?
Gary J. ClonchI am looking for the main gearbox( drive on one side and hydraulic pump on the other) for a 1737 with the 148 ci. gas engine
case 1737

ricki just bought a Case 1737 skid loader. does anyone know how much it weighs??
thanks much

Jeff Coble
Wow!!! Amazing!!!! I thought all of these were long gone as I have scoured junkyard after junkyard looking for a gearbox for mine. Now to find out that they weren't junked, but everybody is still using them is great. Unfortuniately I am still in need of a gearbox. Mine has a Hub City Model 66 box. 1:1 gear ratio. I can buy a new one but it cost as much as the thing is worth. So if anyone out there has one they are parting out, could you please let me know. Could use some other things also. THANKS

jim fuchshi i just got a old 1737s where are the needle bearings in the idlers, i need to replace my very drive so i need to pull the long jackshaft shaft out my drive have the studs holes in shives broke out on leading edges do you know the key on the shaft for verydrive does it go under both sides my key was only under the fixed side so the studs where driving .how do i reset the chain when i get shaft off dont have the chain tool . im thinking on changing it over from belt drive to chain drive 1 speed . cant seam to find the good used sheaves .. is it a bad job to pull the shaft out loosen chain pull shaft spacer coller and loosen bearing locks . pull out from inside or out side . do i need to take wheels off and jack up on this side . jim
jim fuchsenyone got a good case for the hub city gear box model 66 . my box has all the threads pulled out of it . i also need the hard line that goes to the lift on drivers left hand side sitting in machine . e mail me
good pump case would be nice to wish list guys i got took to cleaners on this thing bad

john GlazlierI need to find the obsolete 434 X 1/2 diamond chain for the drive sprockets. This is a 1 inch pitch with 1/2' length rollers. I have called diamond and they are obsolete. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AlanI own a 1737, looking for a after market head set and any other info on this.. Any help would be much appreciated..
johnI need a set of variable speed driven clutchs and a cross shaft
Bryan HesseHello all i have recently purchaused a case 1737 uniloader with a complete parts machine and would be willing to sell some of the parts. Please email me to see if I have what you need. Drive motor, variable control, clutchs and all the sprockets and chain still in machine also has a good engine. I live in wisconsin. Thank you Bryan
steveIam looking for the variable speed shive pully for case 1737 if anyone has one would you be willing to sell it e-mail me if you would at thanks
David Chambersok. First things first. wisconsin put two setups on motors in skid steers. one is the magneto setup and the other is coil. careful as they have different firing orders.
As for gearboxes. I have been rebulding these for a few years now, and am seeing more and more of them. most commonly strips out the spline for hydraulic pump, or the clutch loosens on the output shaft. rarely do the bearings or gears long as all the pieces are there(even if they are damged) it can be fixed. contact me at for more info.

Bryan HesseHello plaese check out ebay and graiglist for parts that i have for sale for a case uniloader. It was a 1737 parts machine. I live in wi thank you Bryan
Ervin BarrettI have a complete parts and service manual for 1737 case skid steer I will sell for $150.00.

Ervin BarrettI have a complete parts and service manual for 1737 case skid steer I will sell for $150.00.

rickHello, I have a case uni-loader 1737. It's been a great machine. It threw a red yesterday and now has a 'football' size hole in the block. I am looking for a engine?? can anyone help? if not I would sell it for parts. Clutches are 'fair' everything on the machine worked great and no leakes. NEW Kevlar filled tires as well. thanks
PaulHello,I just bought A case 1737 skidsteer.I replaced the points and condenser,cap and rotor then rebuilt carb and it runs great.problem is when I go forward its fine.but one side doesn't seem to keep up in reverse.would it be A stick adjustment or would it be A mechanical problem?
james fuchsneed a factory wheel and tire . the one wheel on my loader has the wromg offset . it has a good 7x15ss deco tire ned a factory wheel to mach the three i have that fit tight to loader . jim
Richard LordI have some spare drive parts. Richard
2 rebuilt clutches, spare chains, adjuster sprocket, large drive sheave.etc.

al exlineI have one with bad mother what will fit it and I like idea of Chevy v6 inn it
John BollI need the driven belt sheeves for a 1737
zach mehlhoffhi i current bought a case 1737 for really cheap because the guy said the hydrostat keeps going out. Does anyone know what might cause this?
John A MuellerNeed a #80 drive chains and connection master links and clutches for a case 1737 uniloader
Peter FrisingerRichard Lord please contact me about rebuilt clutches for case 1737
mark scottiam getting readdy to buy a 1737. it looks good and runs great. i need a augers head. enyone know were i can get one?
UNILOADER EMAIL TO [email protected]
OR CALL 8309977219

JeffNeed Clutches for 1737 Thanks
arthave good 1737 but the high low doesnt work it has had a lot of work done moves lifts scoops but does not always have all it needs wants to stall left drive seems slow can find drawings pretty good at getting stuff fixed have no idea what it should look like
rich cornmani need mechanical brake parts ,i think 1737 is the same if you have parts or know where i can get parts please let me know thank you . mine is a 1975 1740 skid steer uniloader .rich
David MitchellI just purchased a 1737 uniloader.It has a bad vibration. I looked to see the cause and the drive sheave is wobbling causing the shake.What will I find on disassembly?I would like to have necessary repair parts on hand when I take apart.Thanks,Dave

Case 1737 Skid Steer Manual Download Free

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