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Ophthalmic technicians provide valuable support to ophthalmologists at eye care clinics.

Ophthalmic Technician Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

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What Does an Ophthalmic Technician Do?

An ophthalmic technician is a very resourceful employee who is part of a team that renders eye care services to the public.

The ophthalmic technician job description entails assisting the ophthalmologist to perform certain functions, such as measuring of a patient’s vision and checking pressures on the eye; he/she performs different types of eye tests which include color vision.

The technician familiarizes him/herself with patients’ medical histories and renders assistance during surgeries. This is a critical part of what an ophthalmic technician does.

His/her role also involves helping to sterilize instruments and ensuring biohazards are properly disposed of.

He/she is an important link in the eye care delivery services, helping in no small ways to assist the ophthalmologist in reducing the workload at the eye care center.

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He/she is expected to be a very skillful person with the responsibility to coordinate the daily business of the center, including carrying out administrative duties.

The smooth running of any eye clinic largely depends on the competence of the ophthalmic technician in charge.

His/her work description is all-encompassing, including serving as an anchorman in the eye care business.

If an ophthalmologist is the head of the business; it is safe to say that an ophthalmic technician is the neck.

In practice, an ophthalmic technician cannot automatically become an ophthalmologist no matter his/her years of experience in the profession except he/she obtains a degree in ophthalmology.

In summary, an ophthalmic technician is an all-rounder whose support is key to the success of the ophthalmologist at an eye clinic.

Ophthalmic Technician Job Description Example/Sample/Template

An ophthalmic technician is an integral part of the eye care business and is part of a career that is well sought after.

He/she handles various duties and responsibilities, which are presented in the job description sample below:

  • Helps the ophthalmologist to medicate the eyes by applying eye drops
  • Helps to check for patients’ eye defects
  • Uses the ultrasound equipment to diagnose eye problems
  • Assists to instruct patients on proper eye care
  • Supervises other technicians and medical staff
  • Assists in the calibration of laboratory equipment
  • Participates in the creation of policies; including procedures for the optimum running of the eye care center
  • Ensures periodical interactions with ophthalmologists and the rest of the staff
  • Helps to set-up equipment for the use of the patients
  • Assists to prepare patients for surgeries
  • Performs different examinations as directed by the ophthalmologist
  • Advises patients on the correct use of contact lenses
  • Ensures the organization of the examination room; this includes ensuring that the examination room is clean and safe
  • Helps to educate patients regarding operative procedures
  • Assists in the accurate preparation of patients’ paperwork
  • Helps in the areas of clerical and administrative functions
  • Assists in taking anatomic measurements
  • Assists in the booking of patients’ appointments
  • Helps in the ordering of ophthalmic supplies
  • Engages in emergencies
  • Determines the particular physician a patient should see
  • Obtains the medical history of patients.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for Ophthalmic Technicians Role

Becoming an ophthalmic technician is taking a career path that leads to job security and very competitive salary.

Employers in eye care centers would want a very competent ophthalmic technician when hiring for one, and would generally require interested candidates for the role to possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below:

  • Previous experience working in an eye care center or outpatient eye care center
  • Should have the basic knowledge of clinical chart documentation
  • Knowledge of the structure of the eye
  • Should be well grounded in advanced visual fields
  • Ability to present a professional image and ensures co-operation with other medical staff
  • Ability to communicate effectively and work efficiently by writing reports
  • Must be a professional by being confidential
  • Should be able to use the computer and answer telephone calls
  • Ability to be very flexible by working in shifts
  • Must be able to take initiatives
  • Should be able to work without supervision
  • Thorough understanding of medical terminologies
  • Having versed knowledge of different eye diseases
  • Deep understanding of ophthalmic toxicology
  • Must have served as an assistant ophthalmic technician
  • Obtaining a college degree or be well experienced in the absence of a degree.

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Study Material



If you are an employer or hr manager looking to hire for the ophthalmic technician position at your clinic, this post provides detailed job description sample you can apply in creating one for your organization.

Ophthalmic Tech Training Material

By publishing a comprehensive description of the available ophthalmic technician job in your clinic, you are sure to increase your chances of attractive the best suitable candidates to your offer.

The content of this article is also useful in learning about the ophthalmic technology career and the specific duties and responsibilities commonly assigned to technicians at most clinics, as well as the requirements for being hired for the role. It inventory software for mac.

Did this post help you to learn about what ophthalmic technicians do? Please, share your thoughts about this article in the box below. And if you work as an ophthalmic technician, do share your job description too.

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