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Get the PAK key. Go to the Cisco license page and login. Put the PAK key in and get add your UDI Product and Serial ID. Find this by doing a 'show license UDI' command on the router. You should see your license key on the screen, it will look something like. license gns3vm = 73635fd3b0a13ah0; Type this into GNS3 Edit - Preferences - IOS on UNIX (The big white box) Don't forget to end the license with the; after your license key. license gns3vm = 73635fd3b0a13ah0. Jan 26, 2018 Cisco IOS Software Activation 12.4(15)XZ 12.4(20)T 15.0(1)M The Cisco IOS Software Activation feature supports basic licensing processes. This feature is platform-independent. This feature module provides information about Cisco Software Activation. Jan 26, 2018  Cisco IOS 15.5M&T. Configuration Guides. Software Activation Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15M&T. The product ID (PID) and the serial number (SN). For most Cisco hardware devices, the UDI is printed on a label located on the back of the device and can be displayed by using the show license udi command. Cisco IOS License.

When I wanted to add IOU L2 Switch image on GNS3, I got the following license error.

When I checked the license, I realized there was no license key.

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I explained the solution :

1- Access the shell of your VM

2. Download the Keygen using the following command.

2. Click on the link for available licenses under the 'Licenses Not Requiring a PAK' box for the 30-day free trial license.

Cisco Ios 15 License Keygen Free

3. In the Select License page, click 'Cisco IOS Content Filtering Service Demo License.'

4. Retrieve the Product ID and Serial Number from the router by issuing the command 'sh diag' in the router's CLI. Here's an example:

Cisco Ios 15 License Keygen

5. From the Product License Registration page, choose the router series. Enter the Product ID and Serial Number retrieved from the previous step.

6. Enter the registrant information, then click the checkbox to accept the agreement. Click 'Continue.'

7. Review and submit the information.

8. Once the Demo License Registration is completed, you can go ahead and configure the router to set up Cisco IOS Content Filtering. Content Filtering can be configured either through the router CLI or through Cisco Configuration Professional.

Cisco Ios 15 License Keygen 2017


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