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There are numerous ways to customize your appearance in Call of Duty multiplayer. You can customize the look of your face and body with different races and genders available in the Faces section of the Dossier in the multiplayer menu. You can also equip special helmets, which you’ll earn from completing the single player campaign, zombies mode, or having participated in the Call of Duty WW2 Beta. Alongside these customization options you can also unlock completely new uniforms by calling in Supply Drops in Headquarters.

Each Division also gives you a unique customization option for your appearance. Each Division, the Infantry, Airborne, Mountain, Armored, and Expeditionary have a standard issue uniform that is different from the other. While the Infantry and Airborne are somewhat similar, the Armored, Expeditionary, and Mountain are all much different from one another.

Multiplayer classes, also referred to as loadouts, refer to the preset classes in both online and split-screen multiplayer modes. They are seen in Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty. Nov 15, 2017  Call of Duty WW2 PC game Overview. COD WW2 is the most waited game of the main Call of Duty series. This is action game which is set during World War II. It is mainly set in the European location. Call of Duty World War 2 is started at the time of real second war in the European theatre. Nov 06, 2017  In the Nazi Zombies lobby, you’ll find a new option that’s unique to Call of Duty: WW2 — a character select screen. Here, you can select one of the four primary heroes, but you’ll be able.

Equipping outfits that you’ve unlocked via Supply Drops or purchased with Armory Credits can be done in the game’s Division select screen where you can press Y or Triangle to select “Personalize” while hovering over your Division logo.

Jan 24, 2018  Amidst all the new content released by Sledgehammer Games yesterday as part of Call of Duty: WWII’s “Resistance Event,” some players might have overlooked one of the small new additions and that’s the Axis character customization! The character class can now be customized in the Division page! Just press triangle (on PlayStation 4), to change both Allies and Axis default uniforms. The MP40 went on to see extensive use and becomes a symbol of the German armed forces during WW2 and it sees use even to this day. It's extremely rugged construction and design made the best submachinegun of it's time and arguably of all time.

You can find out more about all of the Epic Uniforms in Call of Duty WW2 here.

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Call of Duty WW2 Divisions are a new class-based system that is presented to you as soon as you start the game's multiplayer.

With five to choose from - outlining some basic differences - it's an initially intimidating decision. Though there are some important perks to gain from whatever you decide, it's important that your choice isn't permanent, and in fact it's very easy to swap between them if you change your mind later.

Each Call of Duty WW2 Division explained to help you decide the best division to join

Choosing the best Division to begin with depends on your preferred playstyle and ideal perks that'll unlock as it ranks up. All five of these are explained below to help you decide.

The best Division really depends on what you value most. For our money, Mountain's many abilities to get you round the map undetected is perhaps the most useful even if you don't use a sniper, but the Infantry is a nice all-rounder for the extra weapon-based augments it gives you.


Run-and-gunners, meanwhile, will probably do well out of either the Airborne or Expeditionary Divisions.

Remember that all weapons can be played with any Division, so you are really just looking at the perks a Division gives you as the basis for your decision. Want to combine Expeditionary perks with a sniper rifle? Go right ahead.


  • Rank 1: Rifle Bayonet
  • Rank 2: Additional Primary Attachment
  • Rank 3: Extra magazines
  • Rank 4: Move significantly faster while aiming down sights
  • Prestige reward: SVT-40 rifle, 'Scoped' Basic Training (less sway and faster movement aiming down sights)


  • Rank 1: SMG Suppressor
  • Rank 2: Sprint for longer distances
  • Rank 3: Climb over obstacles faster
  • Rank 4: Increased sprint speed
  • Prestige reward: MP-40 submachine gun, 'Energetic' Basic Training (no fall damage, start sprinting again sooner)


Cod Ww2 Axis Customization

Ww2 Axis Leaders

  • Rank 1: LMG Bipod
  • Rank 2: Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment
  • Rank 3: Take less fire damage
  • Rank 4: Take significantly less explosive damage
  • Prestige reward: MG 42 light machine gun, 'Hunker' Basic Training (earlier grenade warning, take less damage from explosives)


  • Rank 1: Sniper Sharpshooter
  • Rank 2: Always invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft
  • Rank 3: Hidden to player-controlled Streaks
  • Rank 4: Silent Movement
  • Prestige reward: KAR98K sniper rifle, 'Inconspicuous' Basic Training (faster crouch movement, quieter movement overall)

Cod Ww2 Axis Customization System


  • Rank 1: Shotgun Incendiary Shells
  • Rank 2: Select a piece of Tactical and Lethal Equipment
  • Rank 3: Throw equipment faster, farther and while sprinting
  • Rank 4: Resupply equipment from killed enemies
  • Prestige reward: Sawed-off Shotgun, 'Concussed' Basic Training (use British NO 69 as Tactical and use a second Lethal)

As mentioned, each Division can also be Prestiged, the same way a weapon or your soldier rank can. Each Division follows the same template of rewards with each Prestige, but it's worth a Prestige for each one once to get a unique weapon that any Division can use.

We outline the specific weapon you unlock when you first Prestige above, but it's worth reading our Prestige rewards explainer for what you get for each subsequent Prestige, as well as other details about the feature.

All the info on the next Call of Duty, in one convenient place.

Out for more advice on COD WW2's multiplayer? It's worth checking out which Division suits you best, then how to unlock the best COD WW2 guns as well as its various Prestige rewards using fast XP methods. If you're still having connectibity problems post-launch meanwhile, our Call of Duty WW2 server issues delves into error codes and other troubleshooting tips, and finally we can also help you tick off the Commend a soldier challenge in Headquarters, too.

How to change your division in Call of Duty WW2

Wwii Axis Powers

Once you have chose your initial Division, played a match and earned your first Unlock token, you can change your Division.

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Cod Ww2 Axis Customization Map

To change your Division, go to the multiplayer menu (press Options or Pause when in Headquarters) and go to the Soldier tab along the top, then Divisions to see your load outs.

Here you can select a Division within a loadout and unlock others with Tokens. Once it's unlocked you swap back to it again later if you so choose. You can also assign Divisions to different loadouts, if you want a set of weapons to go along with certain perks.

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