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The explosive follow-up to one of the most loved PC Games of all time - Command & Conquer Red Alert - The Soviets are exacting their revenge and invading the United States. Fight on the side of freedom or join the Soviet war machine. - Integrate the power of top-secret technology into your strategy. - Select from Soviet Cloning Vats and Allied time-travel devices and use an arsenal consisting of Prism Tanks, Tesla Troopers, Terror Drones, Desolators, Giant Squid and Psychic Mind Readers and more. - More ways to wage war than ever before! Play either side in the full solo play campaign or play as one of 9 nations in 8 modes of multiplayer and skirmish mode. - Take your campaign over land, sea and air to utilise over 80 units & structures to deliver your fury. - Wreak havoc with a friend through the specially designed co-op campaign. - Cinematic movies accentuate each hard-won battle and brief you for your next mission.

  1. It's a wrapper that uses Wine to run windows applications on Mac. Command and Conquer. Theres a bunch of tutorials that tell you how to install Porting Kit itself and the games. I got Red Alert and RA2 running via porting kit on my Mac. The games are a little unstable on Porting Kit though. I've had them lock up on me a few times.
  2. Westwood's classic Command & Conquer, for the Mac! WARNING: This game was originally released in 1995 and will only run on older Power Macintosh computers with a PowerPC processor running Mac OS 7.5, 8, or 9 (or Mac OS X up to 10.4 ('Tiger') under 'Classic' mode).
Command Conquer For Mac Os

It's Zero Hour, and time to unleash the absolute latest in modern weapons technology in a quest to become the world's most powerful General. In Command & Conquerâ„¢ Generals: Zero Hour, the first expansion pack to Command & Conquer Generals, players will wage a global war for control of the modern world and face the ultimate challenge by squaring off against the world's most elite commanders. Selecting from a variety of new units and an arsenal of new high-tech weaponry, players will use whatever it takes to remove enemy Generals from power. To emerge victorious, even the most experienced C&C Generals' veteran must discover new tactics and strategies to take full advantage of-and learn to defend against-the world's most lethal weapons. With the addition of new units, structures, and upgrades-plus enhanced controls, Battle Honors, and a variety of new online features-Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour gives players the firepower they'll need for global domination. With 15 new missions, players may be tasked to destroy the U.S. fleet in the Mediterranean, root out a splinter cell in Cairo, infiltrate a U.S. intelligence building, or send in special operatives to capture weapons of mass destruction. An all-new Generals Challenge mode allows players to control any of 9 new armies in battle against 9 AI generals. The ultimate goal will be to successfully make their way through all 9 enemy Generals, and unlock a select number of their armies for play in Skirmish and Online modes and prove once and for all they are the Ultimate Modern Warfare General.

Command And Conquer Mac Version

The latest version of Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars OSX is 1.0 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Strategy in the Games category. The app is developed by Electronic Arts Inc. Recently released for the Mac, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is the latest installment in the satirical science fiction/alternative history real-time strategy series. Command & Conquer: Generals - Deluxe Edition is a compilation that includes Command & Conquer: Generals and its Zero Hour expansion pack. The Mac version also had an exclusive update by Aspyr Media in 2015, which included bugfixes and compatibility with Mac OS 10.9 and 10.10. Hp utility icon for mac. The Mac version is currently the only release of Generals and Zero Hour that is sold separately from The.

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