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A vertical wheelchair platform lift available in four models for indoor and outdoor applications. It is battery powered and has a cable hydraulic drive system. If this lift is to be used in a public building it must comply with the relevant Australian Standard. Contact the supplier for details.


. 1.5 hour, UL Listed fire-rated doors
. Custom finishes in stainless, glass or bronze
. Domes for enclosure models
. (EXT) exterior weather resistant package
. Gates, doors and brid..

App store apply. Savaria is a global leader in accessibility. We manufacture products that help people maintain their personal mobility - whether that's in the home, in a public space or in a vehicle. CONCORD’S standard elevator range is currently from 3 passenger i.e. 204Kg home lifts to 15000Kg freight cum passenger elevators, traveling from 2 stops upto 64 stops and with travel speeds ranging from 0.3M/Sec to 7.0M/Sec. CONCORD elevators can be configured for machine room, small machine room and MRL (machine room less) installations.

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W/Chair Platform Lift

Contact the supplier for pricing and availability

Savaria Concord Elevator Canada

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For information contact AT Aust on 1300 452 679

Concord Infinity Elevator

CONCORD ELEVATORS, ESCALATORS and WALKWAYS employ the Latest State Of The Art Technology integrated with elegant designs offerings, with a large host of features to suite every project requirement from the simplest to the most sophisticated, keeping user safety comfort and convenience at the forefront of the entire product range.They can transport large amount of passenger flow in quick time. Keeping abreast with the latest trends in elevator technology, the concord elevators provide you with superior and user friendly and safe transportation. CONCORD high-speed elevator for passengers provides a high level of riding comfort and reliability. Concord Elevator products help you experience a smooth, quick and undistributed travel through space and help you reach your destination swiftly and comfortably.

Elevator Troubleshooting Manual

CONCORD ELEVATOR COMPONENTS are designed and manufactured by elevator people for elevator people, integrating and implementing the Latest State Of The Art Technology, design trends and concepts which are integrated into the complete product line.-

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