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1960-70 Falcon/Comet History

On September 21, 1959, Ford unveiled its new 1960 Falcon at a closed-circuit TV news conference. Initially the Falcon was designed to be a practical, unembellished car, and 1960 Falcons were offered only as a 2 door Sedan (with a $1,912.00 selling price) and a 4 door Sedan. Later in 1960 the Station Wagon and Ranchero were added. Model year 1961 resulted in a new 101 HP engine, a new Sedan Delivery, and a 'Deluxe' body trim option. (Read More)

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Dust Cyclone Separator


The Donaldson Torit® Cyclone dust collector is designed specifically for high dust load, high temperature, and product recovery applications. It has a mechanical separator that uses centrifugal force to remove dust particulates from the air in industrial applications. Dusty air enters the cyclone and the dust particles travel around the inner. Cyclone Mac, L.L.C. Is an Iowa Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on August 17, 2006. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 332309. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Christopher Mcnamar and is located at 4055 Chris Court, Bettendorf, IA 52722. Cyclone dust collectors Schenck Process cyclone dust collectors are capable of handling heavy dust loads. The product range includes cyclones serving as pre-collectors in a dust collection system or as product receivers. The cyclone receivers Schenck Process provides handle airflows from 6,000 to 120,000 CFM. The high efficiency design provides. Document provides information to help users transition from the Cyclone PRO & MAX, which have been discontinued, to the Cyclone LC & Cyclone FX. Cyclone MAX Users Manual.pdf (4943 KB) User Manual v.1.16 for the Cyclone MAX Automated Programmer & Debug Interface. V.1.16 specifies SPC56 support. Updated April 2015. The MAC Automatic Resin Bin Loading Station is designed to work with MAC mobile resin storage bins and Drum or Gaylord Filter Covers. It is a convenient method for automatically filling these bins from Gaylord or drum containers. Cyclone decelerator includes replaceable filter to minimize resin dust. Timer control included with overfill sensor.

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MAC's is proud to carry parts & accessories for the following 1964-73 Falcon / Comet car styles. Restore your Falcon Squire, Futura, Ranchero, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Sports Coupe, or Comet S-22, 202, 404, GT, Custom, Villager, Caliente, Cyclone, Cyclone GT, Cyclone CJ, Cyclone Spoiler, Voyager, Capri, Sports Coupe, Montego, Montego MX, or Montego MX Brougham with classic, vintage parts from MAC’s Antique Auto Parts. We carry restoration parts for 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970 Falcons and Comets.

Cyclone Scheme is a brand-new compiler that allows real-world application development using the R7RS Scheme Language standard. We provide modern features and a stable system capable of generating fast native binaries.

Cheney on the MTA is used by Cyclone’s runtime to implement full tail recursion, continuations, and generational garbage collection. In addition, the Cheney on the MTA concept has been extended to allow execution of multiple native threads. An on-the-fly garbage collector is used to manage the second-generation heap and perform major collections without “stopping the world”.

  • Support for the majority of the Scheme language as specified by the latest R7RS standard.
  • New features from R7RS including libraries, exceptions, and record types.
  • Built-in support for Unicode strings and characters.
  • Hygienic macros based on syntax-rules
  • Low-level explicit renaming macros
  • Guaranteed tail call optimizations
  • Native multithreading support
  • A foreign function interface that allows easy integration with C
  • A concurrent, generational garbage collector based on Cheney on the MTA
  • Includes an optimizing Scheme-to-C compiler,
  • … as well as an interpreter for debugging
  • A Package Manager and a growing list of packages.
  • Support for many popular SRFI’s
  • Online user manual and API documentation
  • Support for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and Mac platforms.
  • Known to run on x86-64, x86, and Arm (Raspberry Pi) architectures.

There are several options available for installing Cyclone:


Cyclone can be run from a Docker Image:

Typhoon For Mac


Icloud for mac desktop. Mac (and Linux!) users wanting to use Homebrew can do the following.

Note if Homebrew is not already installed: follow the instructions at to install the homebrew package manager.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux users can install using the AUR:

Build from Source

To install Cyclone on your machine for the first time on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and for Mac users wanting to install without using Homebrew, use cyclone-bootstrap to build a set of binaries. Instructions are provided for Linux, Mac, Windows (via MSYS), and FreeBSD 12.

After installing you can run the cyclone command to compile a single Scheme file:

And the icyc command to start an interactive interpreter. Note you can use rlwrap to make the interpreter more friendly, EG: rlwrap icyc:

Read the documentation below for more information on how to use Cyclone.

The cyclone-winds package manager provides the ability to install packaged libraries and programs for Cyclone. See the cyclone-winds site for more information.

  • The User Manual covers in detail how to use Cyclone and provides information on the Scheme language features implemented by Cyclone.

  • An API Reference is available for all libraries provided by Cyclone, including a complete alphabetical listing.

  • If you need a resource to start learning the Scheme language you may want to try a classic textbook such as Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

  • Finally, this benchmarks page by ecraven compares the performance of Cyclone with other Schemes.

Cyclone provides several example programs, including:

  • Tail Call Optimization - A simple example of Scheme tail call optimization; this program runs forever, calling into two mutually recursive functions.

  • Threading - Various examples of multi-threaded programs.

  • Game of Life - The Conway’s game of life example program and libraries from R7RS.

  • Game of Life PNG Image Generator - A modified version of game of life that uses libpng to create an image of each iteration instead of writing it to console. This example also demonstrates basic usage of the C Foreign Function Interface (FFI).

  • Finally, the largest program is the compiler itself. Most of the code is contained in a series of libraries which are used by cyclone.scm and icyc.scm to create executables for Cyclone’s compiler and interpreter.

  • Writing the Cyclone Scheme Compiler provides high-level details on how the compiler was written and how it works.

  • There is a Development Guide with instructions for common tasks when hacking on the compiler itself.

  • Cyclone’s Garbage Collector is documented at a high-level. This document includes details on extending Cheney on the MTA to support multiple stacks and fusing that approach with a tri-color marking collector.

  • The garbage collector was subsequently enhanced to support Lazy Sweeping which improves performance for a wide range of applications.

Copyright (C) 2014 Justin Ethier.

X plane for mac. Cyclone is available under the MIT license.

Recent News

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.21

CycloneSeptember 17, 2020
Various bug fixes and continuous integration support for FreeBSD.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.20

August 14, 2020
We now have official support for calling Scheme from C.

Released Cyclone Scheme 0.19

Donaldson Cyclone Dust Collector

August 3, 2020

Industrial Cyclone Separator

This release improves error reporting and includes many bug fixes.
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