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I haven’t been on this blog in 3 years and the amount of messages is overwhelming haha. I don’t really plan to do anything with this blog anymore, I don’t think. Life is too hectic to keep up with it anymore (I’ve been gone for three years anyways.)

  1. Levi Ackerman Desktop Buddy Download
  2. How To Make A Shimeji Desktop Buddy Download

Though I am really annoyed the masterlist broke, they used to all be links! I’ve gotten a lot of messages asking for links to be put in and I promise…. They were…… I don’t know what happened.

Levi Ackerman Desktop Buddy Download

Photo creation software for mac. Shimeji-ee Desktop Pet Shimeji are little desktop companions that run around your computer screen, be it mischief or cuteness depending on the shimeji you use!

Sans desktop buddy download

How To Make A Shimeji Desktop Buddy Download

Free desktop buddies

Anyways, thank you all and it had been a great time running this blog. I loved shimejis so much and the effort that all the artists had put into these little guys is fantastic. You’re all wonderful.

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  1. Download a 'Best Friend' Now - FREE! For a limited time, you may download your own Bonzi BUDDY - FREE! Bonzi BUDDY normally retails for $40.00, but for a limited time, we'd like to say 'Thanks!'
  2. 3 anime / character desktop buddies included:' additional desktop buddies = add 20php: for other shimeji design / anime:)) post on our wall the picture including the anime name: ' ))) (it depends on the availability ) click this link! Addition information; desktop buddies can run on windows 2000, xp, vista or 7.
  3. These guys you can download, and have fun with on your desktop! Simba Cub Shimeji D/L Cachomon 179 45 Ayano-Chan Shimeji WebHeadFanGirl 56 20 Taro-Kun shimeji DOWNLOAD HERE WebHeadFanGirl 9 0 Osana Najimi WebHeadFanGirl 14 0 Amai Odayaka WebHeadFanGirl 12 0 Kizana Sunobu WebHeadFanGirl 9 0 Oka Ruto WebHeadFanGirl 16 3 Kirby shimeji! (Read descr.).
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