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When I played Divinity Original Sin (non-Enhanced Edition) I found that because of the Diablo-like random generation of magic items, it was especially frustrating. The game was not oriented around grinding infinite enemies, but the chances of finding the right combinations of item modifiers to make an item worth using were low. You could save scum, but the whole experience felt unpleasant. I wanted the right items for my builds, but I had no legitimate way to increase the odds of getting them.
You have no way of crafting items as good as a decent Legendary items, so I ended up save-scumming Hortun to find something suitable.
One of the great advantages of RPGs like Baldur's Gate was that loot was placed by hand, which means balance and usefulness has been carefully thought through.
Have you guys done anything in DOS 2 to address this pain? I would love to play DOS 1 again, and this is the only unpleasant part of the experience I remember.

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Empty Potion Flask

2) In DE, there is a new unique item (Truthseeker 1H sword) that set the character to blind when equipped. There is some legendary item (usually helmet) that have special effect like immunity to blind and silenced. So the character can use the sword without being blind itself. The sword provides massive amount of critical chance (25%). Items in Divinity: Original Sin are tiered by rarity. Each rarity level has a corresponding color: Common / Craftable Item (White) Uncommon Item (Green) Rare Item (Blue) Epic Item (Purple) Legendary Item (Pink) Unique Item (Gold) Divine Item (Yellow) Mod Appearance Edit. All mods can appear only in Magic Items, Rare Items or Legendary Items.

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