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In Drift City, there is no set path to follow; you can choose to follow the main story, complete side missions, race in the Battle Zone, or just drive around and explore Mittron Island. Combo System Perform Combo Skills to fill your Booster Gauge and unleash a burst of speed! Interface / Tuning Drift City offers a sleek, immersive interface for.

When a game combines great graphics, playability and addictiveness, and all of this online, nothing less is to be expected than excellent entertainment. This is the case of Drift City, an online racing game.

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  2. May 16, 2011  8/10 (32 votes) - Download Drift City Free. Drift City is a brilliant online racing game in which you'll drive incredible cars around cities and islands, gaining experience to increase your level. When a game combines great graphics, playability and addictiveness, and all of this online, nothing.
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The story behind this racing game is very simple: in the near future mankind discovers a new fuel source, Mittron, that is much more efficient, powerful and ecological than petrol, but when mankind finally manages to use it, HUVs appear: crewless high technology vehicles, that threaten the existence of each and every person that sets foot out on the street. The logical outcome, of course, is war, but this time on four wheels.

As with most multiplayer games, moving up in level and getting better equipment (in this case better car spares) will be the main incentive to keep driving in the cities and islands available.

There are quite a few cars to choose from that are modeled from modern day Dodge, Jeep, and Nissan models.

One of the most surprising things about this game is its graphics, which have been completely developed using Cel-Shading technology, giving the game a comic-like appearance. It's worth mentioning that the music is pretty good as well.

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Drift City
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
ReleaseAugust 1, 2007
Genre(s)MMO, racing

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Drift City (also known as Skid Rush (스키드러쉬)) was a massively multiplayer onlineracing video game developed by NPluto and sponsored by several major automotive companies such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and U1 Technology. The standalone iOS and Android game (Drift City Mobile) was released on August 11, 2015 but has since shut down. On February 22, 2016, GamesCampus announced that the Drift City USA servers would close. On March 21, 2016, the game was shut down, although the Korean & Japanese versions are still playable.

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A screenshot of several players at Cras City in Drift City.

Drift City is a cel-shadedracing video game which includes single-player (missions) and multi-player modes (team car racing, PVP) to play.[1] The currency earned (named Mito) while playing can be spent on customizing owned cars, collecting new parts or buying some new rides.[2][3] A large majority of missions involves reaching targets, occasionally with a time or crash limit, while following the arrow, similar to Crazy Taxi.[2] Successfully completing a mission or a race gives a certain amount of experience points and Mito.[4] As an arcade-style racer, the physics make game feel faster and less prone to hazards.[4]

There are 9 different types of cars, sorted by their power and overall quality. Before some of these can be unlocked, it is necessary to meet level requirements.[5] At a certain point of time, the players will be informed of the location of a fugitive HUV that is near. If that request is accepted, the car chase starts with a time limit where the goal is to hit the runaway car until durability reaches zero.[6]

At any time, the player can slide/drift the car that is controlled, which allows taking corners as quickly as possible. The game will reward risks while driving by filling up the boost meter, which can be used for super speed.[7] Combos are performed when players drive dangerously, such as doing so while in a traffic, opposite lane, or drifting.[8]

What lies beneath the community aspect of Drift City are Crews that can be joined, where the players can chat, participate in single or team duels, or share missions with other people around.[9] There is a central hub which includes things like the Battle Zone and various shops.[10]

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