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Eternal Fighter Zero

EFZ 4.02 with EfzRevival 1.02e


Tasogare Frontier



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Eternal Fighter Zero

Eternal Fighter Zero is a 2D doujin fighter developed by Tasofro, known also for works such as Immaterial and Missing Power and Higurashi Daybreak. The characters are pulled directly from the games Moon., One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e, Kanon, and Air, and the game features music arranged from the soundtracks of those games. Many of the attacks of the characters are actually references to other fighting games, which will be explained on the bottom of each character page. Hopefully, this wiki will eventually document each of the character's different playstyles and various ways to improve your game.

EFZ Revival

In November 2014, the game received a fanmade caster, EFZ Revival, allowing it to run on modern OSes without any extra workarounds from D3Dwindower, DXwnd, or other similar tools. Additionally, it received rollback-based netplay and improved training mode options.

WARNING:Cuda driver for mac os sierra. Automatic replay saving is enabled by default, but the folder that they save to by default does not exist. Before any replays will be saved, you will need to create a replaynetplay folder in your EFZ folder. To watch back replays you'll have to rename them to the correct replay naming scheme which is 'data1-1' up to 'data9-9' and place them in the EFZ/REPLAY folder. Luckily there is a handy .bat script that can help with this, which can be found here:


Eternal Fighter Zero Mugen

Wiki Roadmap

60% complete
In Progress / CompletedTo-do
  • Character introductions.
  • Finish applying the new template to all character pages and uploading move images where missing. Eternal Fighter Zero/FAQ#Progress
  • Rewrite several character pages with outdated information.
  • Move descriptions, basic strategy and combos for the character pages currently without them.
  • Research frame data missing on BambooSword.

Eternal Fighter Zero
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Eternal Fighter Zero Memorial

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