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Today we check out some of the best landscape or environmental mods for Fallout 4 on PC and Xbox One. These are mods that set themselves apart and really sto.

Nov 19, 2015  Flat land mod. posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests: Nothing is more infurating than trying to run fences around your settlement, with uneven land. Its a REAL PAIN in the @$$. Now I know there is little to no chance of a mod that will allow for land deformation, to flatten out land so you can place a level fence. So the only thing I can think of is for a Modder to create new building objects. Adds Ninirim's Open Waist outfit into Fallout 4. The mod has been fitted to support the Fallout 4 CBBE body. Comes in normal and slutty variant and is able to be given ballistic upgrades. Outfit comes with several pieces: Upper (slot 36) Upper Slutty (slot 36) Lower (slot 37). FO4 Deadpool's Service Rifle mod is my favorite Fallout 4 mod to use; Survivalist Rifle mainly. I recreated the M16 body as I have just finished a plastic scope kit that is the same as ingame too. This is my 1:1ish replica of Survivalist Rifle, hope to do more of his Service Rifles in the future!

Fallout 4 may have released its final official DLC, but the mod community is still going strong. Mods are now available not just on PC, but also console — and now that weeks have passed and the PS4 has a healthy supply of different mods to choose from, it’s time to show off mods that make a great game even better. Here you’ll find all the greatest mods that add new content to the base games and its expansions — from fresh settlements, to new interiors and quests, to utilities you can use to build the homestead of your dreams.

There’s a reason why I wanted to discuss mods on the PS4 specifically. They’re extremely limited. Instead of (almost) full access to new items, objects and audio like on the Xbox One, PS4 mods are relegated to only using current in-game assets. That severely limits creativity, and effectively cuts the PS4 modding community off at the knees. It’s an aggravating truth, but one that hundreds of awesome creators are working with to release useful mods for the console community.

If you’re skeptical, own a PS4, or just want to see what’s available — here are some of the best content-related Fallout 4Google apps download. console mods (for PS4) released so far.

Best used macbook pro for the money. Immersive Gameplay

  • Author: Jacomel
  • Download Size: 2.64 MB
  • DLC Required: None / Automatron + Far Harbor + Nuka World [Two versions of the mod are available.]

[Note: Always place this mod at the end of your load order.]

The largest gameplay and difficulty mod available for console is now available on Playstation 4. Designed for hardcore players, this unpredictable and deadly mod tries to bring realism into the post-apocalypse. AI routines have changed depending on the enemy group, with human mercenaries fighting carefully from cover while Super Mutants use their enhanced strength to charge wildly. Monsters are fierce, and humans are deadly.

The player begins with only 20 HP, and gun damage is calculated by caliber. Ammunition has weight, can be crafted and melee attacks are deadlier than before. On top of all those changes, you’ll also find a stack of gear under your pre-war bed. This mod changes how you’ll play from the start, so it’s recommended you begin a new game from scratch before activating it.

There’s also a version designed for DLC — with changes made to new content only found in Automatron, Nuka-World and Far Harbor.

Outfield Retreat

  • Author: TheRealElianora
  • Download Size: 298.23 KB
  • DLC Required: None

This brand-new player house was created, in the author’s own words, to “shut the mouths of people constantly grieving that “PS4 MODS WILL SUCK!”. In any case, this Diamond City housing doesn’t suck. Carefully designed for maximum comfort (and Feng Shui), this impressive bit of modelling includes all the simple things a Sole Survivor needs to relax between quests.

The small space contains a map marker for fast travel, a workstation, bobblehead shelf, unique storage cases, clean water, a fancy bed, and plenty of bookshelves you can use. The decorations, though, can’t be altered. This house isn’t for players looking to display everything they own, or to customize — this is for the laid back adventurer that wants a nice place away from the hustle-bustle of settlements that’s pre-made. There’s even a day-night cycle.

Plenty ‘O’ Exploration

  • Author: DangoSan
  • Download Size: 531.67 KB
  • DLC Required: None

[Note: This mod is still in development, and will see new content updates in the near future.]

This mod may only be in BETA for PS4, it includes something every Fallout fan should enjoy — plenty of new interiors and exteriors to explore. As explained in the description, most of the new interiors can be found in the Concord area, which is sadly underutilized in the main portion of the game. This simple mod adds nine new interiors to the mix, fully explorable and completely immersive. Like any good mod, these locations look like they belong in the main game.

Then there’s the exteriors. There are multiple haunts, huts, and retreats to stumble into as you progress through the northern reaches of the Commonwealth. If you felt like Fallout 4 didn’t have enough locations, both inside or out, then this is a great mod to get started on.

There are more mods that are compatible — combine them for even more extra locations to explore.

Mix and match to truly expand the Commonwealth into a bustling area with endless exploration options.

A Cannibal in Concord

  • Author: T9x69
  • Download Size: 442.67 KB
  • DLC Required: None

Speaking of additional Concord content, this puzzle-based atmospheric exploration mod sends your Sole Survivor on an ambient quest deep into the mind of a maniac. Featuring short stories and quotes meant to completely creep you out, this spooky house is designed for a solo trip for maximum spook-factor. This addition isn’t about running-and-gunning, or even a traditional quest structure.

If you’re looking for an interesting place to puzzle over that’s filled with creepy visuals, this is one of the best mods available on the PS4. Don’t worry that your companion won’t go inside the house with you — that’s by design.

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Spectacle Island Revamped

  • Author: FelloutIsLife
  • Download Size: 1.12 MB
  • DLC Required: None

[Note: Before activating this mod, travel to Spectacle Island and activate the beacon in the base game.]


The largest settlement in Fallout 4 just got a revamp. This mod completely changes Spectacle Island into a far more colorful and interesting place. You can still establish a settlement and build on new-and-improved flat land, with 5 new mini-areas to check out. Each of these areas comes with a separate text-based side-quest you can complete for special rewards — including a new gun.

Portable Nuka Jetpack

  • Author: langnao
  • Download Size: 18.33 KB
  • DLC Required: Nuka-World

Want to go flying, but don’t want that bulky Power Armor? If you have the Nuka-World DLC, you can take to the skies with this amazing jetpack, available for free in the Super Duper Mart. This is a quick solution, and doesn’t require access to one of those tricky Power Armor upgrades. There’s no fall damage, the suit comes with ballistic weave, and the included helmet helps deal with radiation.

Fallout 4 Flat Land Mod 1

If you’re not so fond of the Nuka-World outfit this jetpack comes with, try out the incredibly useful Unified Clothing Overhaul Mod by ANDREWCX, also featured in this article below. His mod adds tons of useful features to clothing crafting, and unlocks the jetpack for Nuka-World owners.

Wacky Weapon Workshop

  • Author: ANDREWCX
  • Download Size: 514.85 KB
  • DLC Required: None / Automatron + Nuka-World + Far Harbor [Two versions of the mod are available.]

Not satisfied with weapon customization in Fallout 4? Here’s a mod that gives you plenty of tools to expand your arsenal, effectively allowing you to create insane franken-guns using every part from almost every weapon. The mod removes perk requirements and material costs so you can freely experiment to make the wild weapon of your dreams.

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And there are limitations. Not every gun part fits to every other gun part — the mod doesn’t alter models, animations, or stats of these weapons, and does not include melee weapons. This is about guns only. What makes this mod special is the creative way it wants to get around the obvious drawbacks of PS4 modding. This is a development tool, better for creating cool custom weapons than for day-to-day play. The author recommends finishing your awesome assets, then disabling the mod when you’re finished. Here’s hoping this mod helps future authors create new weapons on the PS4.

DrakenVale Manor

  • Author: SlacksNawfside
  • Download Size: 1.6 MB
  • DLC Required: Far Harbor + Nuka World

[Note: If the location does not properly load on your first visit, fast travel to a different location. Fast travel back to the manor and that should make the textures load properly.]

Another awesome exploration / playing housing mod on the Playstation 4, this ambient retreat doesn’t offer scares like “A Cannibal in Concord” — instead you’ll find an incredibly detailed and impressive mansion filled with interesting things to interact with. Yes, there is a roller coaster.

This dream-like area is south of Diamond City, and it is hard to miss. With massive ramparts and towers covered in overgrown turrets, it doesn’t look like it belongs, but the craftsmanship is too superb to ignore. This wonderfully creative and unique location can be fully explored, and we suggest you give it a shot.

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World to Come

  • Author: Neeher
  • Download Size: 973.35 KB
  • DLC Required: None

Fight the ultimate beast on the PS4 in “World to Come” a mini-quest mod challenging any Sole Survival to beat Gojira, a huge (and fast) legendary Death Claw. And we’re not talking normal huge here, this thing is six times the size of a regular Death Claw. It’s well over two-stories tall, and the health bar is equally impressive. Defeating it will earn you a brand new Perk.

Fallout 4 Mods For Pc

To start the quest, find a man between Quincy Quarries and Hyde Park in the Commonwealth. He’ll point you in the right direction. Just remember to go prepared.

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Those are our picks for mods worth checking out in Fallout 4 (on the PS4) — is there a mod you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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