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Here is the SYNTH ANATOMY list of the best free Synthesizer plugins for PC & Mac ranging from virtual analog, FM, percussive to modular synthesis concepts!

  1. Free Synth Vst For Mac Pro
  2. Free Synth Vst For Mac Osx
If you want to produce music, you need a digital audio workstation (DAW) and for some sound options also some good plugins. Unfortunately, many musicians can’t afford very expensive plugins. For this reason, I would like to briefly present my favourite Synthesizer plugins which are available for free for PC and Mac.
I’m pretty sure there are far more plugins available but I want to consider here both worlds: the PC and the Mac universe. Last update: May 16th, 2020

It’s a selection with free virtual analog synths, organ emulations, epiano emulations, drum synth, bass synth, FM synth, emulation of Oberheim / NordLead / DX 7 synth, chip synth, guitar emulation and here a list of 25 free synth plugins for Mac OS X: 1. Licence: Free; Format: AU/VST/RTAS; Linplug make some great synths, used by tweak-gurus such as Vince Clark and Rob Papen. To dip your toe in the water get this free versions of Linplug Alpha #8 - 10 free Synths for Logic Pro.

Free Synthesizer Plugin Highlight 2020/1: Surge

Surge is probably the most powerful free Synthesizer plugin on the market right now. It’s open-source and it can do a lot. 2 layers, 3 Oscillators with 8 algorithms including virtual analog, wavetable, window, FM and more. These are supported by two filter units with 8 different configurations, a 5-shape waveshaper, up to 12 LFOs that can act also as DAHDSR enveloper generators. Rar for mac best.

Sounds can be refined with 8 effects units arranged as 2 insert per scene, 2 sends and 2 master effects. Available are 10 different high-quality effects ranging from delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, rotary speaker, frequency shifter and more. Surge comes with over 1000 patches and 183 onboard wavetables. Well, I can name even more features but what I can only repeat: this is a must-have for every music producer.

Virtual Analog Synthesizers

  • Crystal
  • Full Bucket Music FB-3300 Sound Demo
  • FBM FB-3100 Sound Demo
  • FBM StigmaSound Demo
  • FBM The Blooo Sound Demo

FM Synthesizers

Phase Modulation Synthesizers

Morphing Synthesizers

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Multi-Engine Synthesizers

8-bit & Retro Synthesizers

Modular Synthesizers

Special Synthesizers

  • Nusofting Sinnah Complex (waveshaper)Sound Demo

Ok ok, you don’t want to spend money on commercial plugins, all these synthesizers are enough for you. Well, if you buy your next hardware from Thomann, you can support the Synth Anatomy website also! Big thanks in advance

String Machine Synthesizers

  • 2getheraudio Cheeze Machine 2 (sound demo)

Sound Effect Synths

We love free stuff for audio engineering. So we are constantly on the lookout for the best ones to share with our music production school students and our studio session engineers.

Here are 5 awesome soft synths for mac:

1. Green Oaks Software – Crystal (Mac AU/VST & Win VST)

Crystal is a killer semi-modular synth with extensive modulation features. In addition to dedicated envelopes for amps and filters you get six assignable envelopes, and each can have up to eight stages! The six assignable LFOs are also very tweakable with settings such as swing and center offset. There’s even a unique feature called “breed” that lets you randomize the settings of two presets into one preset baby with optional mutation.

2. Togu Audio Line – Noise Maker (Mac AU/VST & Win VST)

Togu Audio Line (TAL) makes a variety of plug-ins and many are free. The Noise Maker synth is an improved version of their Elek7ro synth and features a simple and easy to navigate interface. It also comes with some great presets including some really cool arpeggiator type patches and old school drum sounds. My favorite feature is the easy to use and highly editable envelope generator.

Free Synth Vst For Mac Pro

3. U-he – TyrellN6 (Mac AU/VST & Win VST)

Free Synth Vst For Mac Osx

U-he has been producing a lot of cool plug-ins over the past 10+ years and offers a number of them for free. TyrellN6, largely based on Roland’s classic Juno 60, is my favorite of their free soft synths. Recently it has been updated with a new user interface and I’ve found it very easy to navigate and program. You can get a wide range of classic ‘80s sounds and more out of this synth. It also comes with a lot of presets organized in an easy to use preset browser.

4. U-he – Zebralette (Mac AU/VST/AAX & Win VST/AAX)

Another wonderful free offering from U-he the Zebralette is a stripped down version of their awesome paid synth, Zebra. It features an additive waveform editor for creating up to sixteen custom waveshapes which can then be smoothly swept through using the morph knob. You can also run two of U-he’s acclaimed spectral effects at once for added awesomeness!

5. U-he – Zoyd (Mac AU)

Zoyd was one of the earliest synthesizers for Apples’ Audio Unit format. The soft synth never made it beyond the beta stage, but was released for free and is still available for download on the U-he website.


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