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If there is one app that you need to have on your Windows and Mac OS, it is Live NetTV for PC App. Most of us love working for long hours on our PC. However, it is always a good idea to relax or spend time doing other things you love apart from work once in a while. One of these things can be as simple as watching movies.

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Unfortunately, when it comes to watching movies, most people still think that you have to be glued to your normal Television before you can catch your favorite TV shows and movies.

The truth is that the world is growing at such a fast pace. Technological advancement has brought the kind of convenience that has never been experienced before. Today, most things are automated.

Nowadays, the internet is replacing Television. In fact, some experts believed that in few years to come, standard TV won’t be as relevant as they are today because you can watch anything you want on the internet.

Most of the channels that you love and watch daily on your normal TV are today available on the internet. In fact, there are more channels you can enjoy when you log onto the internet, you simply need a great app that allows you to stream these movies and TV shows without charging you an arm and a leg.

Fortunately, such apps exist. Today, most TV show and movie-lovers around the world are watching their favorite movies and TV shows on-the-go thanks to this app known as the Live NetTV app.

If this is the first time you are hearing about this app, this article will tell you everything that you need to know about the Live NetTV app and how you can install and use Live NetTV for PC Windows and Mac OS.

What is Live NetTV App?

The Live NetTV app allows you to stream hundreds of channels from the internet on your mobile device including your laptop, smartphones, and tablets. This very popular TV streaming app has taken over the industry just a few years after it made its debut.

People love the Live NetTV app because of its awesome features. Not only you can watch your favorite channels from most countries of the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Middle East countries and more, this app also allows you to watch all these channels for free!

You know what this means? You can finally get rid of your subscription TV such as Netflix and even dump your normal TV to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies using this app on your PC Windows and Mac.

If you have been searching for a way to download and install the Live NetTV for PC Windows and Mac, this article will teach you everything you need to know.

You will learn about steps to download, install, and activate the Live NetTV app on your Computer or Laptop. Just keep on reading to find out more.

What Do We like About Live NetTV App (Features)?

We like this app because it boasts of a lot of features. In fact, some of the features that you will find in this app are not available elsewhere. Most people have even voted Live NetTV app as the best TV streaming app because of these features. Below, we will take a look at these features.


  • It is completely free
  • The user interface is awesome
  • You won’t have a problem getting used to this app
  • There are different categories
  • There are up to 750 channels you can choose from
  • You can easily filter the channels
  • VOD for movies
  • It supports Chromecast
  • It supports external players
  • Supports live scheduling
  • It allows you to save your streams
  • You can also add more channels as you please

There is no doubt that these features make the Live NetTV app a must-have app for the TV shows and movie lovers. If you like this app but you want to install it on your PC, you can easily learn how to do this from the step-by-step instruction below:

How To Download Live NetTV for PC Windows & Mac?

Whether you are using Windows or Mac, the step-by-step instruction below will help you to easily download and install this app on your PC. If you have any problem following these, please let us know:

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is to download an Android Emulator known as “BlueStacks”. Since your PC cannot recognize Android app, you need this software to make your PC acts like an Android platform. Please kindly download it from site.

Step 2

Install BlueStacks on your PC, once you are done, click the folder icon to open it.

Step 3

When the folder icon has been opened, open your browser and download Live NetTV app latest version from their website.

Step 4

After downloading this APK file, you will need to install it on your Android Emulator, please click on the file to start the installation process.

Step 5

Once your installation process has been completed, you will see Live NetTV icon inside your Android Emulator. Now, any time you want to watch free movies and TV shows on your PC, all you will have to do is come back here and click on this icon.

Once the app opens, you can begin watching your favorite channels. Some of the channels you can watch include movies, documentary, sports, news, kids, cooking, music, entertainment, and more.


If you follow the instruction above, you will never miss out on your favorite movies and TV shows again. You can easily stream these movies and TV shows for free on your Windows and Mac using this free app known as a Live NetTV for PC App. Try it now, if you have any problem, just let us know.

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Watching the #nfl playoffs with @getchannels on my appletv. It's flawless. Fantastic app.

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No cable here. I recommend getting a @HDHomeRun_US with @getchannels you’ll love it. I smile every time I open it.

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After YEARS of fighting with my CableCARD tuner on the PC, I installed @getchannels and it (1) auto discovered my tuner and (2) worked 100%.

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@getchannels your Apple TV 4 app is the little known app & one of the best features on #thenewappletv

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I have spent countless hours trying to get a live TV over the air with old my @HDHomeRun_US duel ever since Windows Media Center disappeared. Finally an easy solution with @getchannels on Apple TV. It took maybe 10 minutes to get everything all set up, best $25 i have spent.

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@getchannels I watched the #Redskins crush the Saints with Channels + #HDHomeRun yesterday. Outperformed Kodi on my Mac mini.

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@getchannels Thanks so much. AMAZING APP! This has been a dream for YEARS!

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Just found HDHomeRun hardware (@HDHomeRun_US) & the Channels TV app (@getchannels). The most elegant live TV solution for this cord cutter.

— Rick Vugteveen (@rickvug) November 27, 2015

Had an HDhomerun sitting in the closet. *Turns out* (@atpfm) the killer app for Apple TV is live tv.

Free Web Tv For Mac Os

— Jeffrey Atkins (@Gwimby) November 15, 2015
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