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The Basic Edition of the HAL 9000 (Console) screensaver features 28 separate animations and runs as a re-recreation of the eight-screen HAL 9000 console from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. In this film by Stanley Kubrick, as well as the series by writer Arthur C. Clarke, HAL 9000 is an artificially intelligent computer that can interact with the crew and control the systems of the Discovery One spacecraft. No music or sound effects are included.


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HAL 9000 Advanced31 year ago
Why won't my Apple Mac accept this application?52 years ago

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HAL9000 v1.5 Theme created by KoKaine. Release date For HAL lover 'New Version' For windows vista ONLY, should be used with Transparency (Aero)-Update. A lightweight gadget that helps users animate their desktop activity by applying the HAL 9000 fictional character that speaks at a specified time HAL9000 is a lightweight Yahoo! Widget built. Nov 09, 2012  Microsoft Windows® 8 is shipped without the 'Start' menu. Stardock heard the cries from Windows 8 users. We put the 'Start' menu back in Windows 8. We accurately recreated the most used desktop feature billions of users depend on every day and packed it with additional functionality.

The HAL 9000 Simulation. Download Free HAL 9000 Screensaver. Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • File can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer
    • Quick fix: instead of double-clicking the file, right-click it, then select 'Open'.
  • How to fix the 'blocked plugin' error
    • Quick fix: update the Adobe Flash Player via System Preferences.

Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Double-click the file you downloaded to launch the installer program.
  2. If you accept the end-user license agreement for this screensaver, click 'OK and Install'.
    • If you are notified that the screensaver already exists, simply click 'OK'.
  3. Once the installation has completed, you will be asked whether or not you want to have the screen saver settings panel opened. Click 'Yes' to open it. The 'HAL 9000 [Console] Basic' screensaver should appear among your other screensavers.
  4. The installer has also opened a 'README' document containing installation notes and information on known issues and the author. Feel free to close this document when the installation has completed successfully.

Apple Mac OS X

  1. Double-click the file you downloaded to extract the application from the ZIP archive.
  2. In the folder where the ZIP archive was downloaded to (usually: Downloads), double-click the 'HAL 9000 [Console] Basic' application to start the install program.
  3. Click 'Continue' twice in a row, then check 'I accept' if you agree to the end-user license agreement and click 'Continue' again. Finally, click 'Install'.
  4. When the screensaver was successfully installed, click 'Quit' to exit the installer.
  5. The Screen Saver panel will be opened, where 'HAL 9000 [Console] Basic' should be listed among your other screensavers.

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User reviews (22)

I like it. What about multiple monitors?

by Thomas on December 18, 2019

The Hal 9000 screensaver installer is not able to detect the AdobeFlash plugin V32 although it is installed.
Is there a fix for this?

by Ricardo Silva on December 5, 2019

A brilliant screensaver, but unfortunately it breaks completely under Catalina for Mac. Hopefully some wise and generous individual will correct this issue and share with us the greatness that is HAL-9000. Normally 5 stars, but until the Catalina problem is resolved it's just 1. :(

Hal 9000 Windows 10 Theme
by SunGod on November 18, 2019

can't open on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, not even the advanced version. any fix for this?

by Jim on October 30, 2019

Unfortunately, the Screensaver breaks with the update to macOS 10.15 Catalina. Probably because the Flash plugin it is using might be 32-Bit? Anyone know how to replace the plugin with a 64-Bit version? Or get it to use the latest Flash player? Or how to take the Flash video of the screensaver and repackage it as something that is viable for a 64-Bit only OS?

by HashMaster9000 on October 9, 2019

FYI, I have several versions of the REAL version of this, if anyone knows how to upload files instruct me and it's yours

Microsoft windows for macbook pro

Screensavers Planet: You can upload files through our Submit a screensaver page.

by Roy on August 16, 2019

Is anyone aware if an advanced version is available in the console format? As one reviewer mentioned, just the 28 animations are terrific, but it would be so much better with the all animations included in the advanced versions.

by Andy Russ on February 25, 2019

Doesn't work on my High Sierra retina screen (just get blank screen).
Shame :( Latest softwares.

by Dan on January 21, 2019

Excellent! Captures the look and feel of the HAL Console.. sometimes I just sit and watch the many animations on the screens.

by Tim Young on September 28, 2018

The repackaged version works properly on High Sierra, so thanks! But may I add my own request for an updated Advanced version? With multiple monitors the effect is mesmerising.

by Blank Ron on September 25, 2018

Very happy to at least have the Basic screensaver update; any chance on the 4.0 Advanced Version being updated as well? I run multiple monitors and it was a gorgeous thing to see the individual screens on each one.

by Ralph F on August 2, 2018

I love it. I used it to replace an older version on my Mac and this is much faster. I'm using High Sierra too, so I got that version.

by Nuncio Bitis on April 27, 2018

There's an Advanced version of this screensaver which has all the animations full-screen, I think that's what Justin is referring to. If it's possible to repackage these screensavers so they work on High Sierra, is there any chance you could repackage that version too?

by James on March 26, 2018

Hey that new version HCJ uploaded works on Sierra, but I liked the full screen Hal version better. HCJ can you make that one? I love this screensaver!

Screensavers Planet: That was our response to HJC's review, sorry if that was unclear. That version should display full-screen, but it doesn't for you? Please contact us or post to the message board and I'll look into it.

by Justin on January 10, 2018

Does not work on OS X High Sierra.

Hal 9000 Windows 10 Theme Songs

Screensavers Planet: The High Sierra update for macOS breaks a lot of screensavers, unfortunately. Please try this repackaged version. It should work on High Sierra.

by HCJ on December 7, 2017

I love it. 2001 is my all-time favorite movie. I can pull up music from the movie and then activate the screensaver and it is a gas! That is all I need, man.

by Benny D. on November 3, 2017

Only working on 2 of 3 monitors

Hal 9000 Windows 10 Theme 10

by CyberKnight on December 27, 2016

On the original HAL 9000 a small screen would POP UP first and then expand to fill the screen. The nominal displays would be overridden by emergencies or problems. I was hoping for a HAL like system that kept track of the PC housekeeping. A small pop up showing hard drive, network, etc and then if the computer encounters an error it goes to the system screen or SYS showing what is happening.

by William H on September 19, 2016

Looks great, but sometimes it activates and I can't escape it once I'm back at my desk. Maybe this is a bug or perhaps it just thinks I want the pod bay doors open. five stars if fixed!

by Jordan on May 15, 2016

Love this!! Have had it for several years now & visitors love it too! How much work would it be to port this for 3 or more monitors? It is even possible witout the source code? TNX-

by John Raynor on February 21, 2016

Turns out the Flash update is a known problem. I did a system restore to get rid of the update and downloaded MS's hide and show updates tool.

Hal 9000 Windows 10 Theme 2017

by Mike H on December 31, 2015

Hal 9000 Desktop Wallpaper

Runs fine on Windows 10, 64-bit machine. There are sometimes duplicated displays on two or more of the eight screens, but generally looks very good.

by Mike H on October 26, 2015

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