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Indigo Touch is our collection of control apps for monitoring and controlling your house. iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Web browser clients are available. They will automatically discover your Indigo server on your local network and will communicate with Z-Wave, INSTEON and X10 compatible hardware. Additionally, device or information supplied by any of our 3rd party plugins is available as well (requires Indigo Touch 2 for iOS.).

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Indigo Touch Features

Indigo Touch provides a broad set of features across the various clients, most of which are provided free. Compare that to many of our competitors who charge for the most basic functionality.

You have complete real-time access to all of your devices regardless of protocol, including many provided by our 3rd party developers. Control of your devices is a snap with our intuitive controls for lights, thermostats, fans, sprinklers, etc.
Optimized to run smoothly on all wireless network options: WiFi, LTE, 3G, and Edge. Connect via Bonjour discovery (no IP addresses needed) in supported apps or browsers. Simple remote access from anywhere via our optional reflector service — no router tweaking needed.
Execute Action Groups that perform more complex sets of actions — all with a single tap/click. View real-time updates to Variables and change them instantly.
Your graphical Control Pages are rendered identically across all Indigo Touch client apps. This provides you with an identical experience no matter what platform you're on.
Since you understand your environment better than we do, you view your devices, actions, variables, and control pages in the folder organization that you created in the Mac client. Everything is where you intend it to be. Changes to the folder hierarchy are immediately reflected in all clients.

Indigo Macaws For Sale

View the full event log to see what's going on with your smart home system. Diagnosing problems has never been quite this simple (requires Indigo 6 v6.1.0 or better and Indigo Touch 2 for iOS).

Indigo Touch for iOS Features

Indigo Touch for iOS also provides some features that are only appropriate for a mobile device app.

Indigo Touch for iOS has been optimized for your all of your iOS devices: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, all in a single app. Unlike the competition, who charges more for an iPad optimized app, you get all supported screen sizes in a single universal app.

Indigo Machine

View your graphical control pages beautifully on your iOS device. We support all screen orientations and pinch, unpinch, and double tap gestures on all iOS devices.
Indigo Touch has a variety of iOS URL schemes that can be used to launch to specific views (device list, specific control page, etc.) from other iOS app that supports openning URLs. Options on these URLs can control when tab and navigation bars are visible to optimize your screen real-estate.

Trying Indigo Touch for iOS

Trying out Indigo Touch for iOS is simple, just follow these simple steps: Microsoft security essentials windows 7 64 bit update error.

  1. Start the Indigo Touch app.
  2. Choose the Demo Server connection option from the Settings panel. If it doesn't open immediately, tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
Indigo for mac

If you have Indigo running on your Mac (trial or purchased) and have your iOS device at home on the same WiFi network, then by tapping the gear icon you can automatically connect to it. If it isn't visible, then check your Indigo server settings:

  1. Select the Indigo->Start Local Server.. menu item.
  2. Choose the Start and connect to Indigo Server on this computer radio button.
  3. Make sure the Allow remote access and Enable iPhone.. checkboxes are enabled.
  4. Press the Restart Server button.
  5. From Indigo Touch tap on the gear icon and select your home Indigo database name.
  6. To remotely access Indigo away from the home follow these steps.

A demo of Indigo Touch for the Web is forthcoming.

By combining the rendering speed and quality of Indigo with a high quality plugin for SketchUp, you can create great images so good that your friends and clients won't be able to tell if it's a photo or computer generated.

Key Features

Photorealism, supercharged

Indigo's easy to use material models make developing realistic materials a breeze. Add displacement maps to bring your surfaces to life with incredible detail.
Combined with unbiased, physically based GPU and CPU rendering and realistic camera apertures, you're ensured stunning image quality with low render times.


Use the built-in Indigo Scattering to quickly and efficiently make detailed vegetation. Choose from multiple included presets, or make your own.
Indigo for Sketchup also supports the popular plugin Skatter, which lets you use brushes and advanced parameters for scattering your plants and other geometry, all while using very little memory.

Light Layers

Transform your lighting and make day/night versions without re-rendering.

Material Database

The built in browser lets you download, use and edit over 600 realistic materials

Creative lighting

Area and mesh lights, Sun & Sky, HDRI and IES light sources at your disposal.

Section planes

Use section planes to get an inside view of buildings and constructions.
The great lighting system of Indigo does the magic more or less automatically when you use a physically correct environment
David Gudelius
Converting an existing scene to be 'Indigo ready' is a matter of minutes.
Arthur Liebnau

Indigo App For Mac

Indigo Renderer for Windows

Download Indigo Renderer
Includes Indigo for SketchUp.

Indigo RT for Windows

Download Indigo RT
Includes Indigo for SketchUp.

For Apple OS X

RBZ Plugin for OSX
Please install Indigo Renderer/RT first.


Online Indigo for SketchUp Manual
HTML version.


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