Infj Serial Killers


Jan 14, 2018  The INFJ personality, a unique combination of the psychological traits of introversion, intuition, feeling and judgment, represents — according to Carl Jung — only 1% of the population. This personality is idealistic, serene, firm in its values, highly. Aug 06, 2013  I was just wodering how mbti fits in with psycopathy and sociopathy:D What is your assessment of them in regards to Personality Type? - Jack the Ripper.


Ted Bundy - ENTJ
Richard Ramirez - ENTP
Richard Trenton Chase - INFP
Ed Gein - ISFP
Aileen Wuornos - ESTP
Ed Kemper - INTP
Columebine Killers (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold) - INTJ and INFP, respectively
Joanne Dennehy - ESTP
Genene Jones (killed via Munchausen by proxy) - ESTJ
Richard Kuklinski - ISTP
John Wayne Gacy - ESTJ
Luka Magnotta - ENFJ
Albert Fish - ISFP
Jeffrey Dahmer - ISFP
BTK (Dennis Rader) - ISTJ
Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: ESTP and ESFJ, respectively
Charles Manson - ENFP
Jim Jones - ENFJ
Jodi Arias - ENFJ
Fred and Rose West - ESTP and ISFP, respectively (not as confident about this typing as the others)
Graham Young - INTJ
Gary Leon Ridgway - ISTJ
The Silent Twins (not serial killers, but a very interesting psychological case) - both INFJs
Colonel Russell Williams - ISTJ
Herbert Mullins - INFP
Osama bin Laden - Celebrity Types has him listed as INFJ, I’m pretty sure he;s INFP.
Ivan Milat - ISTP(?)
Varg Vikerners - INTJ
Anders Breivik - INTJ
Andrew Cunanan - ENFJ
The Unabomber - INTJ
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - INTP and ESFJ (not nearly as confident about this typing as I am about some of the others on here.
Sada Abe (technically not a serial killer) - ISFP
Andrei Chikatilo - ISTJ

Interesting trends I noticed with respect to serial killers and MBTI type:

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Infj Serial Killers

1. Download microsoft word 2011 for mac free. ISFPs are surprisingly over-represented among serial killers. They also tend to be the kind who are the biggest freaks ever and have the most bizarre, obscure fetishes (Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert Fish, etc).

2. The vast majority of the female serial killers were passive-aggressive poisoning high Fe-types. However, both of the “true” female serial killers I found (who killed because they genuinely enjoyed and were aroused by it, lust killing in the same way that men do) were ESTPs (Aileen Wuornos and Joanna Dennehy).

3. Both of the INFP serial killers that I could identify had paranoid schizophrenia (Herbert Mullins and Richard Trenton Chase).

Infj Serial Killers

4. Eveybody thinks that INTJs were the quintessential serial killers, but in fact every INTJ killer that I managed to identify were not your typical serial killer - they were almost universally mass or spree killers who were doing it to send a message to society (Anders Breivik, the Unabomber, Eric Harris, Varg Vikernes, etc).


5. The serial killers who evaded capture the longest were usually ISTJs (BTK, Gary Leon Ridgway, Andrei Chikatilo, Russell Williams, etc) all got away with their crimes for 10+ years before they were caught.

Infj Serial Killer

6. All four of the cult leaders I typed, with the exception of one (Charles Manson) were ENFJs. Manson was an ENFP.

I think those are all the patterns I’ve noticed for now. Would love to debate about this with someone else who’s as interested in serial killers and MBTI as I am. C:

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