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I was recently given a GE KV2c Multifunction meter and was wanting to know if / how you could wire it up for 120 volt service.
It is a form 45s, and I know these are designed for use with current transformers on 3 wire service, but I also understand these meters are quite adaptable in regards to configurations.
I am familiar with electrical work, and have wired up a KWh meter for my 120 volt workbench outlets to monitor usage. I would like to use this one for my PC and other electronics for similar purposes.
Any help would be appreciated!
Kv2c meter manual

Read Online Ge Kv2c Meter Manual technology to make your PDF downloading completed. Even you don't want to read, you can directly close the photo album soft file and entry it later. You can as a consequence easily get the tape everywhere, because it is in your gadget. Or subsequently bodily in the office, this ge kv2c meter manual is next. The kV2c meter family is a versatile metering platform for commercial and industrial applications. The kV2c meter offers easy and powerful functional upgrades with a unique combination of soft switches and option boards ts as a bi-directional, coincident demand meter with five demand measures, real-time pricing, and real time data monitoring. Aclara KV2C Demand Utility Grade Meter Reads kWh and 15 Min. KW Demand 200 Amps Service Voltages 120/208Y or 277/480 or 120/240 Socket required. 7 Terminal 200 Amp View socket for this meter (4-MS-D7T200SHOB) View the wiring diagram for this meter. The meter says that at this moment, the date is April 24, 2006. Mode 02 Mode 02 displays the current time, in 24-hour mode. The meter says that at this moment, the time is 12:31 PM. In 29 minutes, the display will read 13 00. User Manual Release Date; 2017025 User Manual User Manual: 2019-09-30: Y99850 User Manual Users Manual: 2019-06-20: 2017022 User Manual Y20967-TUM fm: 2019-06-06: 2017013 User Manual Y20965-TUM fm: 2019-04-10: 2017021 User Manual Users Manual: 2019-02-26: 2017023 User Manual Y20969-TUM fm: 2019-02-21: 2017020 User Manual Y20968-TUM1 fm: 2019-02-18.

Here is a photo of the new P.G.& E. GE SmartMeter, which is being installed throughout the Bay Area during 2010 and 2011.
It contains a MICROWAVE radio transmitter, which sends your data to P.G. & E. headquarters. A 'meter-reader' will no longer be required. No more problems with dogs.
However, there are questions.
Many folks have questioned the safety, security and accuracy of these new meters, and suggest that there has not been adequate testing.
SAFETY - What is the nature of the radio frequency signal?
Several electro-sensitive people have made complaints.
SECURITY and ACCURACY - Is it a receiver, as well as a transmitter (transceiver)?
Can it's data be reprogrammed remotely, at will? If so, what safeguards are there against funny-business?

Ge Kv2c Meter Specifications

Area-wide installation continues, while the local citizens protest --->
Google report --->
Santa Cruz, CA SmartMeter Installation Controversy
The frequency used is the 900 to 928 MHz. Photoshop cs6 extended for mac free download. spread spectrum band (microwave).
I cannot find a published spec sheet, which adds to the rampant speculation.
Technical Questions -
Time of Exposure ---> How often does it transmit?
Strength of Exposure ---> What is the RF power output?
-- the radiation is how many times that of a a cell phone?
Where is the antenna? What are the radiation pattern characteristics?
Does it use the cell phone towers?


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