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Everybody needs a Zelda Font! So here is our collection of Legend of Zelda Fonts for you to download. The Legend of Zelda games are famous for the stylish and unique fonts used in the logos and in-game text. All of the Zelda fonts below are free to download. To install them simply paste them into the Fonts Folder, (C:WindowsFonts) or right click on the font file and click Install.

Triforce Font

The Hylian alphabet was said to be uncrackable, but one Zelda fan figured it out anyway. Zelda Universe forum member Sarinilli found some small text in the Lanayru section of Skyward Sword and was. I don't own Skyward Sword but I’m able to use noclip.website as a substitute. Feel free to ask any questions about the map and I'll try answering them to the best of my ability Please don't report this project for plagiarism as I did build all of it and the original creator knows about it. Aug 16, 2020 Fans of Twilight Princess trash on Skyward Sword, which baffles me. Skyward Sword is linear, yes, but its linearity is not bad in itself, and is better than the ugly, barren 'open world' of TP. The Dungeons, the artstyle, Zelda and Link as characters, the items, all these things I prefer Skyward Sword.

The most well known Zelda Font is the one that is used in the Legend of Zelda logo. This font is also referred to as the Triforce font. Due to its popularity in the Zelda community the Triforce font is often seen on many websites.

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Hylian 64 Font

The Hylian 64 Font was the first attempt from Nintendo to create a Hylian language. Hylian 64 was seen first in Ocarina of Time and was based around the Japanese language.

Ancient Hylian

Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Font

The Ancient Hylian font is a more stylized version of the Hylian language. Ancient Hylian is Nintendo’s remake of the Hylian font for the Game Cube hit, The Wind Waker.

Gerudo Typography Font

Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Font Free

This font is one that most people will not remember from the game. The Gerudo’s typography only appears in Ocarina of Time’s Spirit Temple. You can find samples of it written on the door, statues, and the boss chamber. For years nobody had any translation of the text, but this was all changed when Hyrule Historia was released.

Ravenna Font

This font is used in the logo of Twilight Princess to actually display the words “Twilight Princess”.

Return of Ganon Font

Buy microsoft word for mac. This font is used in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for most of the dialogue, items, and in-game text.

Sherwood Font

This font is used in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker logo.

Skyward Sword Ancient Font

This font is used as an older version of the Hylian language in Skyward Sword. Nintendo stated that this language was so ancient that it was unable to be translated. However, the font has since been deciphered and is now available for download.

Twilight Princess Hylian Font

This is the Hylian font that is used throughout Twilight Princess. Unlike prior Hylian fonts, this version is based off of the English alphabet. There are two versions to this font. One that is found in the Game Cube version and one in the Wii. The Wii’s version is mirrored, just like everything else in the game.

Handheld Zelda Font

This font is used for the in-game text in all of the older handheld Zelda titles. This includes Link’s Awakening and both Oracle of Seasons and Ages.

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I hope you have found our Zelda Font page useful. Feel free to use and distribute these fonts.

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