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Many laptops and all-in-one PCs come with a decent webcam that is built in to the hardware. Other computers require an external solution for webcam requirements. Some chose to purchase a better quality webcam for the purposes of higher quality and performance. For this reason, users are drawn to Logitech webcams because they are highly reputable and sell for a moderate price. Users may prefer not to break the bank on peripheral devices, and that is where Logitech webcams Apple os download for mac windows 7. excel.

Logitech stands with and up for the Black community to create positive change.' - Bracken Darrell, CEO Logitech and its brands have made donations to: Equal Justice Initiative, Southern Poverty Law Center, We Love Lake Street and other organizations that are fighting racial inequities. Hooked up a LogiTech QuickCam ZOOM today without any problems whatsoever in Mac OS X 10.3.5. Couldn't find a way to zoom (well, didn't search hard), but who cares - it works fine otherwise. C930e Business Webcam Designed for business, a 1080p webcam with wide field of view and digital zoom $ 129.99 C922 PRO HD STREAM WEBCAM Serious streaming webcam with hyper-fast HD 720p at.

So for PC users, the compatibility of of Logitech webcams is universal, but what about mac OS and OSx users? Will these great, cheap Logitech webcams work with mac? Yes, Logitech webcams are compatible with Mac OS, but they require some configuration.


  1. Go to the Logitech Webcam Support page(link in Resources) and click your webcam.
  2. Click on the “Downloads” tab.Select which Mac OS version you’re using, if available. Download all componentsthat are available for your webcam. If no software is listed, then there isnone available.
  3. Double-click the installation files forthe software and drivers and follow the prompts on screen to complete theinstallation.
  4. Plug the webcam into an open USB port onthe MacBook. Clip the cam to the front of your screen.


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Some newer Logitech models such as the C920 and C930e of Logitech webcams have a Logitech webcam settings app available in the Apple App Store which allow a user to adjust Logitech webcam settings.

Logitech webcam software for mac

For those of us using a Logitech 920C and/or a 930e on a Mac, many ask the question, “how do we get the picture to look better?” The secret after years of using one of these cameras on a Mac is to use the Logitech camera settings app available directly on the app store. After downloading the app, and tweaking the settings, the picture quality was quickly and easily increased. Before the adjustment, the screen looked very dull and washed out, but it is easy to get a clean crisp picture when using the Logitech webcam models listed below.

With the Logitech Camera Settings app available in the app store, the user can perform functionality not originally available to Mac OS, like the ability to zoom in and out, and change settings. Also, the function to adjust the focus using the app, allows for easy operation, the user can just slide the focus back and forth for easy focus adjustment. For some reason, the camera was not focusing correctly, so when the user would go closer or further from the camera, the camera would come out of focus and then try and autofocus again. After years of struggling with these Logitech webcams on a Mac, live streaming, the process is now much better quality and user friendly.

Previously it was thought that expensive webcams were necessary to provide good images on a Mac, this was because there were very few utilities configure and tweak settings. While the process is certainly easier on Windows, where the drivers and configuration occur almost automatically, on MacOS the webcam will only focus on a basic level. Before spending a large amount of money to get a better camera, consider a few tweaks and changes to increase the resolution and focus of your Logitech webcam.

Plug-N-Play Webcams For Mac That Work

Looking to buy adriver-free, fully Macintosh compatible webcam? Have USB 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1 ports?The external webcam models listed here are UVC – USB Video Classcompliant and are simply Plug and Play on modern Macs running MacOS Catalina,Mojave and Sierra, as well as OSX El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, andLeopard. Some older cameras made for Windows PC’s may not work on AppleMacintosh computers, or Mac web camera drivers may not exist.

Best-Selling AppleCompatible Logitech Webcams

Save yourself wastedmoney and frustration. Makecertain you have USB 2.0 speed or faster ports, OSX 10.5+, and a Mac fasterthan 1Ghz. You can then choose one of these known working and Applefriendly driverless UVC webcam models listed on this site.


#1 Choice: Logitech C922(x)

Mac Compatible HD Webcam With Standard Tripod Mount

Purchase on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Zw03WU

Pro: Revised C920-series optimized for high frame-rate live streaming: 1080p @ 30FPS and 720p @ 60FPS with H.264 video compression. Optical quality glass lens. Stereo Dual microphones.

Con: Logitech packages two different confusing SKU’s: The C922 model comes bundled with a mini-tripod, the C922X (x=without) model doesn’t.

#2 CHOICE: Premium Logitech C930e HD

Incredible State-Of-The-Art Image Detail, Smooth Autofocus, H.264 Compression.

Purchase on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ZzPOBj

Pro: Tripod Mount. 1080p HD Webcam. Zeiss Optical Lens. Dual Microphones.
Con: You Might Not Prefer A 90 degree wide-angle view.

#3 CHOICE: Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam

Mac Compatible, Budget Friendly, Logitech HD Webcam

Logitech Mac Camera

Purchase on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HuB1kR

Pro: Excellent detail and clarity, Hardware Autofocus, H.264 Compression
Tripod Mounting Hole. Zeiss Glass Lens. Stereo Microphone. Privacy Shutter. Though superseded by the newer 922, this remains an excellent camera – especially at lower street price.
Con: Possibly outdated quicker than the C922, however no other cons for this model


There are 5 Logitech cams that work with the Mac right out of the box without special software. I found this information on the eCcam web site:
Logitech Compatibility Information: The following Logitech QuickCams are currently available in two versions. Only the newer version is Mac-compatible (UVC compliant).
QuickCam for NoteBooks PRO
QuickCam Orbit MP/Sphere
QuickCam PRO 5000
QuickCam Ultra Vision
QuickCam Fusion
The new models are labeled with the 'Works with Windows Vista' logo, and also feature 'RightLight 2' as one of the features.
Goto to this site to learn about software you can buy to make many webcams Mac-compatible:
I bought the Logitech QuickCam for NoteBooks PRO and it works with my PowerBook G4. Tip: turn down the input volume to decrease the chirps on the audio feed.

Logitech Camera Drivers For Mac

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