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Jul 16, 2012. For past few months, I’ve been building a list of free productivity apps for macOS. And I finally have a solid list, which I’m really excited to share with y. Available for all iOS devices, Todoist is a note-taking and organization app that can.

Check out the best Mac OS X Mavericks apps including the best productivity, game, life, finance, and music apps providing best Mac experience.

Apple Mac OS X Mavericks is here making the Mac experience even better and bigger. With Mavericks update you can bring apps right on your desktop and add features that you love the most.

Best Mac OS X Mavericks Apps

There are hundreds and thousands of apps available at App Store and OS X owners can easily get confused which is the best among those. For that reasons, we have come up with list of 101 best Mac OS X Mavericks apps. We have listed out the best productivity apps for Mavericks OS, best Mavericks OS games and best Mavericks Finance or music apps.

Best Mac OS X Mavericks Productivity Apps

For those who are looking to gain productivity outputs on Mac OS laptops, here are the best Mac OS X Maverick Productivity Apps –

Best Microsoft Productivity Apps

  • Wunderlist: Allows you to manage your to do list across all the Apple products.
  • Scrivener: Save your text, copy or document as it happens, no matter how long or short it is.
  • Cobook Contacts: Keep your Apple iPhone, iPad contacts updated and organised using Cobook Contacts.
  • Things:Things Apps for Mavericks OS allows you to keep a track on things to do easily.
  • OmiFocus: Stay on top of things that you do in your life.
  • AutoCad WS Allows you to share DWG and DXG documents easily real time.
  • Evernote: Taking notes on your laptop is never easy and sync to cloud.

Best Mac OS X Mavericks Lifestyle Apps

  • JCPenney
  • Bling My Screen

Best Mac OS X Mavericks Games

Gaming is the best way to timepass and have fun. Here are the best Mac OS X Mavericks Games that you can play in your free time –

Temple Run OZ

Text to speech for mac os x This comes a bit late perhaps, but I'll chime in anyway.The speech recognition facilities in OS X (on both the Carbon and Cocoa side of things) are for speech command recognition, which means that they will recognize words (or phrases, commands) that have been loaded into the speech system language model.


Civilization V

Mac Os Productivity Apps 2017


Best Mac OS X Mavericks Entertainment Apps


  • Bitstrips

Best Mac OS X Mavericks Finance Apps

Looking for Finance tips right on your Macbook and other Mac OS laptops, here are the best Mac OS X Mavericks Finance Apps –

  • Yahoo! Finance
Best productivity apps for mac

Best Mac OS X Mavericks Music Apps

Find your choice of best Mac Mavericks music app –

Mac Os Productivity Apps List

  • YStream – Youtube edition

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