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#2: On guest operating system installation select the last option and click the Next. After that, select Apple Mac OS X (If you didn’t install Vmware Unlocker then you won’t see this option). Finder for mac os x. Then, select macOS 10.16 for Mac OS X version and click Next. Unlocker 3 is designed for VMware Workstation 11-15 and Player 7-15. The patch code carries out the following modifications dependent on the product being patched: Fix vmware-vmx and derivatives to allow macOS to boot; Fix vmwarebase.dll to allow Apple to be selected during VM creation; Download a copy of the latest VMware Tools for macOS. Today, I'm going to show you how to install Mac OS X Lion on VMware Workstation! Now it's easy if you follow the steps, VMware Unlocker utility and the 10.7. What is Unlocker for VMware. Before we go any further, we should basically have an idea of VMware unlocker for macOS GitHub and how it works. VMware Unlocker for macOS or macOS Catalina Unlocker VMware 15 ( Unlocker for VMware ) is a handy tool that replaces a couple of files such as VMware-vmx, vmwarebase.dll, and patches macOS settings and installation features like options.

27 12 2016

UPDATE 05/2017: when updating VMware workstation, the suspended/paused OSX VM seems to work fine but won’t boot up again (e.g. after updating to the latest OSX version which requires a reboot). I had to reinstall the unlocker and it’s working again … i’m still using unlocker v2.0.8 but on git there is a 2.0.9: OSX 10.12.4 is working, too.


Install VMware Player or VMware Workstation from

Phoenix for children. In order to see “Apple OSX” you need to install VMware Unlocker:

VMware Player is free for personal non-commercial use. Please consider licensing VMware player and/or workstation if you are using this for commercial / business purposes. Thank You!

IMPORTANT: (Note: in VMWare 12.5 i didnt have to do this anymore:)
If you create a new VM using version 11 or 12 hardware VMware will stop and create a core dump.There are two options to work around this issue:
1. Change the VM to be HW 10 – this does not affect performance.
2. Edit the VMX file and add:
smc.version = “0”

Hint: the button “VM -> Install VMware tools” doesn’t work, just manually mount the “darwin.iso” file that has been downloaded by the unlocker and install the tools. Worked for me with OSX 10.12.2 also!

Mac Os X Unlocker For Vmware 7 Download

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