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Oct 08, 2018 SecurityCraft is a Minecraft modification aimed at multiplayer servers and is available for Minecraft versions 1.12.2. Changelog v1.8.8.1: – Fix: Players can teleport to a Security Camera’s position when logging out while viewing one – Fix: Crash when reinforcing reinforced blocks added in v1.8.8. Comprehensive internet security McAfee Total Protection goes beyond our award-winning antivirus to provide a wide array of protections to help secure your devices, privacy and identity. Ideal for families with a variety of devices, McAfee Total Protection provides Windows, Mac and mobile virus protection, spam filtering capabilities, the.

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Working multifunctional security Cameras Minecraft Data Pack
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Published on Jan 17th, 1/17/20 7:44 pm
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  • 2003143tasuclah
    Level 25 : Expert Miner4

    Upgrade your game with these working security cameras offering a lot of functions!

    This datapack offers:
    +Realistic looking security cameras you can control while being in camera mode

    +Rarely any influence on perfomance, very efficiently programmed

    +Easy to install/delete, no knowledge needed -> controls are intuitive

    +Multiplayer friendly, but limited to one player in camera mode

    +When somebody is in camera mode, this person is represented by a villager whose name is the name of the current player (Picture 8). When the villager dies, the player in camera mode dies, so you can not 'hide' in camera mode. You can see the current health of the villager through the bossbar on the top of the screen (Picture 6/7)

    +Crafting recipes (Picture 9/10) -> You can also use this datapack in survival

    +To remove a camera/cam base destroy the block the camera/cam base is placed on

    +Only one cam base is allowed
    +Most importantly: DO NOT PLAY IN PEACEFUL
    + ...

    +Night Vision mode (example in picture 6) -> Lets you see in the dark
    +Entity detection -> players close to the camera base are getting notified when a camera has detected an entity (example in picture 7)
    +Self turning mode -> the camera turns in an 90° angle, which is very nice in camera mode to get an overview over a huge area and looks very 'alive' for other players
    +Automatically changing mode -> changes to next camera every few seconds, so you can lean back but have an eye on everything :D

    + /tag @p add cam -> Enables you to use the cameras
    + /trigger camHelp-> Help page
    + /trigger cam [​ID]-> When in camera mode, you will go to the camera with the typed ID (very useful in combination with entity detection!)
    + /trigger camItems -> Gives you the items, creative mode only
    + /function cam:cam_install-> installs the datapack, Cheats/OP needed!
    + /function cam:cam_uninstall-> deletes the datapack, Cheats/OP needed!

    This datapack offers tons of features! This list is not complete at all, so download the datapack now and try all the amazing features! :)
    Installation: Just read the readMe.txt in the ZIP file (or drag and drop the ZIP file in 'datapacks' in your world folder)
    Any questions? [email protected] ! :D
    Feedback in the comments is highly appreciated! :)
    Thanks a lot!

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13toMinecraft 1.15TagsFunctionsTechnologyMc Security DownloadWorkingBunkerSecuritycamerasSecurityCamerasSecureSafetySurveillance

    2 Update Logs

    Update #2 : 01/20/2020 4:10:37 pmJan 20th
    I fixed a bug which led to the problem that the coordinates of a camera which detected an entity were not shown.
    It is now working
    Have fun!
    Download104/03/2020 7:13 amLevel 21:Expert Architecttemplebro2
    this is so useful, i own a realm and people steal all the time and i've finally been able to catch the thief.103/11/2020 5:54 amLevel 1:New MinerUser2937719G
    Tried to test out the cameras but when i activate them in the camera base it instantly kills me and says '<player> was too focused on using security cameras' what do i do202/22/2020 1:31 pmLevel 1:New MinerOperatorSpicy
    I have a realm for me and my friends and we usually max out at 3 players at once, sometimes 4. After I installed this datapack the server started lagging even if there was no one using the cameras. So if I'm right that means that the cameras are still being processed even if they aren't in use. Can you fix that if possible??
    But it's a great datapack and I really like it! (:

    Download Antivirus For Mac, PC & Mobile -

    201/21/2020 11:17 pmLevel 48:Master DragonbornYolo4321
    .Noice.101/21/2020 10:35 pmLevel 1:New CrafterTheGreyBuilder
    When I click 'Start' it says 'You cannot trigger this objective yet.'
    Seems like a great pack, but doesn't work for me.101/22/2020 6:08 amLevel 25:Expert Minertasuclah
    Also make sure that you are right in front of the camera monitor to start the camera view!101/22/2020 4:54 amLevel 25:Expert Minertasuclah
    Did you use /tag @p add cam?

    [1.16.2] SecurityCraft V1.8.19.1.jar

    101/20/2020 6:08 pmLevel 1:New Minerdapootisbird
    will this work on bedrock?101/20/2020 7:39 pmLevel 25:Expert Minertasuclah
    I think datapacks are java edition only. Sorry about that!101/18/2020 5:35 amhistoryLevel 25:Expert Minertasuclah
    I have fixed a bug which led to wrong behaviour of the entity detection.
    If you have downloaded the datapack you may consider to download the latest version.
    Please delete the old version and install the new one.
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