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TinyFugue, aka 'tf', is a flexible, screen-oriented MUD client,for use with any type of text MUD.

Official site: (as of 2007-01-14)

The current version of TinyFugue is5.0 beta 8, released 2007-01-14.

The current stable version of TinyFugue is 4.0 stable 1.


Intel 4965agn driver windows 10. For downloads, change logs, bug reports, technical support, and discussion,visitthe tinyfugue project page at sourceforge.


  • Downloading Instructions


TinyFugue is a programmable MUD client, primarily for UNIX-like platforms(including MacOS X), but it also works on Windows.

Features include:

Mud Clients For Windows 10

  • text terminal UI, with separate panes for user input and server output
  • connects to multiple MUD servers, displaying each in a virtual window
  • powerful scripting language
  • perl-compatible regular expressions
  • user-defined triggers and hooks allow scripts to be executed automatically based on text from server or other events
  • user-defined highlighting/coloring and gagging (filtering) of server text
  • user-defined keybindings
  • maintains history of server output and user input
  • locale support
  • library of useful scripts
  • supported protocols include:
    • TCP over IPv4 and IPv6
    • SSL
    • MCCP (mud client compression protocol)
    • ANSI display codes (e.g., color)

Downloading Instructions

Source is available at the tinyfugue project page at sourceforge.

Files are available in .tar.gz and .zip formats.The .zip format contains CR LF line delimiters, intended for OS/2, butthey can be converted to LF by most UNIX versions of zip.The other formats contain LF line delimiters, intended for UNIX.

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TinyFugue will compile and run on almost any UNIX-like system with anANSI C compiler.

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Get the TFsourcein .tar.gz format, and use these commands to unpack it:

  1. gzip -dc tf-version.tar.gz tar -xof -
  2. cd tf-version
  3. more README
The README file will tell you the rest.


TF compiles right out of the box on MacOS X with developer tools installed.Just follow the instructions in unix/README.


This site offers TF for win32 only in source form.You may find it easier to downloadand install unofficial win32 TF binaries from

To compile TF from source, you will need Cygwin, available at you have Cygwin installed,follow the instructions for compiling TF under UNIX.Cygwin is not for the novice user. If you have trouble with it, don't ask me.


Support for OS/2 was contributed by Andreas Sahlbach ([email protected]).

A precompiled (but possibly non-current) copy for OS/2 is available at

To run a precompiled TF on OS/2, you will need:

  • OS/2 3.0 with installed Internet Access Kit or OS/2 2.x with installed TCP/IP Basis Kit
  • a compiled TinyFugue version
  • enough space on your hard-disk
  • an installed emx-runtime-package version 0.9a + emxfix03 or higher (if emxfix02 is used, processes started with '/quote !' will never exit).

To compile TF on OS/2, you will also need:
  • TinyFuguesources
  • more space on your harddisk-partition
  • an installed emx-gcc-system

Get the TFsourcein .zip format, unzip it with 'unzip -a',cd to the tf-version directory, and read the README file forfurther instructions.


BeOS R4.x networking is not compatible with TF, but I have been told thatTF compiles right out of the box with the BeOS Networking Environment(BONE) architecture. Just follow the instructions in unix/README.


At one time there were unofficial VMS and Amiga ports of TF,but I am not aware of any available copies today. There is no TF for DOS, so don't ask.

Try looking at the FAQ part 2/3: MUD Clients and Serversfor other clients for other platforms.

I have no personal interest in any of those platforms, so I don't plan onporting to them. However, I am willing to work with someone who wants totry and is willing to follow my guidelines (this is how the OS/2 version wascreated, and why it is an official version which continues to grow).Basically, this means keeping the platform-specific code seperate andto a minimum, and not adding new features.


If you're looking for the version with the FIBS patch, don't ask me. Itwas done without my cooperation; I have no idea where to find it,and do not support it in any way.

Discussion Forum

Use the 'Open Discussion' forum on the sourceforge project page.This is a replacement for the

Online Mud Client

TinyFugue mailing list,which was shut down at the end of 2007-02.

Unofficial Resources

Best Mud Client For Windows

This is potentially useful stuff, but is all unofficial, and may or may notbe up-to-date.
  • Andy Satori's tf for win32 page
  • Rafael Kitover's tintin++ emulation
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