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Applies to: Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a range of applications, from system apps that support the operating system (like Settings) to 'provisioned' apps (like Feedback Hub) that are installed the first time you run Windows. We also provide additional apps and features, called Features on Demand (like language packs or handwriting recognition), that you can install at any time. If you're working in a managed environment (like at work, where you have an administrator who manages your systems and resources), your admin can use Windows Update to install Features on Demand. If you're working on your own device, you can add apps and features from the Settings app.

  1. Watch Fox News Channel on all of your devices to keep up to date with the latest in news, politics, entertainment and more. On phones, tablets, wearables and TV, it's easy to stay connected.
  2. Discover and download new games with Xbox Game Pass, see what your friends are playing and chat with them across PC, mobile, and Xbox console. Requires Windows 10 (latest update) and the Xbox (beta) app to play PC games. Try the “Surprise Me” feature that will suggest a.

Here's how you do that:

Download Windows apps for your Windows tablet or computer. Browse thousands of free and paid apps by category, read user reviews, and compare ratings. Take your Windows experience to new heights with these must-have apps. Connect and stay informed. Use these helpful apps to get news, listen to podcasts and stay connected.

  1. In the Search bar, search for 'apps.'
  2. Select Apps and features in the results.
  3. Select Manage optional features, and then select Add a feature.
  4. Select the feature you want to add, like XPS Viewer, and then select Install.

And that's it. You can see the apps you have installed on the Apps & features page and the features on Manage optional features.

New Apps For Pc Free Download Windows 7

Seagate application for mac. You can manage and uninstall apps and features from the same Settings page. Just select the app or feature, and then select Uninstall.

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