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Steinberg EuCon Adapter for Cubase 6.5.0 and Nuendo 5.5.4. March 12th, 2012. The Steinberg EuCon Adapter for Cubase 6.5.0 and Nuendo 5.5.4 available here is required for the use of the AVID Artist and Pro Series Controllers. This download updates an existing Nuendo Live 1 installation to the latest Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) compatible version. The installer can also be used for a first-time installation. The version number is the same as in the previously available update, only the 'CoreAudio2ASIO' component has been replaced for better El Capitan compatibility. For Nuendo to communicate with the Artist media controllers, Nuendo’s EuCon device must be added in the Device Setup dialog: Open Nuendo. Page 25 This section discusses the EuCon Device Setup dialog which allows editing track assignment and transport control parameters. If the EuCon Device setup dialog is not open: From Nuendo choose Devices.

Nuendo Eucon Now Available For Mac 2

Nuendo 3.0
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Steinberg Media Technologies has now released the version 3.1 update of its Nuendo Media Production System, including new features targeted at professionals in post and audio production. The update is available for Mac and PC from Steinberg's web site. Acs facility scheduler for mac.

Nuendo Eucon Now Available For Mac Free

Among the new features is the new Audio Pull Up/Down functionality, which makes Nuendo 3.1 an irreplaceable tool for audio post production whenever a Telecine process or transfer from NTSC to PAL has been involved during the production. Frame rate support has also been extended to include those required by HDTV, ensuring support for this fast-growing standard within Nuendo.

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The Network Collaboration features in Nuendo are extended by including support for Marker Tracks, as well as the addition of a Transfer Status window, crucial for accurate monitoring of data transfer around the network. A new Online-Merge function enables users to quickly merge selected tracks between local projects and available network projects without having to fully join a network session.

Nuendo 3.1 also provides the technological basis for the synergy of the Nuendo Media Production software with the latest Euphonix MC and System 5-MC DAW Controllers. For several years, Steinberg and Euphonix have been collaborating on implementing EuCon into Nuendo to offer integration of Steinberg's Media Production System with the Euphonix MC editing controller and the System 5-MC mixing surface. With the addition of a software EuCon module -- which is distributed exclusively by Euphonix -- Nuendo 3.1 forms part of a highly flexible and scalable solution that offers the best of both software and hardware worlds. For more information to EuCon, please visit

Nuendo Eucon Now Available For Mac Torrent

Among the other new features offered by Nuendo 3.1 are improved handling of video thumbnails, a new feature to safeguard against lost recordings due to power outages and a handy 'Enlarge Selected Track function'.

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