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Oct 02, 2014 Update Feb 2015: Are you using Outlook 2015 for OS X? Read the note at the bottom. And Outlook for Mac makes me sad. That’s because, when compared to its Windows counterpart, Outlook for OS X (aka Outlook 2011) is an underperformer. Maybe it’s because the Windows version was built in the same shop as the Exchange service. Microsoft Outlook with a Microsoft 365 subscription is the latest version of Outlook. Previous versions include Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2007. Follow Microsoft 365. Outlook 2011 initially supported Mac OS X's Sync Services only for contacts, not events, tasks or notes. It also does not have a Project Manager equivalent to that in Entourage. 28 With Service Pack 1 (v 14.1.0), published on April 12, 2011, Outlook can now sync calendar, notes. The settings in some versions of the Mac operating system and some utility applications might conflict with keyboard shortcuts and function key operations in Office for Mac. For information about changing the key assignment of a keyboard shortcut, refer to the Mac Help for your version of the Mac operating system or refer to your utility.

Hi guys,

I know from Litmus testing on Mac support for outlook are 2011 & 2016 now. But I ran into some render problem for a client who has outlook 2013 installed on her Mac.

This is actually the normal render for the email I developed which looks fine across all clients including all Mac outlook in litmus.

New Outlook For Mac

And this was what the client was seeing on her Mac outlook 2013.

So I was totally lost as there was no way for me to test this and had to go through the painful way of asking the client to send me the screenshot.

My original skeleton mark up for that row area was

Outlook 2013 For Mac Os X

I usually prefer floating tables like this than using td col as since display:block; does not work on responsive on android native client. Well I had no choice but to go back to just the td method and it rendered fine on this Mac outlook 2013.

So I am just wondering if anyone came across anything like this? cause the previous code as mentioned worked fine on all litmus Mac outlook test. P.S sorry I cant seem to figure out why my code is not showing properly in litmus forum editor.

This article is for Office for Mac 2011. Are you using Office on PC? See Using product keys with Office. Where do I find my Office for Mac 2011 product key? Once you have your product key, see Activate Office for Mac 2011. When you install or reinstall Microsoft Office, you are prompted to enter the product key. Office 2011 product key free.

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