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A: While it is possible to open most Windows documents on a Macintosh, Windows applications will not run natively on the Macintosh platform. This is because the programs are written for a specific operating system and processor type.

But since they all come with the EXE file extension, your Mac is incapable of running them. Well, there are workarounds to this problem and you'll learn about them today. It's possible to safely open and run EXE files on your Mac using mediums like Boot Camp, Remote Desktop, CrossOver, Virtual Machine, and WINE, to mention the most prominent ones. How To Open Exe Files On Mac LINK: Step 1: Visit and download the WineBottler program. How to open exec files on mac How to open exec files on mac.

Program for mac to open exe files download

The operating system, whether it is Windows or macOS, uses a specific API, which is a set of instructions that programs can use while they are running. The problem is that Windows API functions are not recognized on a Macintosh. Furthermore, each application program must be compiled for a specific type of processor in order to run. The process of compiling the source code creates machine code that is recognized by the computer's processor.

Historically, the architecture (or design) of PC processors has been different from the architecture of Macintosh processors. Therefore, programs had to be specifically written and compiled for the correct processor. However, in 2006 Apple transitioned their entire line of Macintosh computers from PowerPCs to Intel processors, meaning they now use the same architecture as PCs. Windows programs will still not run natively on the Mac OS, but software like Apple Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop for Mac allow you to run Windows on an Intel-based Mac. This enables you to install and run Windows programs on your Mac, through the Windows interface.

Four options for running Windows programs on and Intel-based Mac:

Parallels DesktopVMware FusionApple Boot CampCrossOver Mac

Emulation on Older PowerPC-based Macs

The only way to run Windows programs on a PowerPC-based Macintosh is to use Windows emulation software. This software emulates a PC processor, which allows a native version of Windows, such as Windows XP, to run on older Macs. A popular Windows emulation program is Virtual PC.

Because Virtual PC is an only an emulator, you need to install the Windows operating system on top of the Virtual PC software in order to run Windows programs. Fortunately, Microsoft offers versions of Virtual PC that include Windows, such as Windows XP Professional or Home Edition.

Virtual PC has been around for many years and has evolved along with both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It was originally developed by Connectix, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2003. Microsoft continued development of Virtual PC and released new versions of the software for several years. However, now that Macs are shipping with Intel processors, Microsoft will not be developing new versions of Virtual PC.

Besides the fact you have to purchase emulation software and a Windows operating system license, there is another downside of running Windows programs using Virtual PC. Because the software is emulated, many programs run significantly slower than they would on a Windows machine. While basic programs such as text editors and Web browsers may run relatively well, processor-intensive programs such as graphics editors and 3D games may run too slowly to be usable.

Fortunately, Intel-based Macs do not require processor emulation, so Windows programs can run much faster through a virtualization program, like Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, or VMware Fusion.

Updated: December 22, 2018

Windows on Intel Macs

Program For Mac To Open Exe Files

There are presently several alternatives for running Windows on Intel Macs.

1. Install the Apple Boot Camp software. Purchase Windows

XP w/Service Pak2, Vista, or Windows 7. For Boot Camp

4.0 and above you can only use Windows 7 or later. Follow

instructions in the Boot Camp documentation on Ares for macbook.

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installation of Boot Camp, creating Driver CD, and

installing Windows. Boot Camp enables you to boot the

computer into OS X or Windows.

2. Parallels Desktop for Mac and Windows XP, Vista Business,

Vista Ultimate, or Windows 7. Parallels is software

virtualization that enables running Windows concurrently

with OS X.

3. VM Fusionand Windows XP, Vista Business, Vista Ultimate,

or Windows 7. VM Fusion is software virtualization that

enables running Windows concurrently with OS X.

4. CrossOver which enables running many Windows

Program For Mac To Open Exe Files File

applications without having to install Windows. The

Windows applications can run concurrently with OS X.

5. VirtualBox is an Open Source freeware virtual machine such

Mac Open File Program

as VM Fusion and Parallels that was developed by Solaris.

It is not as fully developed for the Mac as Parallels and VM

What Program Opens Exe Files


Note that VirtualBox, Parallels, and VM Fusion can also run other operating systems such as Linux, Unix, OS/2, Solaris, etc. There are performance differences between dual-boot systems and virtualization. The latter tend to be a little slower (not much) and do not provide the video performance of the dual-boot system. See MacTech Labs- Virtualization Benchmarks, January 2013 MacTechfor comparisons of Boot Camp, Parallels, and VM Fusion. Boot Camp is only available with Leopard or Snow Leopard. Except for Crossover and a couple of similar alternatives like DarWine you must have a valid installer disc for Windows.

You must also have an internal optical drive for installing Windows. Windows cannot be installed from an external optical drive.

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