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Mar 26, 2020  Project M Netplay dolphin 3.6 black screen. Thread starter GuyFellaDude; Start date Mar 26, 2020; G. GuyFellaDude Smash Rookie. Joined Mar 26, 2020 Messages 1. Mar 26, 2020 #1 I get the purple screen with the message telling me to be safe, I press start (or wait) and after that I get a thanks screen, after that is a screen that is just a black. Nov 26, 2012  i´m very new to the topic Dolphin but i´m Mario addicted and so i decided to buy Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 to play it on the Dolphine emulator without a Wii. But till now it doesn´t work:/ when i start the game through the iso image i got only an blackscreen and nothing happend. Input lag reduction codes and Ishiiruka-Dolphin (FM 5.8.7) Build Buffer 4 in Fullscreen = Console + CRT latency on most computer setups. That is equal to 32ms or less ping during a netplay session. From this Screen: PRESS A to Launch Project M.


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Apr 11, 2014
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Hi there!
I'm having some trouble with Project M over Dolphin. I've downloaded Dolphin 4.0.2 --Brawl works perfectly. So next step was downloading PM 3.0.2 Homebrew Full-Set. Done. Then I used the Easy Dolphin SD Card Maker to create a 'sd.raw' file. I put the PM elements in that file using WinImage. Then I moved that file onto 'Dolphin/Sys/Wii' folder. I clicked the 'use a SD Card' in Dolphin menu. Then I put SSBB on Dolphin's list and make it the 'default ISO'. So I click 'Open' icon, go through the original uncompressed PM 3.02 folder, and double click 'boot.elf' file. Then it starts an emulation with a Project M menu.. and that's all. There are these options:
Play - If I use this, it just keeps black until I quit Dolphin emulation.
Update - It says that 'info.xml' is not found and asks me if I'm using a modified Project M version.. I say 'no' and it kind of freezes. That bar says 'connecting to Wi-Fi', but it's not gonna happen.
About - It's wierd because it says:​

Launcher version: v1.03
Project M Version: unknown
Project M Codeset: unknown​

I might do something wrong. I think the problem is.. by any reason, Dolphin does not joins Project M set on sd.raw and Brawl ISO. What can I do?
I'm using Windows 7 x64, if it's useful..

Connection Issues (Including Lagging Online, Failing to Connect, Disconnecting randomly)

Failed To Connect or Random Disconnects

  1. You and your opponent must use the same version of Dolphin or FM.
  2. If you're on university internet, or any internet you do not pay for personally (including some apartments), then your ports are being limited and netplay needs ports to be open in order for it to work. There is no work-around for this if you don't have access to router settings. You can however still connect with users who HAVE port forwarded (and are using Direct Connect).
  3. Try to change/disable one/all of the following:
  • - Antivirus/Computer Firewall: Make sure you go into whatever software you are using on your computer and create a security exception for dolphin to have FULL INTERNET ACCESS or Open to all devices and make sure you SAVE your settings (this is just an example. Results may vary):
  • - Modem/Router: Besides swapping to a new router, you can also try to open port 2626. see's Router List. If that also fails try following the Direct IP Guide Here.

Lag and dropping frames (Online Only)

If you can run Melee or PM at a constant 60 frames per second offline (playing on your own, without being connected to anybody) but find yourself constantly dropping below 60fps while playing online, you will most likely be experiencing one of the following issues. These issues will be split into two lists; a list of problems that can be solved easily and a list of problems considerably more difficult to solve, with all points being listed in order of complexity.


Solvable Issues

Converting avi to mp4 mac free. Misconfigured Buffer. For Dolphin 5.0-321 and Faster Melee 4.4 buffer is calculated by taking the ping (ms of delay) between you and your opponent and diving it by 8 (1 buffer for every 8 ms). Ensure your buffer is correctly set. (A little trick to differentiate Network framedrops and computer issues would be to turn the buffer up as high as possible. If you maintain 60fps at lets say 20 buffer, then the issue would be someone's network, whereas if you do not maintain a steady 60fps, then the issue would be someone's computer.)

Secondary Network Traffic (eg. Downloads, Youtube, applications such as Steam or Having other programs open that are particularly bandwidth heavy or make traffic requests may result in lag when playing against other people. Close all non-essentials programs of this type and, ideally, get others in your home to do the same.

Secondary Internal Application Traffic Tik tok login computer download. (Steam, f.lux, Rainmeter, antivirus, performance software). Open your task manager and close any programs with high CPU/RAM usage.

Deeper Issues

ISP Compatibility Issues. Some ISPs will never have required throughput to each other. For example, people using Virgin Media may only be able to host games and are not able to join others' lobbies. This problem may also be caused by your router, rather than your ISP, being unable to sustain the necessary throughput.

Physical Hardware Issues. A bad network card, failing hard drive, touchy ram, bad board controllers, or heat on your CPU, GPU, or network card

Network Interface Issues. This would require person-to-person interaction to be explained.

Black Screen Dolphin Emulator

Other Things To Note

High download/upload speeds do not guarantee a smooth netplay experience. Most ISPs send you a bunch of books spaced at longer intervals, whereas Dolphin needs a constant stream of small envelopes to function fully.

Project M Dolphin Black Screen Harvest Moon

If you get a ping spike every 4, 5, 8, or 10 seconds predictably its a scheduled dialout on router or computer side. Close all programs and see if it still happens.

If you spike randomly: disconnect devices (phones, tablets etc.) from wireless if possible or applicable and stop secondary net use.

If you spike and there's absolutely nothing else going on its probably inherent to your modem router or ISP. At this point you will have to set the buffer higher than usual in order to compensate.

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