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In macOS, as in Windows, there are many easy ways to secure user data. When working with documents and other files, you may need to protect them from accidental deletion or modification.

I used this recently and the feedback from management was laudatory. Select your meeting and watch OneNote pull in the meeting details, including Subject, Date and Location, Attendees and the details listed in the messasge section of the invitie. Best notes app for mac reddit. It will give you a listing of your scheduled meetings.

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Protect Folder For Mac

For example, when you have completed work on a document and do not want to lose or accidentally change this particular final version. macOS has everything you need to protect important files.

How to protect files and folders from accidental deletion

Access Password Protected Folder on Mac. The procedure to access a password protected folder is different compared to accessing a regular folder on your Mac. Hence, it is important that you know the process of accessing password protected folders, before deleting the original unprotected folder. Password protect your document to help prevent unauthorized access and changes. Using a password for any document that contains sensitive information helps protect and limit access to that document. You can also choose to remove personal information when saving a file. As usual, it can protect all the inbuilt files and folders on your Mac. Apart from that, it comes with military-grade encryption, and it also offers physical data theft protection. This is so simple to use that you only have to go through two steps to password protect any file or folder. Protect your Mac from malware. MacOS has many features that help protect your Mac and your personal information from malicious software, or malware. One common way malware is distributed is by embedding it in a harmless-looking app. You can reduce this risk. Keeping the original unprotected folder at hand isn’t such a hot idea as it’s accessible to anyone who uses your Mac when it’s logged into your account, so trash it or archive it somewhere safe.

  • Right-click and choose “Get Info” or press “Cmnd” + “i”;
  • Put on the “Locked” box;
  • When you try to delete such a file, macOS will notify you that the file is protected and will ask for confirmation of the action. Protected files have a lock icon.

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How to protect files or folders from accidental changes


Protect Folder Key

  • Right-click on a file and choose “Get Info” or press “Cmnd” + “i”;
  • Put on the “Locked” box;

Password Protect Folders Microsoft

  • When you try to open such a macOS file, it will automatically create a copy of it and open a copy, and the original will remain untouched. Thus, even the possibility of changing it is accidentally excluded.

Password Protect Folder Mac


You can unlock files in reverse steps. It’s very nice that Apple developers took care of their users not accidentally losing important files.

Protect Folder Mac Os

Surprisingly, but Mac users do not use file and folder protection!

In practice, I made sure that it was impossible to neglect this function by the operating system, because several times I deleted very important files that I later had to restore from scratch. After this, you will become more attentive to the organization of security files.

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