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Make sure that this Instruction Manual is always readily available to personnel who use the REX-C100 series. The contents of the Instruction Manual are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions regarding the manual, contact one of our sales people, our nearest sales office, or the place where you have purchased the controller. REX- C100 is a dual line display Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller. The top line displays the measured temperature / Process Variable (PV) and the bottom line displays the target temperature / Set Variable (SV). This controller is compatible with with K type thermocouples. Hi everyone, I just found out something very important with my own rex c100, and figured others might not know either. So, it turns out the engineers who made the damn thing included a default feature that tells you an incorrect PV value just to keep you happy. I think it can be out by a. 1 C100 cannot be specified in Heat/Cool PID action. 2 For the C100, when control output is trigger output for triac driving, only the ALM1 is available. 3 For the C100, there is no second control output. 4 Heater break alarm (HBA) cannot be specified in case of ALM1. Also, it isn’t possible to specify when control output is current output.

Rex C100 ManualI've read just about every post in this forum, hoping i missed something. I am trying to find help with this model apparently others have same issue such as jman, badflash, nellisa, pt13, and fiara13 every one of these users seem to have same problem as myself cant program the unit properly I hope someone has found a solution because the instructions are junk because its Chinese I even had it translated, below are images translated:
Instructions backside translated
The model of the unit ( Berme REX-C100FK02-V*AN DN ) is in this photo:Like the others I had tried getting into the unit, the only access I have is after I change the LCy to 100 not 0100 or 1000, 100 because the unit which does have 4 digit spaces but only displays 3 it finally gives me SLI settings in which I cant change it only allows 4 settings SLI1,SLI2,SLI3,SLI4 only SLI4 Is changeable
Through the regular settings menu from pressing and holding the settings button for 5 sec these settings appear:
ALI 050
5oH 999
RexArU 000
P 020
I 300
d 060
Ar 030
r 020
oH 002
SC 000
A0r 000
0n 000 (the letter n has a - over it)
FAC 000
LCy 000 (when I change this to 100 the SLI menu appears but not configureable only under SLI4)
Also pressing the < and set buttons does not give me any response.
The package included 40A SSR + K Thermocouple 0 to 400℃ Once all were wired up this is were i'm stuck any help would be appreciated.

Download Initial setting manual of RKC INSTRUMENT REX-C100 Controller for Free or View it Online on This version of RKC INSTRUMENT REX-C100 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: REX-C100, REX-C400, REX-C410, REX-C700, REX-C900


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Type: Initial setting manual


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