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The SafeNet Authentication client (SAC) must be installed on all MacOSX desktop computers on which the eToken will be used. This document describes the procedure for installing and configuring the MacOSX client.

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EPass2003 Drivers for Mac. EPass1000 Drivers for Windows Operating System. Safenet 64 bit Token Driver (Windows) DOWNLOAD. Alladin 32 bit Token Driver. To download and install the Safenet Authentication Client software for use the COMODO EV Codesigning Certificate, perform the following steps: Note: The SafeNet drivers below are compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, Mac OSX and Linux.

Gemalto Safenet For Mac

***Current Information on MacOSX eToken Client Compatibility***

The currently available version of the SAC MacOSX client (version 10.2) provides support for MacOSX versions up to 10.15.x.

Desktop Installation and Configuration:

  1. The SAC is packaged in .dmg format and can be downloaded from or (student access)
  2. If you are planning to upgrade MacOSX, please do so before upgrading the SAC client. Run the installer to do a new install or upgrade the existing version.
  3. Once installed, a SAC icon is displayed indicating client operation.


  • Insert an eToken into a USB port. Right click on the SAC icon and select ‘Tools’ for a GUI which shows the contents of the eToken.
  • Select ‘Change password’ to change an eToken password.


DOD ECA Root Certificate Download - All certificate types

IdenTrust ECA S22 CA Certificate Download - All certificate types

IdenTrust Global Common (IGC)

IGC Root Certificate Download – for Individual and Affiliated Certificates

Safenet For Mac Installer

IGC Root Certificate Download – for Device Certificates

TrustID Commercial

TrustID Commercial Root Certificate Download – for Individual and Business Certificates

TrustID Root Certificate Download – for TLS/SSL Certificates

Download instructions

Download Certificates

TrustID HID Enterprise CA 1

Safenet Client For Mac

TrustID HID Enterprise CA 1 Download - for users of the HID Credential Management Service

TrustID X3

Safenet For Mac Os

TrustID X3 Root Certificate Download – for Individual and Business Certificates

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