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LetsView supports the screen mirroring between iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet and Mac. It also allows users to mirror Mac to Windows PC, smart TV/box and projector. Wireless display your screen without the constraints of cables now! Turn on screen mirroring on your TV. The process of turning on screen mirroring will vary depending on the device you are using and the TV you are connecting to. You can find the feature in one of three places. Older models: Press the Source button, then select the Screen Mirroring source option.

If the screen mirroring feature is not working on your devices, you may want to look into the issue and fix it. The following post walks you through some of the common solutions you can use to fix the issue on your devices.

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To mirror Mac to Samsung TV, you'll need a third-party app installed on your Mac. The reason for that - Mac computers cannot mirror the screen by their own means. On this page we wrote down for you a step-by-step guide on how to screen mirror Mac to Samsung TV with the JustStream app. Other solutions that can help you with mirroring include. How to Mirror Your Mac Display with a Wire. If you have a cable that's compatible with your Mac that connects to your TV or monitor, you can also mirror your display the old fashioned way,.

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Screen mirroring is part of many people’s work as it allows them to project their phone’s screen on a large TV or computer monitor. You may have also used it if you have ever watched a movie from your phone on a large TV. The feature works just fine on most supported devices.

However, it is not fully error-free. There are times when it gets hiccups and does not work the way it is supposed to. If this happens to you as well, there are a few fixes you can apply to get around the issue on your devices. The following guide covers some of the basic things you can do when screen mirroring is not working on your Samsung and other TVs.

How to Fix: Screen Mirroring Not Working

Performing the following methods does not require any technical abilities. If you can do basic things on your device, below are the solutions to fix the screen mirroring not working issue:

Fix 1. Verify the TV Input

The first thing you will want to check is if the input of your TV is set to screen mirroring. If the input is something else, say an HDMI source, you will have issues mirroring your phone’s screen to your TV.

On most TVs, you can head into the settings menu to change the current input. Or you can also use the options available on your screen to do so.

Fix 2. One Device at a Time

Most screen mirroring services restrict you to use one device at a time. Therefore, make sure that you are only connecting one device at a given time to your TV.

If your TV finds that you are trying to connect multiple devices, it may refuse the connection and you will not be able to establish the connection.

Fix 3. Restart Your Smartphone

Sometimes it may be that your smartphone has a minor software glitch that prevents you from mirroring your phone to your TV. These small glitches do not require much effort to be resolved. Simply reboot your devices and these issues will be likely fixed. You may then try connecting your phone to your TV to see if it works then.

Fix 4. Pair the Device with TV

Some smart televisions require you to first pair your smartphone with your TV before you are able to use the screen mirror function. This is to ensure you are the authorized user to do the task.

Your TV manual will have the steps on exactly how to pair your phone with your TV. Once the phone is paired with the TV, try to mirror your screen and you should be able to do it.

Fix 5. Remove Physical Obstacles

Since the screen mirror feature uses wireless technologies, you must ensure there are no physical objects causing interference between your phone and your TV. If there are any objects, remove them first before you try to connect the phone to your TV.

Get Rid of the Interferences

Fix 6. Disable Bluetooth on the TV

Screen mirroring mac to tv

Screen mirroring usually works over a WiFi connection and so you do not need Bluetooth enabled on your TV. Since Bluetooth is a wireless technology, it may cause interference with your connection. Turn the Bluetooth feature off on your TV and then try again.

Fix 7. Use a Different Mirror App

Most users prefer to use the default mirroring app that comes preloaded on their devices. However, you are not limited to using those apps. If the one on your phone does not work, get another from your app store and see if it works.

Fix 8. Restart Your TV

Your smart TV could also be experiencing issues and restarting the TV will most likely solve all the small glitches on it. Use the TV remote or the button on your TV to turn it off. Then, turn the TV back on.

Fix 9. Reboot Your WiFi Router

Since screen mirroring takes place over your WiFi connection, you must make sure your WiFi router is properly working. If it is not, reboot the router and see if that helps fix the issue.

Fix 10. Use a Third-Party Mirror Service

If you still cannot do screen mirroring, there may be an issue with the protocols you are using. Apple AirPlay and Google Cast do not always work.

You may try using other services like Chromecast and see if they help you get your job done. This should also fix the Samsung Smart TV no sound issue if you were facing it on your TV.

How to Use Screen Mirroring

Using screen mirroring is much simpler than fixing the issues that it brings. If you are new to it, you will get used to it in no time. On your iOS devices, you can open Control Center and tap on AirPlay to start using the screen mirror feature.

You must have a device that supports AirPlay to receive the content. On an Android device, you may use an app like SmartThings to perform screen mirroring.

Set Up Screen Mirroring on iOS

Install Homebrew. Homebrew is a free and open-source software package management system. Zsh for mac download.

Bonus Tip: An Alternative of AirPlay to Mirror Screen

AirPlay works great when you want to mirror your iOS device’s screen to another AirPlay-enabled device. However, most Windows PCs and Mac machines are not AirPlay enabled.

The solution here is to use an AirPlay alternative. AnyTrans is one of the best alternatives you can use to mirror your iPhone or iPad to any of your computers. It works on both Windows and Mac and lets you quickly stream the content of your device to your computer. To get more info, just refer to How to Screen Mirroring with AnyTrans > Or, you can download and install AnyTrans now to try this free feature.

The Bottom Line

We hope the above guide helps you fix the screen mirroring not working issue on your devices. And if you cannot get the default feature to work no matter what, you should consider using a third-party app to get the task done.

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How to Mirror Samsung Phone to PC


ApowerMirror is a professional screen mirroring app which allows users to share phone screen to PC monitor. It works well on Android and iOS platforms. You can also mirror three different mobile devices at the same time with this program. Moreover, if you are showing a demonstration, you can access its annotation feature to highlight important details on the mirrored screen. This program allows you to control your phone using mouse and keyboard then you can send text messages, access the gaming keys and so on. You can also use this app to record everything that is happening on your screen and share it to different video sharing sites like YouTube. That being said, here’s a simple guide to cast Samsung phone to PC.

Screen Mirroring Samsung For Mac Os

  • Download and install the app on your desktop.

  • Install its mobile version from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app on both devices and make sure to connect your Samsung device and PC to the same Wi-Fi server.
  • On your mobile device, tap the “M” blue button to enable detection. Now, select the name of your computer from the detected devices.
  • Tap “Phone Screen Mirroring” to start the mirroring process.


Another method that you can use to mirror Samsung to PC is by using LetsView. It is a third-party app that you can download on your phone and PC use to mirror device to PC and across all platforms. You can mirror your Android to iPhone and vise Versa, Android/ iPhone to PC/ TV and PC to PC. Aside from that, you can also use some extra features incorporated so you can multitask while mirroring. You can screen record, screen capture, and annotate if you want to mark specific parts of the screen. All those features in one tool. And mind you, this tool is for free. No registration and subscription needed. To Mirror Samsung to PC using LetsView, here is a guide you can follow.

  • Download and install the app on your Android phone and PC.

  • Connect them both under the same wireless network.
  • You can connect by choosing between the three method;PIN, QR Code and auto-detection. Among the methods, auto-detection is recommended.
  • As soon as you connect them under the same network, the name of your PC will appear on your phone’s screen
  • Just click the name of your PC and the mirroring will begin .


Another screen mirroring app you can use is Mobizen. This enables you to see the screen activity of your phone, right on your PC screen. You can use this to record your mobile screen activity and create a demonstration for a gaming walk-through or how-to video. In addition, you will be able to take screenshots of your phone screen. You can also see all your photos from your phone to your computer screen, delete existing files as well as save documents from your PC to your Android device. Here’s how you can mirror Samsung phone to computer using Mobizen.

By the way, this particular feature was missing in the original version of the scareware and was added to the sidebar later on, so its authors must have a skewed sense of humor, really.Special OfferAdvanced Mac Tuneup may re-infect your Mac multiple times unless you delete all of its fragments, including hidden ones. Tuneup for mac.

  • Install the mobile app from Google Play Store. Create an account and connect your phone via USB cable.
  • On your PC, open a web browser and go to, click on “Mobizen Mirroring PC version” and then the app will be automatically be downloaded on your computer.
  • Once the download is complete, install the app afterwards.
  • Launch it and log in the account you created. After that, your phone screen now should be mirrored on your PC.


All the above-mentioned tools are good to help you mirror and enjoy streaming videos or movies from your Samsung device to a bigger screen. However, if you are looking for an app that won’t compromise the quality of the video, ApowerMirror is highly recommended. With this app, it’s possible to get the best viewing experience when it comes to mirroring media content to PC.

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