Sims 4 Food Texture Overhaul


You don’t like monetized contents - don’t use them. Don’t support them, don’t care about them. Your game is already great without a piece of t-shirt.

Sims 4 Food Texture Overhaul by yakfarm (Sims 4) Food texture overhaul for those who have searched the galaxy for it. Covers some of the base game dishes. Compatibility Should be compatible with all other mods except for those that edits food textures (obviously ) Installation Just unzip the package file into your mod folder. Dec 26, 2019.Note: All of these food textures can be used together so no need to worry about conflicts. Food Texture Overhaul by asteria-sims (provides textures for most base game foods) Wedding Cake Texture by lovintree (turns the standard gourmet wedding cake into a beautiful two-tiered red velvet cake) Base Game Food Texture by utopiasims. Generic usb joystick driver. Get Together. Apr 22, 2019  #ATS4 #moving #sims4 #WCIF abandoned action annachibisims background bank42n bedding CAS CC default dinnerware download EA food functional IFTTT interior interiordecor interior design ideas interiors luggage musthave mysims photoshoot photoshop reblogs replacement replacements retexture roomdecor simrider simRyder sims 4 sims 4 decor Sims4cc.

You want to call out greedy creators - sure, can’t stop you. You want to bring in terms and conditions and argue with policies, okay. You probably never jaywalked once and call out lawbreakers irl too. Because it’s only about the illegality of it, of course. Or you could just ignore them, not support them or find alternative ways to download their contents. Not the proudest move but hey, they broke the law in the first place anyway, right?

Just keep in mind that any sims contents you create is not yours. CCs? Nah. Sims? Nah. Sim stories? Nah. Beautifully edited screenshots? Naah. By EA TOU they are all EA’s. They have every rights to your contents; it is in their hands to post, reupload, delete and edit anything you put up. So don’t act all sho0k when your contents go floating around the sea of internet without your consent or someone copies your aesthetics - it’s not yours to begin with! Just deal with it!

Or maybe, we could talk about what drove creators to put their contents behind paywalls in the first place and fix that. Are they just horrible greedy human beings that are only after the $$ or do they feel disrespected and unprotected by the EA TOUs? Their efforts and time put into creating and sharing something for a game they love not acknowledged and disregarded? Hippity hoppity this is now EA property so I can do whatever I like without giving credits and you’re an ass to make a fuss out of it? On a franchise I dare say survived this long in part to user created contents which are still not officially supported? (like come on let me install and uninstall mods in-game already)

But nawh. That’ll be too much effort. We could all just wait it out and let it repeat in Sims 5.

And oh yeah. Btw I don’t monetize my contents so I’m still acceptable and allowed to speak up. But not cool enough because I have TOU (that probably is irrelevant) and want to be treated with decency 😎

Please Do Not reupload,reproduce.
Please Do Not include my creations in your uploads.



  • This file adds 11 new skin tones.This is skin color,not skin detail.(Non-default skin color).
  • for All age and All gender
  • package file


About the heredity of skin tones (appending May/25/2015 )
Babies don’t have custom skin tones,so they are usually just a base game color,and custom skin tones will appear after baby grows up into a child.
This skin tones are handled as a light skin tone,so if parents have the custom skin tones,babies will have light skin tone.
…in most cases,it’s supposed to be…but sometimes,seems baby has dark skin tone.

Unfortunately,for now,I think baby’s skin tone is not able to change because babies are just objects in the Sims4.
(not appear in CAS…I don’t like this,I want to handle a baby like a normal sim family…)
If your baby-sim has skin tone which is not as expected when he (or she) ages up into child,
I’m sorry to trouble you, but please use cheats to chenge skin tone.

Type in “testingCheats on” into text box
Then,type in “cas.fulleditmode”
Press SHIFT + click the sim
Select “Modify in CAS”

***Feb/19/2016 Update***
I updated the skin overhaul textures:
If you update it,please download again and overwrite the old file.
・Fixed the sim’s nails shorter because there was an issue that the nails were longer than some of custom nails.
・Retouched female breast shadow. Little bit emphasized it.
・Fixed the shadow of female lower body smoother. It might not be noticed if you are not using a mod which rids of the censor,”No Mosaic Mod” or something,though…

***2016/02/19 アップデート***



  • This file replaces default face and body skin textures.
  • for All age and All gender (Body texture is for teen to elder)
  • package file

If you don’t want to change the face texture (or body texture),please choose the file below.



Only body texture overhauled.

There are 11 skin tones.(This screen shot is used skin texture overhaul with skin tone.)

Default skin tones tuning file

compared with default (female face)

compared with default (male body)


Please Do Not reupload,reproduce.
Please Do Not include my creations in your uploads.


  • This file adds texture(hi lights and skin tint etc.) same as “[Kijiko]SkinTone02_non-default” on the default skin tones(These are skin colors,not skin detail).
  • for All age and All gender
  • package file

“Body texture overhaul” is compatible with body sliders

“Face texture overhaul” is re-textured eyes and mouth,and it’s compatible with all face presets.

Sims 4 Food Retexture



*2015/05/25 追記です
ほとんどの場合は・・・たまに暗い肌色の子が生まれることもあるみたいです。両親に関わらず黒い子ばかり生まれた、という報告をもらいました。拙宅のテス ト時にはほとんど明るい肌色の赤ちゃんだったのですが、1例だけ黒い子が生まれました。(両親は暗い肌色+明るい肌色でした)

Sims 4 Food Texture Mod

testingCheats onを入力

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