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The unofficial guide to the Sniper Elite III: Afrika Game contains a very detailed description and a walkthrough of all the missions which are part of the single player campaign. In the discussion of each individual mission of the game a heavy emphasis was put on operating from undercover and on effectively eliminating the enemies, with a particular emphasis on enemy snipers posing a serious threat to the player. As the game, in contrast to the previous installments of the franchise, allows the player a greater degree of freedom in area exploration, in some of the locations a lot of attention was paid to present different paths to the objectives of the mission. In the description of each subsequent stages there are information about acquiring each and every secrets, collectibles, as well as completing all the challenges in the game. Those optional activities were described in more detail in separate sections. Additionally, this guide contains numerous smaller sections, offering various useful tips (remain undetected, the reactions of opponents to the actions of the player, how to use the sniper rifle, etc.), as well as the collection of all the achievements / trophies in the game. Sniper Elite III: Afrika is another installment of the popular shooting franchise. The action of the game takes place, again, in the realities of the Second World War, although the sharpshooter, Karl Fishburne, known to the fans of the series, moves to the title Black Continent, visiting, among others, the famous Tobruk fortress.

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The guide for Sniper Elite III: Afrika contains:

  • A very detailed description and walkthrough of all the missions which are part of the single player campaign;
  • High-quality maps of each of the major locations of the game, with the most important places, routes and enemy locations marked on them;
  • The information about all of the secrets (collectibles) and places of additional challenges;
  • Numerous tips concerning, among others, remaining undetected in your actions, effective way to use your sniper rifle, etc;
  • A collection of all the achievements / trophies in the game, with a description on how to obtain them.

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Guide contains : 124 pages, 417 images, 18 maps and annotated illustrations.

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Sniper Elite III: Afrika Video Game

Sniper Elite 3 Cheats Pc

  • genre: Action
  • developer: Rebellion
  • publisher: Rebellion
  • platform: PC, XBOX360, PS3, XONE, PS4
  • rated: PEGI: Age 16+ / ESRB: Mature

Sniper Elite III: Afrika is a shooter game developed by a team ar Rebellion set in the areas of Africa during World War II. The game focuses primarily on sniper missions where our task is to eliminate specific targets from a large distance.
Sniper Elite III: Africa is the third installment in the series of sniper shooters. The game was produced by the Rebellion studio, which is the same team that was responsible for the two previous installments.
The action is set in the realities of World War II, again. This time, however, the developers abandoned the European locations and instead put the campaign in the areas of Africa. The protagonist did not change. It is still Karl Fishburne, a sharpshooter working for the U.S. military command. The single player mode consists of a series of missions, mostly involving the elimination of a particular target. The road to it is always difficult and often requires sneaking between enemy troops and silently killing enemy soldiers. We can also launch a frontal attack which will draw attention of all the nearby patrols.
In Sniper Elite III: Afrika hallmarks of the series, developed sniper mechanics, return. On the higher difficulty levels, such aspects such as wind speed and direction or the effect of gravity on the flight path of the bullet are taken into account. The developers did not limit themselves to copying ideas of the predecessors. Instead, they introduced a lot of new solutions. The most important of them is the emergence of sandbox maps with an open structure. They provide the players with a great freedom to choose the way they want to perform the tasks tasks and make it possible to beta each level multiple times without feeling bored, each time trying different tactics. At the same time, a greater emphasis was put on stealth elements, which was enriched by the so-called relocation system. It forces us to quickly change the position after firing a few shots, and the game lets us know when we moved away far enough that we can start looking for other weak points in the enemy patrols.
The creators also significantly improved the X-ray camera, which now shows not only damage to the skeleton, but also the muscles and the circulatory system. A greater level of detail also included vehicles. Eliminating tanks and armored trucks now requires the destruction of a few components before we get a chance to finish them with the last bullet. What is interesting, the best vehicles hits are shown with a film camera that follows the projectile, and then shows the mechanical damage. Another attraction is the development system. Depending on the effectiveness of ours, it assigns experience points, which then we spend on improving our equipment and weaponry.
We can beat the entire campaign alone or together with one colleague. In addition, there are also two other co-operative modes. The first is Survival where we try to persevere as long as possible against hordes of enemies alongside our comrades. In contrast, the second one is well-known to the fans of the Overwatch series. It is about simulating sniper teams, where one player plays the sniper and the other plays the role of the so-called spotter who conveys valuable information to his partner, and each of them is trying to protect his comrade in arms. There are also numerous competition modes.

  • Rebellion - Developer and Publisher Website.
  • Sniper Elite III: Afrika - Official Website.

Sniper Elite III: Afrika PC version System Requirements

Recommended: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 256 MB (GeForce 8600 or better), 18 GB HDD, Windows Vista(SP2)/7(SP1)/8 Kindle serial number pc.

More About Sniper Elite III: Afrika

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Infinite XP

Load Mission 5: Siwa Oasis, equip the Panzerschreck RPG, and select any difficulty except Authentic. The Authentic difficulty does not feature in-game saves, which will prevent you from using this exploit. Amtlib framework cc 2017 mac download. Skip the cutscene so the personnel truck is in range of your RPG. When the mission begins, run into the field, pause the game, and select the 'Save Game' option. Then, destroy the personnel truck, pause the game, and select the 'Load Last Save' option. Keep destroying the personnel truck to get 100 XP approximately every four seconds. Repeat this process as many times as desired.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ribbon in Competitive Multiplayer mode. Earn all ribbons to get the 'Highly Decorated' trophy.

Sniper Elite 3 Ps3 Cheats
    Complete a match without dying.
    Get 3 tag assists.
    Get 3 testicle shots.
    Get 5 headshots.
    Get the match-winning shot.
    Have the longest shot in a match.
    Kill 3 enemies over 150 away while scoped.
    Kill 3 enemies with grenades.
    Kill 3 enemies with traps.
    Kill 5 enemies while aiming down the sights of a rifle.
    Kill 5 enemies while in empty lung.
    Kill 5 enemies with a bolt-action sniper rifle.
    Kill 5 enemies with a semi-automatic sniper rifle.
    Kill 5 enemies without dying.
    Kill 7 enemies with an SMG or pistol.
    Kill a sprinting target while scoped.
    Kill an enemy by shooting TNT or a mine.
    Perform 3 consecutive kill streaks without dying.
Easy 'I Siwa You Did There' trophy

In Mission 5, wait until your target collects the intel. He will start walking around the map. Follow him until he arrives at a fountain. On one wall is scaffolding with a rock on top. Wait until your shot is covered, then aim for the explosive barrel at the bottom of the scaffolding. The construction will collapse and bury your target, and you will get the 'I Siwa You Did There' trophy. If you get spotted and he stops walking (and will not continue after you hide), try attracting him to the location step-by-step by throwing stones.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest sniper.
    The Gazala Gallop (Bronze): Complete Mission 1.
    Wonderwall (Bronze): Complete Mission 2.
    Through the fire.. (Bronze): Complete Mission 3.
    No refuge (Bronze): Complete Mission 4.
    In the nick of time (Bronze): Complete Mission 5.
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte (Bronze): Complete Mission 6.
    Demolition Man (Bronze): Complete Mission 7.
    Pest Control Specialist (Bronze): Complete Mission 8.
    Oscar Mike (Bronze): Relocate 100 times.
    Make it go boom (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies by shooting explosives.
    Sniping with friends (Silver): Complete the campaign in co-op.
    Time to reload (Silver): Complete the game on Cadet difficulty.
    Regular soldier (Silver): Complete the game on Marksman difficulty.
    Hard as nails (Silver): Complete the game on Sniper Elite difficulty.
    True sniper (Gold): Complete the game on Authentic difficulty.
    Casual Reader (Bronze): Find 50% of the war diaries.
    Archivist (Silver): Find all the war diaries.
    The gathering (Silver): Find all the collectible cards.
    Nesting instinct (Silver): Find all the Sniper nests.
    A shot in the dark (Silver): Complete all the long shots.
    Nothing is optional (Silver): Complete all the optional objectives.
    Dedicated soldier (Gold): Complete 100% of the campaign on any difficulty.
    You'll try anything once (Bronze): Play 1 mission in each mode (campaign, challenges, competitive multiplayer).
    Ghost of Tobruk (Bronze): Clear the mountain pass without alerting the enemy (Mission 1).
    Well, well, well (Bronze): Hide a body in each of the wells in Gaberoun (Mission 2).
    End of the 'lein' (Bronze): Find and kill the visiting General (Mission 3).
    I Fort this would be difficult (Bronze): Get to the informant without being spotted (Mission 4).
    I Siwa you did there (Bronze): Make the target officer's death look like an accident (Mission 5).
    Double tap (Bronze): Incapacitate 2 vehicles in Kasserine Pass within 5 seconds (Mission 6).
    Three birds, one stone (Bronze): Destroy all 3 bomb dumps at the same time (Mission 7).
    Long way down (Bronze): Throw an enemy off one of the bridges (Mission 8).
    Advantage: Sniper (Bronze): Get 30 kills from sniper nests.
    Definitely no '90-day wonder' (Bronze): Attain a rank of Sergeant (level 11).
    Officer material (Silver): Attain a rank of Second Lieutenant (level 31).
    Through the looking glass (Bronze): Kill 10 snipers before they see you.
    Hidden and dangerous (Bronze): Complete a campaign mission without being seen (excluding Tobruk).
    Competitive streak (Bronze): Play 10 competitive multiplayer matches.
    An ode to Rube Goldberg (Bronze): Get 20 chain reaction explosive kills.
    Tagged (Bronze): Tag 100 enemies or vehicles.
    This is my rifle.. (Bronze): Customize 1 rifle.
    Prepared for any eventuality (Bronze): Create and save 4 loadouts.
    These are a few of my favourite things (Bronze): Get a kill with each offensive item.
    Tactical distractor (Bronze): Distract 20 enemies with flint or rocks.
    Wait for it (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies with flint-triggered detonations.
    Double the distance (Bronze): Snipe enemies over a cumulative distance of a double marathon.
    Conserving oxygen (Bronze): Hold your breath for an hour.
    The Everyman (Bronze): Complete all the challenge missions.
    Highly decorated (Bronze): Earn 1 of every ribbon in competitive multiplayer.
    Indestructible (Bronze): Complete a mission after losing over 500 units of health.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Charlie's Challenge (Bronze): Get a testicle-shot from over 100m away.

The following trophies require the 'Hunt The Grey Wolf' bonus downloadable content:

Sniper Elite 3 Ps3 Cheats

    Threat assessment (Silver): Observe the target and correctly choose to leave or kill.
    Sweating bullets (Bronze): Shoot and kill the target.
    In the middle (Bronze): Kill the target with a chain reaction.
    Convenience is key (Bronze): Kill the target by shooting nearby explosive barrels.
    Saved by the bell (Bronze): Crush the target with a bell.
    No escape (Bronze): Kill the target in the vehicle by shooting its weakspot.
    Grenadier (Bronze): Kill the target with a grenade.
    Fast-moving target (Bronze): Shoot the target in his car.
    ..And stay dead! (Silver): Kill the target in 7 different ways.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy with the 'Hunt The Grey Wolf' bonus downloadable content:

    Herr Charles (Bronze): Kill the officer at the meeting with a testicle shot.
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