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Solve business and research problems using SPSS for Mac OS X. Designed to run on your Mac, this data analysis and data management package enables you to uncover key facts, patterns, and trends. Jun 17, 2018  Unzip it if needed (usually on Mac OS X you only need to double click on a Zip file to unzip it). Look for a folder named 'jaf-1.0.2', and note the file activation.jar in that folder. Step 2: Replace the existing SPSS Statistics 20 copy of activation.jar with the version downloaded from Oracle. SPSS 11 will require a Power Mac G3/233 or better, Mac OS X 10.1.2 or higher, 192 MB RAM (256 MB recommended), 120 MB hard disk space, and a color monitor capable of 800x600 resolution and 256. Nov 29, 2018 This article covers how to download SPSS Statistics software on a computer. This is CSUs official SPSS software. The trial download is the FULL VERSION of SPSS Statistis & SPSS AMOS once activated with your CSUF Authorized Software Code. NOTE: These instructions were done on a PC, however instructions on a Mac are similar.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mplus on Mac OS X


Spss 20 Mac Os X 10 13 Download

In Version 6.12, the default installation location is /Applications/Mplus. In Version 6.11, the default installation location is /Users/myaccount/Applications/mplus6.11.To determine the location of the Mplus executable, open the Terminal app and type the following command

The whichQz 501 predator drivers for mac download. command will print the location of the mplus executable.

Question: How do I find out which Mplus version I have?
Answer: Open the Terminal app and type the following command

Note that there is a space between 'mplus' and '-version' but no spaces between the hyphen and 'version'. '-version' is one word.The Mplus version will be printed to the screen.

Answer: Yes, Mplus can run on Mac OS X Lion, the latest version of Mac OS X.
Question: Are Mplus examples provided with the Mplus installation?
Answer: Yes, the Mplus examples are stored in the Examples folder in the Mplus folder under Applications.
Spss 20 Mac Os X
Question: How do I access a second hard drive or a networked drive in the Mplus Editor?
Answer: To access a second hard drive or a networked drive,go to 'Macintosh HD' in the Open file dialog. Then choose 'Volumes'.From there, all hard drives and networked drives should be listed and can be selected.
Question: When running Mplus on Mac OS X from the command line, the output file still says 'Mplus Version 6.11' even though I have installed Mplus Version 6.12.
Answer: Installation of Mplus Version 6.12 does not automatically uninstallVersion 6.11. You must go to the folder for Version 6.11 and run the 'uninstall_mplus'app. If Version 6.11 is not uninstalled, then this will cause a conflict withVersion 6.12 when running Mplus from the command line.
Question: Mplus fails to read the data I have converted from SPSS or Excel. Why?
Answer: When Mplus fails to read a data file that has been converted to an ASCII filefrom SPSS or Excel on Mac OS X, the most common cause of the problem is the end-of-linecharacter sequence. Mac OS X uses the LF end-of-line sequence. Linux/Unix operating systemsuse the CR end-of-line sequence. Windows operating systems use the CRLF end-of-line sequence.Mplus can read CR or CRLF end-of-line sequence but not LF end-of-line sequence used by Mac OS X.

To determine if this is the cause of the Mplus data reading error, open the file on a Windowsoperating system and use Notepad to open the file. If all lines look like they have been combinedinto one long line, then this is an indication that the file has the LF end-of-line sequence.You can also look at this file using the more command in the Terminal window. If there aremany ^M characters visible, then the file has LF end-of-line sequence. Here is an example of themore command:

The more command displays one full screen of the file at a time.Press the q key to quit more or spacebar to advance to the next page.

In the Terminal window, you can convert the file to a file with the correct line endingusing perl. Type the following command at the Terminal prompt:

Note that the file will be overwritten and no message will be printed when the processfinishes. You should make a copy of the file before executing this command. Use the morecommand again to view the file to see if the ^M characters remain.

Question: The Mac OS X tutorial refers to mplus_setup.inp, but I can't find that file. How do I run Mplus from the command line?
Answer: The mplus_setup.inp referred to in the tutorial is just a placeholder.You need to replace this file with the name of the input file you want to run. To run Mplus on thecommand line, type the following command

replacing filename with the name of your input file.For example, to run Mplus on example ex3.1.inp, you would type

Answer: The Terminal app can be found in the Utilities folder under Applications.
Question: How do I change directory in the Terminal app?

Spss 20 Mac Os X

Use the

Mac Os X Versions


Mac Os X El Capitan

command as follows

Mac Os X 10.11 Download Free

replacing folder with the name of the folder/directory you want to change to.

Spss 20 Mac Os X 10 12 Download

Answer: The Mplus plot feature is not currently available for Mac OS X. The Mplusplot data file (GH5) may be opened in R to view some plots. Please see theMplus and R page on our website athttp://www.statmodel.com/mplus-R/ for more information.
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