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Download openSUSE Leap or Tumbleweed ISO. Create a LiveUSB stick; Prepare for dual-boot system. If you want to install openSUSE as the only OS, this step can be skipped. Boot/reboot your Mac. Press and hold Command + R key. (Meta + R key in PC keyboard) Wait Recover Mode loading. Disk Utility is what you need. 19.1 IP Addresses and Routing #Edit source. The discussion in this section is limited to IPv4.

Configuring SuSE Linux settings fail with an error message ' Invalid SuSE registration code'.


This error occurs when you use an expired or invalid registration code while configuring SuSE Linux settings.


You can resolve the issues as follows:

  1. If you are a beginner to SuSE Enterprise patching, start by purchasing a SuSE subscription.

    A SuSE subscription gives you access to enterprise-ready software, updates, and information and support services that span your entire application infrastructure, life cycle, and architecture.

  2. Use the valid 'registration code' available for the account you purchased.You can find your 'registration code' in the SuSE customer portal.

  3. Verify if your SuSE Linux subscription has expired. If yes, renew your subscription.

  4. If this error occurs during a patch scan, then ensure that you have configured the registration code under SUSE Linux settings.

  5. Jbridge for mac. The below image shows where the registration code settings can be configured.

    In case you are not able to troubleshoot the error, and the problem still persists, then contact support team with the Log files.

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Download Suse Linux 32 Bit

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Suse Linux Get Mac Address

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