The Klub 17 Garden


I'm really disapointed that you would dress this up with a nice picture that nobody can attain without extra work. Why would you release a vanilla copy with hook slapped on?


Hello everyone!!! This account was born to share 3d models created over the years for 'The Klub 17 v 7.5 '. I will publish on this page all the models that have already been shared on forum of reference of the game, but adapted and updated to work best with the latest graphical improvements for TK17 (.

This is the exact reason this game is not getting any attention on this site. So you give 7.5 + update to and you give the hook5 basic archive. In order to see hook5 benefits you must have • hook5 body skin • hook5 level definition for level (x) • hook5 starter kit??? More than likely the user would also want/need • 4x texture mod • 4x textures Here's my noob starter WIP links and information repository.

  1. The Klub 17 V7 5 0 Just select torrent and Download it to your Device! Raw download. Torrents results for 'klub 17 v7 6' at www. Download klub 17 v7 6 faster and without limits - Get torrent link free! 3D Sexvilla 2 Klub 17 v7 5 PC Game rar. Come and download Klub 17 v7 5 absolutely for free, Fast and Direct Downloads also Available.
  2. Dec 19, 2017 What part of 'The Klub 17 + Hook5' did you miss? TK17 PLUS Hook5. Tk17 is small, what's large are the packs filled with mods that you can find online. Mods that like i said, bloat the loading times and you'll not use half or even want to use half because they're bad. Pick and choose what you want for mods from the source.

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ATM it doesn't have any instructions but rather links for most of the repacks minus a few of the newer ones. You must be registered to see medias. Copy the raw text or the top section if you know what you are doing and paste in notepad++ or sublime for the formatting to be correct. I suggest if you are a noob you go with hook4 and start with the LORD HUNT repack.

There are 2 to choose from with the one titled 'TK17RePack-nobody.rar' being newer than the original release from LORD HUNT titled ''. I suggest the newer one becuase the seeds might be more active plus it has fixes to LH's original. Either my understanding is wrong, or your not getting at what I'm saying. (I think/ I thought) Hook5 has nothing to do with the texture size 1x / 4x. In other words, you can be using normal 1x textures with a hook5 skin. If I find that I download a model and she is using 1x textures when I am running the game with the 4x mod I will simply go into activemod folder, find the skin, then upconvert all the textures to 4x standards. Sure it won't be as good as a skin designed for 4k, but at least there won't be artifacts and fucked up looking skin on the model.

But I could be wrong, maybe hook5 means 4k 100% of the time. I know the 'Female skin for h5' in the starter content pack is 4k. Entertain me and try this.

Just in case, as I don't know the version OP included, here is the. You must be registered to see links Directions: • Extract updated hook files from '' to 'Binaries' folder.

If you pledge 1$ you can download a several models that can be used with hook5. 3DSexVilla2 is old 3d sex simulator, which allow to you select up to three characters, select some scene for action and create some static or animated pose. The game has great character customization functionality. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

• Extract 'ActiveMod' folder from '' to 'Mod' folder. • open 'main11.fx' and update the path for the default room and the customizer room.

The Klub 17 Garden

The Klub 17 Garden Center

• The reason for this is because hook5 basic doesn't allow you to use the hook menu which allows you to place lights etc, and the cubemap (just think about this as the environment light source for now) is commented out in the 'default room settings', but not commented out in the 'customzier room settings'. • So assuming the path is correct and that you have left it default, which again is customizer room cubemap enabled and default room disabled, you will encounter a bluish customizer room, but when you go to a proper hook5 room (meaning it has a proper hook5 level definition), it will most likely be pitch black as no lights are placed and the 'environment lights' aka cubemap is disabled. This can be avoided by using a third party level definition and not one from the starter pack (who knows this problem could be fixed.

The Klub 17 Garden Park

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