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  • These TV listing widgets allow for quick sorting by sport type or movie genre. In addition to being a great add-on to content sites, our sports and movie widgets are highly customizable, and listings can be localized or provide national TV programming. Both widgets provide filtering by sport or movie type.
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‎'It's perfect, honestly.' - Myke Hurley, Connected 'What makes Sticky Widgets great is the simplicity of the experience.' - Ryan Christoffel, MacStories 'This is a great concept.' - Dave Mark, The Loop Welcome to Sticky Widgets, the absolute easiest way to put a sticky note on your home screen an. Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu; Apple; Shopping Bag +.

Embedded Web TV Listing Widgets

Off-the-shelf TV listing widgets for your website.

Custom TV listing Widgets are a quick way to add unique, interactive and stylish content placed virtually anywhere on your website. Viewers will see 14 days of television listings from news and entertainment, to TV station and portal websites.

Our flexible widgets are ready to fit in with the look and feel of your site. Easy to customize, and attractive right out of the box, widgets can increase traffic and boost return visits which will increase your ad revenue. Promoting your TV programming by giving your audience easy-to-navigate, accurate TV listings will generate more website traffic because when viewers want to know what’s on every night they will look to you!

Introducing our newest TV listing product — White Label! With a few lines of code, you can insert entertainment data on your website with many ad spaces available so you can begin generating ad revenue right away. Since this solution is on your site, the ad revenue is all yours.

Embedded on your site, our fully responsive TV grid is simple to integrate and easy to customize. Whether viewed on a desktop computer, phone or tablet, it is an intuitive product and super user-friendly! Target the right advertisers with either our national option that has time zone shifting, or our local option to be in touch with your area’s provider lineups for that homey feel.

Simple integration

Add to any website by simply copying a few lines of HTML and JavaScript. Completely managed by TV Media with no software to install, you retain full control of everything else on the page.

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Easy for designers to adjust the look and feel, making the content blend in with its surroundings. CSS is written to inherit the styles from your website, and can be easily changed for seamless integration.

Local TV Listings

Featuring your community’s local broadcast, cable and satellite channel lineups, this widget has perfect listings from your own backyard for any corner of your site.

Up-to-date listings

All TV listing and content managed by TV Media provides television listings covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, updated hourly to ensure the latest programming for your users.


Users are able to add and remove channels from their lineup so that they don’t have any distractions and are getting only the television listings for the channels and shows that they love to watch.


From within the grids, users can highlight their favorite television programs, series or events and see when they will be airing at-a-glance. A personalized touch!

Prime Time TV Leader

TV Media’s prime time TV listing widget can be customized with the channels and times that most interest your visitors.

Add our prime time leader to your website to offer visitors instant access to what’s on tonight. Placing the prime time schedule on your front page will let your visitors know their best bet for the evening.

Add a link to a full listings page within your site and watch clicks roll in as you become their destination page for local TV listings.

TV Highlights Widget

Easily let your website’s visitors see tonight’s best bests and the next 7 days all at a glance with these TV listing widgets.

Insert this flashy snippet into your entertainment section and provide your readers with an update on the day’s best programming. Chosen by our team of entertainment editors, our best bets let you showcase what’s hot.

  • Embeds on your site as either an iframe or inline.
  • Customize the stations you want to showcase
  • Easily update CSS to match your site’s design
  • No server side coding

Sports and Movie Widgets

Offer your website’s visitors daily listings of Sports or Movies for today and for the next seven days. These TV listing widgets allow for quick sorting by sport type or movie genre.

In addition to being a great add-on to content sites, our sports and movie widgets are highly customizable, and listings can be localized or provide national TV programming. Both widgets provide filtering by sport or movie type.

TV Listing Widgets for TV Stations

These widgets can showcase network or station programming. Viewers can catch a glimpse of what’s coming up, or dig right in to the complete TV schedule.

Our Teaser and Calendar TV listing widgets allow your station or network’s programming to be viewed in an easy-to-access and attractive way with up to two weeks of listings.

Widgets are completely customizable through CSS to fit your site’s design.

Series artwork can be optionally added or removed.

Mac Desktop Widgets

TV Grid Widget

Provide your visitors with the local channels for your market or national TV lineup.

Our TV grid snippet comes in any size and color for the perfect fit within any website. Fully interactive and updated every two hours, you can offer your viewers TV listings all day, every day!

Ready to add our TV Listing Widgets to your site?

Macs have a lot of unique applications out of the box. One of these is called Dashboard, which is an application that basically goes over your desktop and displays widgets. These widgets can serve all kinds of purposes, from being a useful and convenient, quick calculator to a widget that displays The Simpsons quotes (known as HomerQuotes, now discontinued). By default, there are only four widgets that appear on your Dashboard. Adding more of these widgets is certainly not difficult, and can serve to improve productivity or offset stress.

First, you want to click on the Dashboard icon. If you’ve got no idea what that is, you can see it highlighted in the image above.

Press the button with the + at the bottom left of the Dashboard screen.

A selection of other widgets will appear from the bottom of the screen. These are widgets you can pick from and add by default. In order to download and install more other ones, click Manage Widgets.

When the Manage Widgets dialog box pops up, click the More Widgets button at the bottom.

This should prompt your default browser to take you to the Dashboard Widgets website. Outlook web app for mac. There are a huge amount of perfectly compatible widgets on this website. In this tutorial, I’ll be downloading the InterfaceLift Wallpaper widget.

Scroll down the website until you reach the Widget Browser. In the categories, select Just For Fun, then InterfaceLift Wallpapers. Click the Download button on the right.

Go into your Downloads folder, or find the recently downloaded folder in your Downloads stack. Click it to extract it.

The file should be extracted, with the Dashboard icon next to it. Simply double click it to run.

Dashboard will confirm that you want to install the InterfaceLift widget. Click Install to finalize the installation.

This widget will appear on your Dashboard. Use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the widget to navigate between pictures. If you find one you love, click on the picture and it will take you to the InterfaceLift website, where you can download the image and set it as your wallpaper.

Installing new widgets isn’t as hard as it seems! Neither is customizing your desktop, learning iCal shortcuts, or installing new fonts on your Mac. Have fun!

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