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When you say they 'don't work', you mean no sound in the headphones and no input detected by the computer from the mike? If you play sounds/music on the laptop, does the audio come from the built-in speakers?
You might have to set the audio in/out devices explicitly for this headset. With the headset plugged in, go into System Prefs->Sound, choose the Output tab, and make sure the headset is listed on the output device list. Select it if it's not already selected, and see if the audio comes through the headset now. If the device list just says, 'Internal Speakers', then it hasn't detected the headset as an audio output device and you may have driver problems, as the other poster suggests.
You can do the same for the Input tab - make sure the headset is listed as an input device and select it for input if it's not already. If only the internal mike and line-in port are listed, then the OS hasn't detected the headset mike as an audio input device and again, you may have driver problems.

Best USB-C Headsets With Mic For Mac

The Vtin Headset with Microphone, USB Headset is designed for chatting, calling, listening to music. Compatible with Windows 2000/7/8/10/XP/Vista, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Tablet PC.

  1. Amazon's Choicefor usb headset for mac Mpow HC6 USB Headset with Microphone, Comfort-fit Office Computer Headphone, On-Ear 3.5mm Jack Call Center Headset for Cell Phone, 270 Degree Boom Mic, in-line Control with Mute for Skype, Webinar 4.4 out of 5 stars3,230 $35.99$35.99.
  2. Vtin Headset with Microphone, USB Headset/ 3.5mm Computer Headphone Headset Noise Cancelling and Hands-Free with Mic, Stereo On-Ear Wired Business Headset for Skype, Call Center, PC, Phone, Mac 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,014.
Shopping for a next generation Apple compatible USB-C headset with built-in microphone for Mac FaceTime, Skype, Apple Dictation, Video and voice conferencing or Gaming? New stereo and mono USB-C mic headsets compatible with the Type-C ports on modern USB 3.1 / Thunderbolt 3 Mac models are reaching the market for Apple computers like recent iMacs, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and Air.
As such, there's a growing demand for USB-C mic headsets with mics for the latest Macintosh systems and PC's with the new native Type-C interface.Usb Headset For Mac

Mac Compatible USB-C Microphone Headsets

Here's a few of what we currently found to be the best USB-C headsets for Mac users voice capture and audio playback:
USBC Headset w/MicUSBC Earbuds w/Mic
Plantronics USB-C Mic Headset
Hi-Fi Stereo Audio
Sennheiser USB-C Mic Headset
Noise Canceling Mic

Best Usb Headset For Macbook Pro

Logitech Usb Headset For Mac

Stereo Mic Headsets With USB-C For Mac

Above, we see Sennheiser entering the market and Pantronics with it's revised Blackwire series of professional headsets adopt the new Type-C USB-C interface. Note the digital USB dongles support both a digital USB-C or an analog 4 pole TRRS connection making these headset with mic very versatile. Apple standardized on a single 4-Conductor 1/8th inch plug for analog earbuds and headsets with integrated microphones. These dual connector type headsets are usable on the latest desktop Macintosh and MacBook laptops with Thunderbolt 3 ports, iPad Pro's with USB-C - as well as other iPads and iPhones that have a 3.5mm - 1/8' audio jack.
USBC Headset w/MicUSBC Earbuds w/Mic
Apple Style USB-C Earbuds
With In-Line Microphone
In-Ear USB-C Mic Earbuds
Type-C w/Inline Microphone

Earbud Mic Headsets With USB-C For Mac

Smaller, lighter, less visible and less likely to wreck a hairdo - there's a new generation of USB-C earbuds with inline microphones along the wire. The thing to watch out for is unlike an over-the-head, over-the-ears conventional headset where the microphone boom hovers beside your mouth -- the microphones on earbuds can rub against your clothing and add noise.

Mono Mic Headsets With USB-C For Mac

Single earpiece all-digital monaural USB-C headsets with mic using the Type-C USB 3.1 / Thunderbolt 3 may be preferred by users who need to keep an ear on one side of their head open and free for coversing with co-workers or handling phone calls.

Usb Headset With Microphone For Mac

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