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For Mac users, buying an external HDD already formatted for your system makes getting started much easier. This is because when you initially connect an external HDD made for Mac (to a Mac computer), you won’t be required to format it before you begin transferring files. The top five Mac disk repair software presented in this blog can be used to repair your hard disk drive for errors, inaccessibility, or system corruption. This 5 software is either free or can be availed as a trial. So, download the trial version of any repair software to recover your hard disk drive.

Hey guys,

I'm upgrading my existing 500GB HDD to a 1TB HDD on my Late 2011 MBP.

Because most MacBooks can’t be upgraded after purchase, it’s important to pick the best upgrades upfront. There are two typical upgrades worth investing in if you can afford to do so: and SSD.RAMRandom Access Memory, better known as RAM, is the memory that controls how many tasks can run at the same time. Upgrade the RAM as much as you can afford to; laptops with more RAM generally feel much faster. Best software for macbook air. Buying a MacBook with an SSD will help it last longer and provide a noticeable performance upgrade. Typically, 8GB of RAM is the minimum amount you should consider.SSDSome MacBooks use traditional, platter-based hard disk drives (HDDs), which have moving parts that eventually wear out; higher-end MacBooks are built with (SSDs), which use flash-based memory that is much faster and more durable.

My idea is to install macOS Sierra on the new HDD, transfer data using the in-built 'Migration assistant', then remove the existing HDD and insert the new one.

So, I inserted the new HDD in '2.5' SATA External Case' and connected it as USB drive.

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I already have macOS Sierra installer downloaded.

When I double click on it, the installer starts. After a couple of confirmations, I get the following error message.

In some blog, I read that this can be because of wrong system date/time.

In my case, the system date/time are correct.

What can be going wrong here?

The version of the installer is 12.0.49 whereas the one installed on my MBP is 10.12.4

Can this be the reason?

Внешний Hdd For Mac

I tried to install the macOS via recovery route. But, after downloading the installer, it got stuck.

Probably, the HDD, connected as external drive, lost connection. I can try that route again. But, it’ll take more than 2 hours for the whole process. So, tried installing using the installer that I downloaded earlier.

Also, I want to do a clean install on the new HDD. So, I’d not like to go for any cloning methods.


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