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Sep 29, 2008  It's so good to be bad.

It's not hard to gain Good Karma in Fallout 3, actions that award positive karma are all around you, and offer significant boosts to your karma level. Providing water to beggars outside of Megaton, Rivet City and Tenpenny Tower is an easy, repeatable way to gain Good Karma. Jan 06, 2009  This mod creates an item (that looks like a hockey mask) that allows you to change your karma level from very evil to very good and all the choices in between. There is one on your bed in Megaton and one in front of your Bobblehead Display in Tenpenny.

  • Jul 30, 2010  New Vegas has a different set up with the karma. Unlike like Fallout 3, in NV there are different factions throughout the fallout world. Your karma affects which factions will let you talk to them, do quests, etc. And depending on which factions you choose to help, others factions will not help you.
  • The karma system is messed up in fallout 3 example the pit DLC the player can't defend him/herself if siding with either side without losing karma this makes game-play unfair and thus proving the fallout karma system is messed up but Bethesda is the one to blame for this, if there was a mod to at-least stop bad karma if the player attacks first thus allowing the player to defend him/herself.

Karma Affecting Actions:

Negative Karma Consequences:

When you're considered Evil or Very Evil (thus in the -250 to -1000 range), the following things are affected:

  • The followers Jericho (from Megaton) and Clover (from Paradise Falls) can be hired now.
  • Speech Challenges with evil persons are easier.
  • Characters such as Three Dog will make a remark.
  • Instant access to Paradise Falls.
  • Allowed to buy Dart Gun Schematics from Pronto in Paradise Falls.

Neutral Karma Consequences:

When in the -250 to +250 range, the following is affected:

  • The followers Butch (Rivet City) and Sergeant RL-3 (Tinker Joe near Tenpenny Tower sells him) can bow be hired.
  • Good or Evil enemy groups will not attack you automatically.
  • Raiders always attack you.

Good Karma Consequences:

When in the +250 to +1000 range, the following things are affected:

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  • Speech Challenges with evil people are more difficult.
  • Raiders always attack you.
  • Characters act differently, such as Three Dog.
  • Fawkes (Vault 87) and Star Paladin Cross (the Citadel) can be made followers.

And only if you are in the +750 to +1000 range:

  • Characters will sometimes award your goodness with presents. This varies from food to caps, ammo to chems, etc. An example is the dark woman in Megaton.

Trophy/Achievement Help:

So you want to get those for bragging rights, eh? Well you're in luck, because
there is a fairly easy way to get them all in ONE playthrough. It's certainly
rather lame - and if you're going for a really good build you'll want to play
a second time anyway, but here's how to snatch the Karma Trophy/Achievements in
just one playthrough.

Collect as much Purified Water as you can and stock it in your house. You can
give these to the beggars in front of Megaton or Rivet City, and you'll get good
Karma in return.

Try to stay fairly neutral to make things easier for yourself. At least try to
not stick to one extreme or another.

Right before you reach the 'key' levels (8, 14, and 20), save your game on a
separate slot and don't overwrite it. This means you'll be at level 7, 13 and
19 respectively in those savegames. Depending on your Karma, you'll now either
go on a rampage (start with pickpocketing and stealing things from all the
villages), kill good people - simply do really bad stuff. Or you will now play
the saint and give Purified waters to the beggars (you can get Purified waters
from your butler robot as well - use the wait function to replenish). You can
also do several good acts.

When you've reached the level with all three Karma rankings, Good-Neutral-Bad,
you are free to reload your savegame and continue being the asshole or saint
that you were pretending to be. Or perhaps really was.

For an overview of karma in the Fallout universe, see Karma.

Karma is the reflection of all good and evil choices you make during the game and how they are perceived by the inhabitants of the wasteland.

  • 4Ways to change karma

Karma levels

You begin the game with a value of zero, which increases or decreases based on the players actions. There are 5 levels of karma:

What Does Karma Do In Fallout 3 Look

-1000 to -750Very Evil
-749 to -250Evil
-249 to +249Neutral
+250 to +749Good
+750 to +1000Very Good


Karma doesn't have as much of effect on gameplay as in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, since reputation has a more important place.

However, it does still exist and if someone catches you performing an action that causes negative Karma against their faction you will often lose reputation with that faction; for example, stealing something from The Silver Rush where a Van Graff can see you. They may also become openly hostile despite your reputation with them not being lowered enough for you to be considered hated where they will attack you.

Old safari for mac. Karma's basic mechanics work similarly to the way they do in Fallout 3 (a 2001 point linear scale with -1000 being the most evil and +1000 the most good). Unlike reputation, where one can only gain fame or gain infamy, karma can be gained and lost.

What Does Karma Do In Fallout 3What

Karma also no longer determines which companions you can recruit. However, when opening a conversation with Cass after she has joined you and when you have substantially negative karma (-100) she will complain about your behavior. You will get a second warning when your karma is even lower (-150). After that, she won't complain anymore, as long as the player stays neutral. When you continue on your path to 'the dark side' and talk to her again while having evil karma (-250) she will leave for good. Note that Cass does not actually grant the player any grace period to improve their karma, so a player who doesn't know better can alienate her in the space of minutes by making three attempts in a row to converse with her. Even though she will agree to accompany an evil character, the first attempt to talk with her (which you will need to do in order to tell her to travel with you) will result in her telling the player that they 'can be a real asshole sometimes' and the first of three strikes will be used up on the spot.

What Are Some Things To Do In Fallout 3 ?

The values for karma gain may be bugged; currently killing Very Evil NPCs (such as Vulpes Inculta) gives only 2 karma, yet killing some Fiends and Feral Ghouls grants 100 karma.

Some ending narration in the game's epilogue will also depend upon the player's karma. (See Fallout: New Vegas endings for details.)

Karma titles

Your karma status is defined by a 'karma title', depending of your karma points and on your level. Though each of the add-ons raise the level cap by five, titles do not change past level 30.

LevelGood karmaNeutral karmaBad karma
5DignitaryCitizenFat Cat
7Ranger of the WastesVagabond of the WastesPirate of the Wastes
9Desert AvengerDesert ScavengerDesert Terror
11Vegas CrusaderVegas CouncilorVegas Crime lord
13Mojave LegendMojave MythMojave Boogeyman
14Shield of HopePinnacle of SurvivalSword of Despair
15Vegas LegendVegas MythVegas Boogeyman
16Hero of the WastesStrider of the WastesVillain of the Wastes
18Wasteland SaviorWasteland WatcherWasteland Destroyer
19SaintSuper-HumanEvil Incarnate
20Guardian of the WastesRenegade of the WastesScourge of the Wastes
21Restorer of FaithSoldier of FortuneArchitect of Doom
22Model of SelflessnessProfiteerBringer of Sorrow
24Friend of the PeopleLonerConsort of Discord
25Champion of JusticeHero for HireStuff of Nightmares
26Symbol of OrderModel of ApathyAgent of Chaos
27Herald of TranquilityPerson of RefinementInstrument of Ruin
28Last, Best Hope of HumanityMoneygrubberSoultaker
29Savior of the DamnedGray StrangerDemon's Spawn
30+MessiahTrue MortalDevil

Ways to change karma

To increase karma to Good or Very Good

  • Go inside Vault 3 and kill some Fiends or go inside the NCR Correctional Facility and kill some Powder Gangers.
  • Give Med-X to Boxcars, the injured Powder Ganger, inside Nipton general store. Note, you can only do this once.

Maintain Neutral karma

  • Kill Fiends or Powder Gangers if your karma is too low.
  • Steal items if your karma is too high.

To decrease karma to Evil or Very Evil

  • Steal items. (This can subtract Karma as many times as the player wishes by stealing from an owned container, replacing the item, exiting, and stealing it again.)
  • Go on a killing spree in a faction.
  • Access an owned computer terminal (which can subtract Karma as many times as the player wishes).

Fallout 3 Karma Console Command

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