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There is one shortcut that I find annoying in Mac OS X and it is the Front Row shortcut. The reason why I hate it is because I often accidentally set it off and it makes my Mac feel unresponsive for a few seconds until Front Row appears. It is possible to disable the 'Command - Esc' shortcut however. It is done by unchecking the 'Hide and Show Front Row' shortcut in the Keyboards Shortcuts section of System Preferences. What is great is that even if you disable the shortcut, you can still load Front Row with the Apple Remote or by directly loading the application from the Applications folder (you can also add the Front Row icon to the Dock).

Apple Front Row

Cpan install module. Front Row is a multimedia application that allows Mac users to browse media on their computers using an Apple Remote or a keyboard. Front Row first debuted in October 2005 on Macs (running Mac OS X Tiger) that had built-in infrared sensors for the Apple remote.

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  • Front Row is an interesting little graphical interface that gives you a window to your DVD, Photo, Music and Videos. It's made to work with the newer iMacs (nothing else) and should eventually.
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