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Sometimes the Clip Art that exists in your Office for Mac gallery doesn’t include the exact picture you need. You can download as many pieces of Clip Art as you want to your computer and use them however you want, even commercially, but you can’t sell them. As long as you have a Web browser, grabbing Clip Art from Office Online is a breeze. You can get started from right within your Office application. Follow these steps:


If you're a Mac user, it's fair to assume that you may be a little skeptical when it comes to Microsoft products. Microsoft knows this, of course. Which is why the company has decided to offer Mac users a free, one-month trial of the latest version of their popular Office productivity suite, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. They're betting you'll like it so much you'll buy it. Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac free download, Most Safe and reliable download from our servers, download Microsoft Word 2011 14.4.1 for free. Microsoft Word 2011 (Mac) free download. Download Free Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac Full Version. If you looking on the internet an Microsoft Word for Mac So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you an amazing application its most popular and used the able product for Microsoft word for Mac full version Design for documents formatting tools, you can write a document and edit online shares and save online Web browser. Word 2011 has significantly improved collaboration tools, making it obvious that Microsoft now considers Word for Mac, and thereby the Mac itself, to be an enterprise-level work tool.

  1. From the menu of any Office application, choose Insert→Clip Art→Clip Art Gallery.

    This summons the Clip Gallery.

Ms Word 2011 For Mac Free Download

  1. At the bottom of the Clip Gallery, click the Online button.

    Your default Web browser opens and connects to the Office Online Images tab. If your Office application asks you for permission to launch your default browser, click Yes.

  2. Search or browse the collection by entering keywords in the Search text box.

  3. After the search is finished, select a clip you want to download. With each clip, you can choose from the pop-up menu:


    *Download: Saves the clip as a file in Finder using your web browser.

    *See Similar: Displays pictures having the same keywords.

    *Add to Basket: Choose this option to get your clips into the Clip Gallery.

    Unless you searched for an exotic keyword that yields no results, you end up with some or many results. Each result is actually a thumbnail with a check box.

    As you select the check boxes in your browser, you’ll see a Selection Basket that shows the number of clips you’ve opted to download.

  4. When you’re ready to download your clips, click the Download link.

  5. Open ips files. Agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement.

    You have to agree to the service agreement to download any clips. If you have lots of time or if you love legal gobbledygook, go ahead and read each word, and then accept the agreement.

  6. Click the Download button.

    Your browser downloads the clips as a single file.

  7. Select the Save option when you’re prompted by a dialog.

    The same dialog that provided the Save option also lets you choose an Open With option. Make sure you don’t choose Open With.

  8. Make sure the saved filename has the .cil file extension.

    Apple Safari does it right, but you have to manually append a .cil file extension in Mozilla Firefox and some other browsers that save the file without the .cil extension.

  9. Click the Save button and wait for the download to complete.

  10. In the Web browser’s Download window, double-click the CIL file.

    This automatically loads your clips into the Clip Gallery.

If your Web browser’s Download window is hidden or not turned on, use your Web browser’s menus to open the Download window. Firefox users can choose Tools→Downloads, and Safari users should choose Window→Downloads.

Free Office 2010 For Mac

Now that you have your clips in Clip Gallery, you can tag your clips so that they can be searched, and you can categorize them so they can be filtered.

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