Wurlitzer 165 Midi Files

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See: Organ Midi File Translation for details. New organs can now be imported and existing organs exported. All Hauptwerk midi file formats are supported. Stops may be selected using midi nrpn or sysex events. Master couplers may be used. All will be recorded and played, as appropriate, in midi files. Jan 25, 2012  Joe Hilferty does it again, two 165's with midi playing a duet. Joe Hilferty does it again, two 165's with midi playing a duet. Wurlitzer 165 / 166 Band Organ - Hall Roach Films- Roll 6846.



Author: David Back, November 2017 to September 2020

EplayOrgan, Multi Purpose Translating Virtual Pipe Organ

Version and eplayOrganPortable Version Now Available for download

EplayOrgan is a multi purpose sample based virtual pipe organ intended to be played by organists andversatile enough to be useful to everybody with an interest in organs. It will translate, play and recordorgan midi files for most organs in real time. It will load and be playable almost instantly and does notneed an expensive computer with huge amounts of memory.

This organ was designed and tested on a 64 bit Windows 10 system but was always intendedto be portable and versatile in that it will run on any 32 or 64 bit Windows system back to and including Windows XP.It will also run on any Mac or Linux system under Wine. Latency is negligable under Windows.

Wurlitzer 165 Midi Files

Wurlitzer 165 Midi Files Software

A 'Portable App' version of eplayOrgan is now available, eplayOrganPortable. This also runs on any Windows systemor any Mac or Linux system under Wine.

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