Yamaha Motorcycle Engine Serial Number Decoder

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Yamaha Motorcycle Engine Serial Number Decoder

VIN DecoderYamaha -JY4AM31 -2007YamahaYFM700Motorcycle. We may process your data (IP address, browser and OS and approximate GPS location): - if required by our legal interest, for statistical purposes and to manage the web site, for the period until we complete our statistical analysis, but no longer than for 3 years since the year in which the data was acquired; - for legally. Yamaha XJ550 models have the code is placed left to right while on other models it's front to back. The vintage Yamaha VIN decoder will decipher any code from any location on the bike. The Yamaha VIN decoder ATV will tell you the information about the type of the engine, its specs and the type of fuel you can use. You should compare the code on.

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Below is a lookup table to identify the make model and year of your Yamaha ATV. Double commander for mac. This data covers all ATV models from 1980 to 1997.

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Yamaha Motorcycle Engine Serial Number Decoder Free

VINEngine SerialModel
JY41HN00*GC0001011HN-00001011986 YF60 S 4-Zinger
36R-000010136R-00001011984 YT60 L Tri-Zinger
JY336R00*FC06310136R-00631011985 YT60 N Tri-Zinger
JY455X00*FC00010155X-00001011985 YFM80 N Badger
JY455X00*GC05010155X-00501011986 YFM80 S Badger
JY42FJ00*HC0001012FJ-00001011987 YFM80 T Badger
JY42FJW0*JC0501012FJ-00501011988 YFM80 U Badger
JY44EMW0*NA0001014EM-00001011992 YFM80 D Badger
JY44EMW0*PA0171014EM-00171011993 YFM80 E Badger
JY44EMW0*RA0321014EM-00321011994 YFM80 F Badger
JY44EMW0*SA0451014EM-00451011995 YFM80 G Badger
JY44EMW0*TA0571014EM-00571011996 YFM80 H Badger
JY44EMW0*VA0791154EM-00791151997 YFM80 J Badger
JYA2HX00*HC0001012HX-00001011987 YFM100 T Champ
JY42HXW0*JC0501012HX-00501011988 YFM100 U Champ
JY43GBW0*KC0001013GB-00001011989 YFM100 W Champ
JY43GBW0*LC0271013GB-00271011990 YFM100 A Champ
JY43GBW0*MC0441013GB-00441011991 YFM100 B Champ
JY43GBW0*MA0466423GB-00466421991 YFM100 B Champ
JY43FAW0*KC0001013FA-00001011989 YFA1 W Breeze
JY43FAA0*MC0441013FA-00441011991 YFA1 B Breeze
JYA3FAA0*MA0452093FA-00452091991 YFA1 B Breeze
JY43FAA0*NA0471013FA-00471011992 YFA1 D Breeze
JY43FAA0*PA0561013FA-00561011993 YFA1 E Breeze
JY43FAA0*RA0631013FA-00631011994 YFA1 F Breeze
JY43FAA0*SA0691013FA-00691011995 YFA1 G Breeze
JY43FAA0*TA0781013FA-00781011996 YFA1 H Breeze
JY43FAA0*VA0917853FA-00917851997 YFA1 J Breeze
3X3-00001013X3-00001011980 YT125 G Tri-Moto
4U3-00001014U3-00001011981 YT125 H Tri-Moto
5V6-00001015V6-00001011982 YT125 J Tri-Moto
21Y-000010121Y-00001011983 YT125 K Tri-Moto 125
21Y-005010121Y-???????1984 YT125 L Tri-Moto 125
JY321Y00*FC07010121Y-00701011985 YT125 N Tri-Moto 125
5V7-00001015V7-00001011982 YT175 J Tri-Moto 175
20E-000010120E-00001011983 YT175 K Tri-Moto 175
24W-010010124W-???????1984 YT175 L Tri-Moto 175
JY452H00*FC00010152H-00001011985 YFM200 N Moto-4
JY41NU00*GC0001011NU-00001011986 YFM200DX S Moto-4
JY42FH00*HC0001012FH-00001011987 YFM200DX T Moto-4
JY42VYA0*JC0001012VY-00001011988 YFM200DX U Moto-4
JY43GCA0*KC0001013GC-00001011989 YFM200DX W Moto-4
JYA2XJW0*JC0001012XJ-00001011988 YFS200 U Blaster
JY43JMW0*KC0001013JM-00001011989 YFS200 W Blaster
JY43JMA0*LC0461013JM-00461011990 YFS200 A Blaster
JY43JMA0*MC0911013JM-00911011991 YFS200 B Blaster
JY43JMA0*MA0985323JM-00985321991 YFS200 B Blaster
JY43JMA0*NA1131013JM-01131011992 YFS200 D Blaster
JY43JMA0*PA1421013JM-01421011993 YFS200 E Blaster
JY43JMA0*RA1601013JM-01601011994 YFS200 F Blaster
JY43JMA0*SA1791013JM-01791011995 YFS200 G Blaster
JY43JMA0*TA2061013JM-02061011996 YFS200 H Blaster
JY43JMA0*VA2459413JM-02459411997 YFS200 J Blaster
21V-000010121V-00001011983 YTM200 K Tri-Moto 200
21V-010010121V-???????1984 YTM200 L Tri-Moto 200
JY321V00*FC16010121V-01601011985 YTM200 N Tri-Moto 200
24W-000010124W-00001011983 YTM200E K Yamahauler 200
24W-010010124W-???????1984 YTM200E L Yamahauler 200
JY352G00*FC00010152G-00001011985 YTM200ER N Yamahauler 200
JY459V00*GC00010159V-0001011986 YFM225 S Moto-4
JY42HT00*HC0001012HT-00001011987 YFM225 T Moto-4
JY42HTW0*JC0401012HT-00401011988 YFM225 U Moto-4
JY31NV00*GC0001011NV-00001011986 YTM225DR S Tri-Moto
29U-000010129U-00001011983 YTM225DX K Tri-Moto 225 DX
29U-006010129U-???????1984 YTM225DX L Tri-Moto 225 DX
JY329U00*FC10010129U-01001011985 YTM225DX N Tri-Moto 225 DX
?29U-???????1986 YTM225DX S Tri-Moto
JY43JNA0*KC0001013JN-00001011989 YFU1 W Pro Hauler
JY43JNA0*KC0201013JN-00201011989 YFU1 W Pro Hauler W/ Turf Tires
JY44BDA0*NA0001014BD-00001011992 YFB250 D Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*PA0581014BD-00581011993 YFB250 E Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*RA1131014BD-01131011994 YFB250 F Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*SA1481014BD-01481011995 YFB250 G Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*TA2031014BD-02031011996 YFB250 H Timberwolf
JY44KDA0*RA0001014KD-00001011994 YFB250FW F Timberwolf 4WD
JY44KDA0*SA0341014KD-00341011995 YFB250FW G Timberwolf 4WD
JY44KDA0*TA0771014KD-00771011996 YFB250FW H Timberwolf 4WD
JY44KDA0*VA1059954KD-01059951997 YFB250FW J Timberwolf 4WD
JY44BDA0*TA2031014BD-02031011996 YFB250U H Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*VA2863714BD-02863711997 YFB250U J Timberwolf
JY43GHA0*KC0001013GH-00001011989 YFM250 W
JY43GHA0*LC0641013GH-00641011990 YFM250 A Moto-4
JY43GHW0*MC0921013GH-00921011991 YFM250 B
JY43GHW0*MA0979523GH-00979521991 YFM250 B
JY338W00*FC00010138W-00001011985 YTZ250 N Tri-Z 250
JY31RX00*GC0001011RX-00001011986 YTZ250 S Tri-Z 250
JY41YW00*HC0001011YW-00001011987 YFM350ER T Moto-4
JY42VAW0*JC0001012VA-00001011988 YFM350ER U Moto-4
JY43HPW0*KC0001013HP-00001011989 YFM350ER W
JY43HPW0*LC0241013HP-00241011990 YFM350ER A
JY43HPW0*NA0491013HP-00491011992 YFM350ER D
JY43HPW0*PA0591013HP-00591011993 YFM350ER E
JY43HPW0*RA0701013HP-00701011994 YFM350ER F
JY43HPA0*SA0801013HP-00801011995 YFM350ER G
JY42HR00*HC0001012HR-00001011987 YFM350FW T Big Bear 4WD
JY42HRW0*JC0501012HR-00501011988 YFM350FW U Big Bear
JY43HNW0*KC0001013HN-00001011989 YFM350FW W Big Bear
JY43HNW0*LC0231013HN-00231011990 YFM350FW A Big Bear
JY43HNW0*MC0481013HN-00481011991 YFM350FW B Big Bear
JY43HNW0*MA0545093HN-00545091991 YFM350FW B Big Bear
JY43HNW0*NA0791013HN-00791011992 YFM350FW D Big Bear
JY43HNW0*PA1071013HN-01071011993 YFM350FW E Big Bear
JY43HNA0*RA1491013HN-01491011994 YFM350FW F Big Bear
JY43HNA0*SA1751013HN-01751011995 YFM350FW G Big Bear
JY43HNA0*TA2091013HN-02091011996 YFM350FW H Big Bear
JY44UHA0*TA0001014UH-00001011996 YFM350U H Big Bear 2WD
JY44UHA0*VA0216824UH-00216821997 YFM350U J Big Bear 2WD
JY41UY00*HC0001011UY-00001011987 YFM350X T Warrior
JY42XKW0*JC0001012XK-00001011988 YFM350X U Warrior
JY43GDW0*KC0001013GD-00001011989 YFM350X W Warrior
JY42GDW0*LC0511013GD-00511011990 YFM350X A Warrior
JY43GDA0*MC0631013GD-00631011991 YFM350X B Warrior
JY43GDA0*MA0674353GD-00674351991 YFM350X B Warrior
JY43GDA0*NA0801013GD-00801011992 YFM350X D Warrior
JY43GDA0*PA0951013GD-00951011993 YFM350X E Warrior
JYA3GDA0*RA1081013GD-01081011994 YFM350X F Warrior
JY43GDA0*SA1241013GD-01241011995 YFM350X G Warrior
JY43GDA0*TA1401013GD-01401011996 YFM350X H Warrior
JY43GDA0*VA1769533GD-01769531997 YFM350X J Warrior
JY44WUA0*VA0004394WU-00004391997 YFM35FWB J Big Bear 4WD
JY43HNA0*VA2421873HN-02421871997 YFM35FWS J Big Bear 4WD SE
JY44KBA0*SA0001014KB-00001011995 YFM35FX G Wolverine
JY44KBA0*TA0261014KB-00261011996 YFM35FX H Wolverine
JY44KBA0*VA0601514KB-00601511997 YFM35FX J Wolverine
JY42NLA0*JC0001012NL-00001011988 YFP350 U Terrapro
JY42GU00*HC0001012GU-00001011987 YFZ350 T Banshee
JY42GUW0*JC0301012GU-00301011988 YFZ350 U Banshee
JY43GGW0*KC0001013GG-00001011989 YFZ350 W Banshee
JY43GGW0*LC0101013GG-00101011990 YFZ350 A Banshee
JY43GGA0*MC0251013GG-00251011991 YFZ350 B Banshee
JY43GGA0*MA0266193GG-00266191991 YFZ350 B Banshee
JY43GGA0*NA0361013GG-00361011992 YFZ350 D Banshee
JY43GGA0*PA00491013GG-00491011993 YFZ350 E Banshee
JY43GGA0*RA0591013GG-00591011994 YFZ350 F Banshee
JY43GGA0*SA0691013GG-00691011995 YFZ350 G Banshee
JY43GGA0*TA0821013GG-00821011996 YFZ350 H Banshee
JY43GGA0*VA1110263GG-01110261997 YFZ350 J Banshee
JY44GBW0*PA0001014GB-00001011993 YFM400FW E Kodiak
JY44GBA0*RA0331014GB-00331011994 YFM400FW F Kodiak
JY44GBA0*SA0681014GB-00681011995 YFM400FW G Kodiak
JY44SHA0*TA0001014SH-00001011996 YFM400FW H Kodiak
JY44SHA0*VA0528424SH-00528421997 YFM400FW J Kodiak

Yamaha VIN Decoder, Lookup And Yamaha VIN Check

* Denotes a character that can change per machine.

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